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Where do we fit in the travel blogger market?
We’re not just about travel with kids, we were, but our kids are almost grown now, and travelling with them is super easy. They’re still expensive, as I’m sure your kids are, but teens or older kids can do anything and go anywhere adults can.
All of the travel destinations on our site, we visited with kids of varied ages, between birth and the teenage years, many we also visited as a couple or solo. Some, like Thailand, we visited dozens of times, with our kids from two to sixteen years old. Our travel guides work for families, or for anyone.
Look for specific “with kids” posts for child-focused destination information. We really love helping people plan their family gap year destinations and helping them to figure out gap year costs. Long-term travel and adventure travel is our speciality.
We think we cover the best family holiday destinations in the world. They’re on this page!

Family Travel Destinations for Families Who Love an Adventure
Family Travel Destinations for Travellers Who Love an Adventure

World Travel Destinations, for People Who Love Adventure!

Travel style should depend on need, independent travel, budget, backpacking, tours, group tours or luxury, depend on destination. We cover it all on this site.

People travel for many reasons (why do people travel?) for holiday, vacation, or to learn and explore.

Pick your travel destination from the incredible places below.

I don’t think there are any affiliate links on this page. If there are, and you use them, we may make a small commission. We recommend items and products honestly based on our own experiences.

Travel Destinations. A Video Introduction

A short video to show some of our favourite travel destinations and why we love them. If you let them, all of our videos will play, from Tibet to Sarawak, to London.

If you hate video, stop them and they’ll go away.

We only have videos on some pages of this site, those where we, usually my son, took the time to make a dedicated destination video.

Every cent his videos earn, go to him.

We travel to find the education, but what makes our travel blog unique? I think it’s adventure.

We love a challenge and we love going to the places not so many families go.

Our destinations work for long term travel, shorter adventures and vacations.

You’ll find summer holiday tips, backpacking tips and all manner of travel information on our site.

Do you like to explore and learn from cultures, food, history, mountains, adventurous activities, wildlife, unusual destinations, and incredible ways of life? Then you’re in the right place.

Jump straight to a place in our round the world travel blog below. Places and travel destinations, some easier, some harder, some cheap, some expensive.

The list of destinations below is in alphabetical order, we hope you get some travel ideas for your next trip!


Beautiful beach and rainforest Australia
Australia has a lot to offer families and kids. Beautiful, remote, unspoiled places being Australia’s trump card. This beach is not far from our home, taken by us by drone. We use our own photos almost always on this site, along with first-hand information.

My husband, Chef, is Australian and we lived there for several years with small kids before setting out to travel the world for 7 years. Now we are based in Australia with teens. I’m sure you all know what Australia has to offer so I won’t bore you. To see all of our Australia content, go to theist of posts about Australia. An overview of travel in Australia and what to see, (a blog and guide) is here

Port Douglas, up on the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland, is home to us. (One of our homes!) We now have a whole site dedicated to Port Douglas Australia. We have posts going back 15 years on Port Douglas, including the famous George the Groper. Groper feeding no longer happens in Port, sadly.

So we have a lot of coverage for Cairns, Palm Cove, the Daintree and Tablelands.

We have content for holidaymakers, backpackers, and people wanting to emigrate to Australia, as we did. Check out The Northern Territory, Sydney, Western Australia, Melbourne and near Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and more. We can also bring you a quick guide to Australian food, just so you know what to try. For families, head straight to Australia with kids and start planning your trip!

Bali & Indonesia

Dawn volcano hike Bali. Bali as a travel destination
With Bali, think outside the busy beaches. This was a dawn volcano hike. My son, Boo.

We’re not experts on the whole of Indonesia but we very much enjoy Bali, Ubud in particular and also showcased an island resort in Indonesia, just off Singapore, Telunas Island Resort and Hotel. All of our posts about Bali and Indonesia are here.

There is diversity here for sure and good food if you look for it.

We’re excited to discover more of Indonesia and recently managed to snorkel with the Bali Manta Rays and climb a volcano at dawn.

Our Bali with kids post is here, we also have a post featuring the very best family hotels and resorts in Bali.


Bhutan as a travel destination
The authors Alyson Long and son D in Bhutan, at The Tiger’s Nest.

I’m so excited to finally be able to add Bhutan to our travel listings. It was my dream destination for decades and we finally made it.

Bhutan is an incredibly expensive destination so only two of us went, mum and son. We had an amazing trip flying to Bhutan from Bangkok on Druk Air. Just being on a Druk flight was amazing for me.

But did Bhutan live up to my very high expectations? Find out on our Bhutan travel blog.


Cambodia travel destination
The World Travel Family kids were very popular with the locals in Cambodia!

You have to go to Angkor Wat. It’s non-negotiable! We cover a few more destinations in Cambodia too. This is our guide to travel in Cambodia, and places to see there. Here is our list of posts about Cambodia and places in Cambodia.

Cambodia and Laos are probably the two hardest countries to travel in Southeast Asia but both are magical. Find out more about Battambang, Kep, Siem Reap, Phnom Pen and discover Cambodian cooking.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Destination Dubai
Alyson Long, “Chef (James Long) and one of the World Travel Family children riding camels in Dubai. These camel safaris are loads of fun.

We often spend a few days in Dubai as a stopover between flights.

There are a million tourist attractions in the UAE making Dubai a popular and very kid-friendly vacation choice, but there is culture and tradition too, if you know where to look.

The desert camel safari pictured above is one of my kids’ favourite things to do in the whole world and should be on your Dubai family holiday checklist.

We have a huge, in-depth guide to Dubai as a destination and to the best family hotels in Dubai.

Dubai is in the UAE, the Middle East (which includes parts of Africa), and, of course, Dubai is in Asia. Dubai is just one city in the Emirates, but it’s the only one we know well, so for now we list Dubai not UAE.


Egypt Destination
D and Boo racing ahead of mum and dad to enter the temple at Abu Simbel, Egypt

Egypt with the kids was of our best trips of all time, but also a tough one. Almost a month travelling independently in Egypt.

I’ve also taken tours and boat cruises in Egypt, it’s where Chef and I met over 20 years ago, so we’ve done it in many ways.

We feel safe there but the logistics of getting around are challenging. A tour would be best for inexperienced travellers. See our guide to places to visit in Egypt, and also check out our post on Egyptian food. Other than the historic wonders along The Nile, Egypt is famous for beaches, making it a popular family vacation destination.

We have in-depth posts on many aspects of travel in Egypt, from what to do in Cairo, to how to get to Abu Simbel and visiting lesser-known destinations like the other pyramids, at Saqqara. We even have a page about Egypt for kids, including worksheets to print and complete.

Egypt is home to the most intact of the remaining Seven Wonders of The World, the Great Pyramid at Giza, this makes Egypt unmissable in our estimation.


The Mediterranean is by far my favourite sea and Greece is just incredibly fantastic at everything.

The mythology and history here captivates my kids and Greek food goes down well with them too. Just go.

We’ve posted about touring Athens and the mainland by car, so much more to add to our Percy Jackson inspired tour of Greece.

Athens is a fantastic destination in itself, as are the islands.

Don’t miss Delphi, it’s an easy trip from Athens.


Destination Guatemala
Taking the family to Guatemala. Tikal is a global must-see!

Want to learn about the Maya? Then go to Guatemala!

As my kids will tell you, the Maya are still with us today.

Explore ancient sites like Tikal above, visit classy Antigua or hang out in backpacker favourites, Lake Atitlan and Flores.

We spent a month living in Antigua, a further few weeks exploring more of Guatemala. Our Guatemala travel guide is here.

We travelled to Flores, a beautiful island in a lake, near Tikal, and also to Guatemala City by bus.

We did have a run in with some aggressive dogs in Antigua Guatemala, so that’s something to watch out for.


Because we spent so much time in Romania, we were right on the doorstep of Hungary and visited often.

Don’t overlook Hungary, it’s home to some very special travel experiences, you’ll also get the chance to try Hungarian food, which is delicious!

We really think you should check out Hortobagy National Park for the heritage livestock and blue horsemen, along with Budapest, of course.

Find more information on Hungary as a travel destination on our Hungary travel blog page.


India Travel Destination
Having family fun shopping in India. This photo was taken at Anjuna Market, Goa. We’ve spent months in India over the years.

My favourite country!

India is hard work, but of course, do-able with the right attitude and plenty of patience.

If you take a package holiday or organised tour it should be a piece of cake. Don’t be scared of India.

There are plenty of opportunities here for beach lovers, cultural travellers or foodies.

We wrote up our weeks in India as a sort of rambling day-by-day adventure rather than a series of destination guides. Our full India travel guide is here, alternatively, you can start here with First Day in India – Adjusting and travel India (with kids) alongside us.  

Alternatively go to the Indian destinations we cover so far, Mamallapuram, Goa, Kerala, Kochi, North India and more.


While we’ve visited Italy maybe a dozen times, our content is restricted to Umbria. Our Italy archives are here, but there’s some interesting stuff, like riding a bird cage in Gubbio and Saint Ubaldo.


We can’t list Turkey because we’ve only been to Istanbul, but we spent several weeks there and absolutely loved it. It’s one of the world’s truly great cities. The rest of Turkey awaits us, and you. The food is delicious, the people warm, the history incredible. If you only have a few days, a stop-over in Istanbul is well worth your time, for the great bazaars, mosques, and palaces. This is where east and west collide, and have collided throughout history. Taking a flight route via Istanbul can often save you money too. (Use Skyscanner to save money by planning routes) We will be back, and hopefully, this year.


Japan with teens travel destination
Japan is one of the very best travel destinations with teens or older kids. My son at Fushimi Inari, near Kyoto Japan.

Japanese food, but still, we had food adventures and loved them. To explain I wrote this post, Essential Things To Know Before Visiting Japan.

I think there’s something about Japan that really appeals to older kids, be it because of the interest in all things cute, Pokemon, Ninjas (we went to Ninja school) or the very cool Japanese youth culture. My son asked me to take him here.

I’d heard for years that Japan is an expensive travel destination, it was not expensive in any way. To read more, wait for our Japan Travel Blog to be published. We especially recommend Japan as a fall travel destination, the weather for us was just perfect.


Jordan as a family travel destination
Jordan is an outstanding family travel destination, better with older kids and for a short holiday.

The country of Jordan makes an amazing family travel destination and we think it’s best suited to a short holiday rather than long term travel. There is a lot to see in Jordan beyond Petra, although this ancient Nabataean city is one of the truly great landmarks of the world, there is more.

You can float in the Dead Sea, marvel at Wadi Rum (one of the Star Wars sets) and see the huge Roman city at Jerash. On top of this there are Biblical sites, forts and citadels and Amman is a great city to spend a few days. We visited Jordan in February 2023, so our content is fresh and up to date, see our Jordan trip blog here (with video).

Don’t visit Jordan in summer, even in February touring Wadi Rum was hot and there is a lot of walking at every point of interest in this incredible destination, this is one of the reasons Jordan isn’t good for young kids.

It’s a great place to take older kids and teens for a holiday or as part of your worldschooling itinerary, but Jordan is not a cheap country to visit.

You probably only need a week to 10 days to see the highlights of Jordan.


Laos is another favourite destination of ours but a slightly challenging one.

Long distances, long bus rides, winding roads, it’s tricky but so worth it.

Smiling, gentle people, stunning scenery and so much history, ancient and modern. Check out Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

Laos is a very cheap country to visit, one of the cheapest destinations, so this makes it a good place to travel long term.

If you just want to see the highlights of Laos, you could take a short family holiday here, but there will be long travel days.


We’re Londoners! We love London and I honestly think it’s the best city in the world for kids, so much to do, so much for free. I’ll just direct you to our London with kids guide, it’s huge.

We cover most museums and major tourist attractions in London. We also have a guide to the best parts of London to visit. London at Christmas is another popular one, that’s one of the very best Christmas vacations you can take.

We also have a guide to arriving at Heathrow and getting into London.


Rainbow steps and pilgrims at Batu Caves Kuala LumpurTravel destinations for families Malaysia
Malaysia has incredible diversity and so much to offer families. We’ve honestly been just about everywhere in mainland Malaysia and Borneo. This festival in KL was a massive highlight, as well as Kuching and our Iban Longhouse stay.

I think we’ve been to Malaysia at least 10 times and we have a love-hate relationship with it. We always have problems in Malaysia, but we have good friends there too and there is plenty to see and do. You must see Kuala Lumpur, allow plenty of time.

On this site, you’ll find coverage on Kuala Lumpur with kids in-depth, Penang, Malacca, Sarawak (Borneo), Ipoh and Legoland Malaysia. We have been to Langkawi but haven’t posted about it yet as we didn’t like it very much. We even got the chance to stay with the Iban tribe in the jungle, spending several nights living in an Iban Longhouse, that trip was with my teen, but we also cover Malaysia with kids.

Sarawak is one of our favourite trips ever and the city of Kuching is magical. We just almost climbed Mount Kinabalu and took a 3-day jungle trek to spot pygmy elephants in Sabah. Our Malaysia Travel Guide is here.


Yes, we have been to the Maldives, but not with kids. We went on our honeymoon and really enjoyed scuba diving there.

However, we didn’t think it was a must-see for the kids, there’s just not enough of cultural interest. So we didn’t take them. We may, in future.

Our experience in Maldives was of just one island, a huge resort hotel, and sand. There was nothing to see.

As newlywed scuba divers that was fine for the week, but we couldn’t really write any sort of Maldives guide based on one island, so we have no content on this destination as yet.


Lodge in the Himalayas Nepal as a travel destination
A typical trekkers’ lodge in the Himalayas of Nepal. My husband, Chef.

Yes, we’ve been to Everest Base Camp and can tell you all about that along with other treks in Nepal and cultural highlights including Chitwan and Buddha’s birthplace, Lumbini.

The kids were 12 and 14 when they made in to Base Camp but they started trekking younger.

Difficulties you could face in Nepal with kids, are in our post. We’ve also trekked Annapurna and spent weeks in Pokhara and Kathmandu, possibly my favourite city in the world (but I also say that about Bangkok and London). If you want to find a truthful guide to packing, gear and what to wear, see our Nepal trekking gear post.

Nepal is fascinating, spiritual and breathtaking, it’s possibly our most challenging country to date. We’ve been pre and post Earthquake and can tell you than Nepal is most certainly open for tourists.

Our main Nepal travel guide is here, if you’re only interested in Trekking in Nepal, try this one.

Prague and the Czech Republic

We don’t have a huge amount of content up on Prague and the Czech Republic as yet, but we’ve been several times. Prague is a wonderful city, but some of our best experiences have been staying in country hotels in small towns and villages. Find Prague with kids here. We’ve driven through the Czech Republic many times, and stayed in several small towns, it’s a nice destination in Europe.


If you love countryside, mountains, farms and rural living, join us in Romania. Start with our Romania travel guide. The country that took us by surprise, so much so, that we kind of lived there for 3 years, sometimes. We have skiing, bears, wolves and vampires too. Brasov, Bucharest, Sighisoara, Turda, Alba Julia, we cover a lot of Romanian destinations. Be certain to visit Romania’s incredible castles and fortresses and check out the underground fairground in a salt mine at Turda. That’s one of the coolest things to do in Romania.


A super cool and not-at-all-budget destination. We test-drive Singapore and Sentosa’s attractions for you here. We stayed under 2 weeks and sampled Singapore at the budget and luxury end, we visited every attraction and tourist draw we could. It’s all in the post as are the best family hotels in Singapore.

Sri Lanka

Child on a beach in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka as a travel destination
Boy on a beach in Sri Lanka. My son, Boo.

One of our very favourite countries, we’ve spent weeks and months touring Sri Lanka, from the popular tourist beaches, to the historic sites to the almost tourist-free north. We’ve been taking the kids from 6 years old and they always ask to go back. Sri Lanka is a popular family vacation destination and an easy country to travel around as independent travellers. Culturally there are rich rewards to be found here, in some ways it’s very cheap (transport) in others crazy expensive (admissions). Your travel style will set your budget. Read all about Sri Lanka with kids. or head to our main Sri Lanka travel guide.


Another winner! Slovenia is so pretty and a nature lovers’ paradise. With endless outdoor activities this one is fabulous for families too. We talk about travel in Slovenia here.

South Africa

We’ve taken a baby and a toddler around some of the game parks in South Africa. My brother lived out there so we’ve been a few times, but our South Africa content is still very limited. More to come as time allows!


Tibet Travel Destination
My younger son, Boo inside the Potala Palace in Tibet. Yes, all 4 members of the World Travel Family team have been to Tibet, it was incredible. The unicorn hat we bought in Nepal, it’s been to Everest Base Camp.

Yes, you can take your family to Tibet, we did, but we waited until the kids were older and we’re glad we did. I describe Tibet as advanced-level travel for many reasons. Tibet was one of the most incredible and moving travel experiences of my life. Click through to access our Tibet travel blog content fully or go straight to Lhasa Tibet or Sera Monastery where you can watch videos of the Tibetan monks debating and performing ceremonies. We have been inside the Potala Palace and it was one of the most moving experiences you can possibly imagine. We also have a post on Tibetan food.


Train going through a market in Thailand. Thailand as a travel destination for families
I took this photo at the famous Maeklong railway market, it’s not far from Bangkok and very close to our favourite Thai floating market, Amphawa. It’s all on our site, including video of the train passing through the midst of the stalls. Thailand is an amazing destination!

The easiest country in Asia for travellers or holidaymakers, we think, is Thailand. It’s cheap, beautiful and accessible. Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in the world and a global must-see, home to stunning and historic places like The Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho.

Thailand is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations and we visit often. In 2018 we took our 23rd trip to Thailand. We have a lot of Thailand content and we try to see and do it all while avoiding animal exploitation. We do, of course, have a post on Thai food.

Start exploring our site’s Thailand content, Thailand with kids is here, or go to our main Thailand travel guide. We have guides for most places in Thailand, from Bangkok to Phuket, to Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. We’re big fans of Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai in particular.


Travel destination UK
As we are British, most of our family is in the UK so we go there every year, give or take. But we only just went to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre for the first time. It’s really expensive!

We list the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and London as separate sections because I’m from the UK. We spend a lot of time in London, with Wales being the country of my birth.

There is a lot of content on the UK so it’s easier for you if we split it up. London with kids is a particularly important post with more detailed posts on many individual museums and attractions. 

We also have a guide to the best places to see in England with kids which will help you plan your British itinerary. Our Wales Travel Blog is where you want to be if you’re visiting Wales (Wales with kids if you’re a family) and we have a Scotland Travel Blog to give you some ideas for your itinerary.

We also love to post about British food and where to find it, you’ll find posts on foodie havens like Borough Market and Greenwich Market alongside our guide to where to eat in London.


We love Disney, we loved the Everglades, Amish Pennsylvania and New Orleans, we loved road-tripping the east and west coasts.

Our USA road trip post is here. Most of all, we love Disney Parks.

We even visited all four in Florida in one day, with Animal Kingdom possibly being our favourite.

We have a full guide to things to do in Orlando Florida, plus some little gems from our vacations in the US, such as the black shark teeth of Myrtle Beach and landing in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

We’re also very fond of Southern Food and have driven the full distance from Canada to the tip of The Keys.

Of course, we’ve spent time in New York City exploring her best areas. Hawaii is on the agenda when borders open!


Vietnam giant dragon statue
Vietnam is full of surprises. We took this photo on a motorbike tour from Hue in Central Vietnam, just my son and I riding on the backs of scooters with female language students. It was loads of fun and a great way to gain real understanding.

We’ve visited Vietnam for a month as a couple and lived there for 6 months as a family. We’ve since returned. Vietnam keeps calling us back to explore more, to eat, to shop, and to get haircuts.

A wonderful country, kind, happy, people and so much to see, learn, and do.

Vietnam is a top destination for family travel or vacations, and a great, cheap, global travel destination. Don’t forget the amazing food, it’s right up there with Thai and Indian for us.

Vietnam is home to the biggest cave system in the world, this is a breathtaking part of the world, find out how you can visit Phong Nha here.

We are experts on Hoi An in particular after renting a house there for half a year including being there for Tet. We’ve travelled the whole length of Vietnam, more than once. Check out living in Hoi An and our Vietnam Travel Guide to get you started on our Vietnam content. We also took a deep dive into Vietnamese food with posts about cooking and eating Vietnamese dishes such as bun bo Hue and banh xiao


Dawn Tenby fishing harbour south wales travel destinations
Wales. It’s where I’m from originally. This is Tenby, Pembrokeshire, at dawn. The crowd was singing the Welsh national anthem and my husband was down there somewhere about to start his Ironman race. My son was competing in Ironkids.

I’m from Wales and it has a lot to offer. Wales is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But is Wales a country in its own right? Yes it is.

We cover much of south and west Wales on this site.

I’m always trying to add more but my time is ridiculously limited by other projects.

Try our post on places to visit in South Wales. We also have a monster post on Wales for families and with kids with up-to-date info.

We visit Wales almost every year and will be there again next year.

Other Travel Destinations on our Family Travel Blog

Family Travel Destinations for families that love adventure

Did you find your favourite travel destinations above? If not tell us in the comments where your family would like to go. Maybe we can add it to our adventure next. Other world travel destinations feature on our blog, for example, France, Hungary, El Salvador, Canada, Ireland, Serbia, Scotland, Barcelona Spain, Mongolia, Cuba, Istanbul, and more, but there’s not enough content yet to add a travel guide to the list above. Our favourite world landmarks are here. We’re growing our website all the time, so keep coming back, maybe sign up to follow on to our next destination, or go check out our travel essentials page, that’s another good place to start your adventure.

These family travel destinations are some of the best and most exciting in the world. I always used to say that I didn’t want to go to every country. Lately I’m thinking that maybe I will.

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