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UK Travel Blog

It may surprise you to know that we are actually a UK family travel blog. I am British, I was born and raised in Wales and my kids were born in London. This is our UK travel blog, guide, and tips section. You can jump straight to a place, attraction, or destination in the UK from the links below.

UK beach. Beautiful sandy beach in the UK
The UK has some beautiful beaches and we do, indeed, swim from them and otherwise enjoy them. I love UK beaches in winter, rough seas and stormy skies on the British coastline are something you should experience. For me a deserted winter beach is far more beautiful that a crowded summer seaside scene.

Any post on this site may contain affiliate links. We earn commission on these should you make a purchase. All recommendations are genuine and we are not paid to include products, hotels, and so on.

All of our UK travel blog posts are in one place here. Wales and London have their own separate sections because the volume we have on London is just too huge. You may find our post on the UK with kids useful too, if you’re first time family travellers.

The UK

The United Kingdom is more correctly known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The UK or U.K. It is a sovereign country separated from the European contint by water. It is a part of the continent of Europe, but Brexit is yet to determine if it will remain part of the European Union.

UK beautiful rivers and mountains river in Scotland Balmoral Castle
What a beautiful place the UK is. There are many remote, unspoiled, wild places in the UK. This one is in Scotland and is accessible to everyone, it’s in the grounds of Balmoral Castle. This is the River Dee. The backdrop for many a Royal photoshoot.

The United Kingdom consists of four countries, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Yes, they are all countries. We are all British, but a Welsh person can never be English. As a Welsh person, I do, sadly, have to point this our rather often. The UK and England are not the same thing.

The British Isles are different again. The British Isles consist of the islands of Great Britain (the mainland), Ireland, The Channel Isles, The Isle of White, the Hebrides, and over six thousand smaller isles. It’s complicated, I know.

British contemporary art the angel of the north statue in the north of england UK
The UK isn’t just about history, castles and beautiful wild places. The UK does modern and contemporary well too. The is the Angel of The North Statue in the North of England, UK. We took a UK road trip, as a family, to see some amazing sites such as these.

That’s the geography lesson over, now what’s on the UK travel blog?

I’m updating this post today in 2020. The world has changed, more for some than others, and the UK has been massively affected. Many people in the UK will be holidaying at home this year or maybe taking a staycation. That’s not a bad thing if you see the positives. The UK is beautiful and has much to offer. As a family travel blog and a general travel blog, we recommend a lot of attractions in the UK. Some will still be closed. Some beaches and outdoor places will still be closed. Wales, Scotland and England all have different levels of restriction. We’re working hard to find you the latest travel information from the UK, but things are changing almost daily. Please double check everything very close to your proposed time of travel.

UK Travel Tips and FAQs

I’m not going to cover current safety, border openings, visas and so on here because it’s just too complex. You’ll need to check your local and UK travel advice and consider your travel insurance very carefully. I’m just going to tell you about the fun parts of UK travel here.

Some of the most beautiful and remote places to visit (outside cities) in the UK are:

  • The Lake District.
  • Cornwall’s fishing villages and beaches.
  • Pembrokeshire Wales and its rugged coastline.
  • The Brecon Beacons, Wales.
  • Snowdonia and Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales (1.085m).
  • Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland and The British Isles (1,345m)
  • The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.
  • Lake Windermere, Cumbria.
  • Fingal’s Cave, The Isle of Staffa, Scotland.
  • The Old Man of Storr, The Isle of Skye
  • Stonehenge, Wiltshire.
  • Durdle Door, Dorset.
  • The Isles of Scilly, Cornwall
  • The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.
  • The Wye Valley and Tintern Abbey Monmouthshire
  • Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England (978m)
  • Devon’s beaches.
  • Dartmoor Devon


family at playground in London UK
This playground beneath the London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames was a family favourite when my children were small. London is our home, we love it and can share so much information with you.


London Travel


Wales UK fishing harbour at dawn
This place is my childhood holiday destination. I love it and it was important to me to share it with my children. This in Tenby harbour in Pembrokeshire. I took this photo as the assembled crowd sang the Welsh National Anthem at dawn. It was beautiful.


Wales and travel in Wales


Top of Ben Nevis Scotland UK My son
My son, then about 13 years old, almost at the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland. One trick we employ as family travel bloggers is to divide and conquer. This child wanted to climb Ben Nevis, the other didn’t. We got around this by doing it separately. My husband ran up there before breakfast, D and I wanked up more sedately once he got back. The views are pretty amazing and there was snow at the top, even in summer.


Scotland Travel

England (Outside London)

Amazing York in England. This is one of England’s top must-see places, but there are so many more. I had to get here very early in the morning to take a picture of this historic street without uncrowded.


England travel

That’s all we’ve got for you for now on our UK travel blog. Our family loves the UK and given the choice, we’d be living there today. Circumstance is keeping us away. One day, when it’s safe, borders are open and quarantine is gone, we will be back. To our home. We are a global world travel blog and we cover 50+ countries on our site. We travelled as a family from 2013 to the present day with small kids, tweens, and then teens to create this site for you to use. Thanks for visiting.

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