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World Travel Family is a website and world travel blog which belongs to Alyson Long and her family. This website has been in existence since 2011 and is one of the biggest travel blogs in the world. Alyson Long and her family, Chef (James Long) plus kids,D and Boo, travelled full-time for 6 and a half years between 2012 to 2020, and today travel regularly and for extended periods from their home base in Queensland Australia.

Alyson Long’s biog briefly includes being a former pupil at Rougemont School in Newport, Wales, a student at the University of Birmingham UK, where she gained her BSc in Biological Sciences, and employment as a senior medical laboratory scientist in Cardiff and London. This female travel blogger is British and Welsh, but has also lived as an expat in Australia, Vietnam, and Romania.

Alyson took up travel blogging, just for fun, in 2011, and it went well. She now makes a living as a travel blogger and is a published author in the homeschooling and worldschooling niche.

Alyson has also written for many quality magazines, newsapers and publications (such as Lonely Planet and The Independent plus various in-flight magazines) and regularly talks on podcasts and YouTube channels around the world.

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What Can World Travel Family Do For You?

World Travel Family Alyson Long and her children

We want to share the world with our readers and help them travel further, better and more. We can help you promote your region, hotel, attraction or restaurant through custom posts and social media. Well over a decade of blogging gives us reach and expertise. 20 years of personal travel, at all price points, gives us know-how. 20 years in hospitality gives us credibility. We have a reputation for honesty and reliability.

World Travel Family is one of the biggest family travel blogs in the world. We are professional travel bloggers and we love what we do.

Alyson is the main voice of the World Travel Family blog, her sons and husband also write for this site, her elder son is now her business partner. Mrs Long is a travel blogger and published writer. Author of this book, and this one. She is also well-known in alternative education circles.

After gaining her degree in zoology and comparative physiology she went on to become a chief medical scientist in Welsh and London hospitals before switching to blog creation and full-time motherhood.

She likes climbing mountains, scuba diving, SEO and exploring food and cultures. You can follow on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

If you are looking for a detailed biography for Alyson Long, please get in touch directly, there are multiple sites out there trying to capitalise on the name, none are very accurate.

World Travel Family is happy to work with all credible advertisers and sponsors relevant to our area. We are a global travel blog and rank high on page one of Google for hundreds of diverse search terms. This is because:

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We are normally based in London or Far North Queensland, Australia, but for many years we travelled full-time. World Travel Family is a real travel blog, we’re out there doing what we are passionate about, travelling. We travel to build our knowledge to the deepest levels so that we can share that information with our readers.

We are on US based Red Tricycle’s top travel blogs to follow list , a report that has occupied the top spot on Google for quite some time. We are one of the top 20 biggest travel blogs in Australia and New Zealand (Pre-traveller compiled)  and one of Holiday Lettings (Trip Advisor’s) Top 20 Travel Blogs in the World . We are also one of Queensland Tourism’s recommended best travel blogs and top of Meriton’s list of Australian Top Travel Blogs. We’re also in the top 20 of Feedspot’s ranked top 100 blogs and top 50 family travel YouTubers – we don’t really do YouTube though!

We deal with travel, education, food and all things wonderful.

World Travel family 450

 photo credits Stefanie Harrington .com

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Who is Chef? From World Travel Family and World Travel Chef.

World Travel Family Chef

Photo by Alyson Long

Chef is James Long, husband of Alyson Long for over 20 years and a fully trained and experienced executive chef in 5 star resorts and hotels. He has worked in Australia and London at some of the best hotels in the world.

We have a 5-star executive chef on the team to help with the creation of food blog posts. He ads authority and know-how to our food blog work. He doesn’t always travel with Alyson and the children, but he’s crazy about food, as are we all. He sometimes covers more niche travel exploits, such as blue water scuba diving.

We can promote your product, area, attraction or hotel on blog posts and on social media with a potential reach of 6 million individuals.

Where Are We Travelling Soon?

Soon, we hope to visit more destinations in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, North East India, North West India, Nepal, The Middle East, Central Asia and more of Vietnam along with Wales, London, the Greek Islands, Cyprus, and Sicily.

If your company has interests in any of those locations, don’t be afraid to reach out, we can give you the coverage you need for those locations through social media and our travel blog.

World Travel Family Statistics

These figures are from our best days, before the global shut downs, obviously we took a downturn, but things are on track for recovery.

Monthly Page Views: 300,000+ The most important metric.

Google PR 3 From the last Google update, several years ago, I doubt it will ever be updated.

Alexa Rank:  we no longer chase Alexa ranking but ours sits around 140,000

Page Authority 51

Domain Authority 48  

Facebook Followers 10,200+ ( all genuine, not bought, giving good engagement and weekly reach)

Facebook Private Mentoring Group Members 2,500 +

Twitter Followers 12,700+

Pinterest Followers 27,500+

Instagram Followers 10,000+

If you need to know more about us and our readership, please ask for more details.

We DO NOT POSITION OURSELVES AS SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS. Our strength, skills and value lie in our website. We are bloggers.

all stats correct at time of publication and subject to fluctuation.

Who Have World Travel Family Worked With?

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Recent Testimonials for World Travel Family and Alyson Long

“We went to Bangkok over Christmas and New Year and did almost everything you said we should. Amazing.”

“Thanks so much for your blog, it has helped immensely in planning our very fast-approaching trip.”

“Hi Alyson, We have been searching for a travel agent half as knowledgeable as you to help us plan our quick stop in Sri Lanka and have had no success so far. Your blogs have been immensely helpful and a major source of information for us, so thank you.”

“Such a great travel blog! You have really managed to convince us even more that we did the right thing booking a 3-week journey with our children.”

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58 thoughts on “Work With World Travel Family Travel Blog”

  1. Hi I’m thinking of backpacking with my husband and 3 kids was just wondering roughly how much is it a month to do that. And what about the school?

    • Depending where you go and your spending habits – $50 – $100 – $150 per day should be enough. We have a lot of content on costs in our money category. For education, see the top menu – worldschooling.

  2. Dear Alison and family,
    Thank you for your great website! It’s inspired us lots! We are a family from the UK currently travelling with our 9 year old daughter (we have been to South Africa, Australia, Fiji so far and are in New Zealand now) and we will be in Vietnam for two months starting mid February. Having lived, worked and traveled in Asia on my own for many years (but 13 years ago!) I can’t wait to get back to it, although I’ve never been to Vietnam — and things have changed!!!! Like you, we want to base ourselves Hoi An for a month or so and were wondering if you can recommend any expat sites for finding more long term accommodation – or if you can recommend any long term accommodation that is not too pricy.

    Many thanks for being such an inspiration!
    Merry Christmas!
    Marie (and Kiki and Colin)

  3. Ultra niche can work great, if there are enough people to support it. Are there many mid 50s childless, dogless, Nor Cal interested people? This site is huge, very, very – un niche, ( you are not our demographic – so it would appear to most who assume this is a “with kids” site – it’s not) niche sites are quicker to gain authority but you have to get the SEO right from day one and be pro-active with gaining backlinks if possible. The only reason I’ve managed to be so un-niche is because I’ve created 10-20 posts around each topic or destination, they all support each other. Also you have to provide value. The people wanting to spend money on your affiliate links, book your hotels etc. will be looking for solid information, or, if you’re looking to be an influencer, want to follow in your footsteps. Influencer isn’t really what we do, although if you look in our scuba diving section we are considered influencers in that area. I don’t know – but best of luck to you. Get stuck in. Nothing was ever gained by not trying.

  4. Hi Alyson,

    We really love your site. I am very much interested in worldschooling and just getting information about it. I would like to know do you or the kids document your travels like not in the site or blog but on paper,
    what i mean is that we are planning to go to Jordan. now i would like my kids to learn about the culture, history etc. so after we visit the county do u document in any way.


    • Not in a journaling sort of way, no, because my boys loathed writing on paper with every particle of their souls. From time to time they have created blog posts on places if you find D’s author page there are posts on Ancient Egypt, Manta Rays, Thai History, Namche Bazaar. Maybe more, I can’t remember. Funny thing is now, he does Open University, he’ll write pages and pages of notes for his own use, but as kids they both hated it. No, I’ve never ( once I realised how pointless it was) forced them to do stuff they didn’t want to do, it’s proved unnecessary. Boo had ( actually still has) his own website. It’s called Boy Around the World but he hasn’t touched it in years. He did that for fun, he was convinced it would make him money and he loved watching his daily stats. I think he was 7. These days he’s busy chasing YouTube stats on his channel. D makes all the videos on the site and is co-writer and creator, accompanying me on business trips and tours for third parties. It all worked out pretty well! They will learn what they need to learn when they want or need to learn it. The structure and busy work of schools isn’t how it should be. It took me a few years to figure that out too!

  5. Hi, my wife and I love your videos. We started traveling full time about 3 months ago with our 12 year old daughter. Our biggest struggle is getting our daughter socially interacted. We are currently in Rome and are heading to Germany soon. Would you happen to know how to connect with other like minded travelers with kids? I would love to find another couple who could have the means and can travel with us. I was hoping you had some resources.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi there, no, not really, sorry. We always stay in guest houses or hotels with common areas, restaurants, bars, to hang out, there are usually plenty of human beings around. We actually don’t go in for arranged meet ups, rarely. People contact us all the time if we’re based in one place for a while but we don’t find we need that level of social interaction, we’re more than happy just doing us. We like to keep very busy though, we don’t spend time hanging about much. As a very happy introvert I’m not the best person to talk to sorry. The kids talk to people online constantly. As soon as we’ve got some down time they’re chatting on the internet through gaming, streaming, YouTubers etc. More and more we’re doing group tours and activities, for instance Bhutan, Tibet and Borneo. One of the kids enjoys meeting people that way Trekking or anything physical is great for my son, walking with people is a good way to chat. Just remember that you won’t like some of the people you meet and will have almost zero in common, but that’s great for the kids too, learning what they like and dislike in people and how to handle them. You need a few days with other people to get to know them at all, so longer term co-travelling is better. Europe is different though, I don’t think it really has the same backpacker vibe and circuit as Asia. Try our private Facebook Group, Living Differently, a few thousand travellers in there.

  6. Hi Diana, if you go to our money section you’ll find a lot of content relating to costs, also hit up our destinations page – it’s in the top menu. Between $50 and $100 US per day is my ballpark figure, but of course, everyone spends differently and even within SEAsia costs vary. If you find the page relating to costs or destinations and comment on those pages I can help you better. All the best

  7. I have no idea what country you’re in, nor what interests you. but start in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, depending on flights, and overland around South East Asia – would be my pick for easiest, most interesting, best food and most affordable.

  8. HI we are a German/English family, two sons, 4 and 8, living in Berlin. We have an opportunity next year, because of school timings and kindergarten, to travel for 6 months to a year. We have a little money saved but not much, so would plan to travel by land, staying for some time in each destination and hopefully work as we go. We are trained in Architecture, Construction and Research. The purpose is in educating ourselves and kids further on the Changing Climate, and hopefully volunteering our time to useful projects because this seems like an opportunity that may not happen again after schooling starts etc. We are at the very very early stages and would love any advice you may have to get us going. Thanks a million.

  9. Hi (awesome blog!)

    When you give quotes in $ are you referring to US$. Trying to figure a budget on NZ $


    • Yes. If it was Au I’d say Au. But when we started this site $ and Au$ were 1:1 so it made no difference – not any more !

  10. Hi, I am mobile app developer and love to travel. I like to code while I travel. I can teach science, history, geography. I am also quite fluent with the English language. How can I travel across the world without paying a fortune ?

    • Book a one way ticket to a cheap destination, find cheap lodgings, live frugally and work like crazy !

  11. Thank you. I only switched it onday before yesterday because somebody complained there wasn’t one. Sorry for annoying you. I’ll switch it off again.

  12. Hi beautiful family.
    Yours has been a great find for me. My name is Ian Jege, I am writing to you from Nairobi, Kenya.

    I found you as I was researching on Digital Nomad Families. See I am just about to come into some unexpected money and I have been thinking I need to do something with it that would completely change mine and my families lives. Earlier today I was watching the documentary GIVEN and my soul was literally reaching out from within. I am about to propose to my wife that we take a gap year and travel the world (as much of it as we can see in one year anyway). We have a 4-year-old who started school earlier in the year which brings me to my first question…more like a request. How do you educate your children while on the go? I know the one year away from the rat race will change our lives but I am hoping to adopt a learning program for our daughter just in case at the end of a year my wife opts to put her back to school.

    My last question (request), what criteria would you suggest we use to pick our destinations and durations? Different cultures, cuisine, and breathtaking sceneries are high on my priority list. We most definitely don’t want to do the all-inclusive hotel packages throughout our travels, it’s expensive and I think it beats the purpose of trying to see the world.

    I know you get a lot of emails from your fanbase (with good reason), I will be truly grateful for a response whenever you are able to. Much appreciated! Happy travels beautiful people!

    • If you go to the top menu on our site there is a tab ” Worldschooling ” or ” homeschooling” Open that. There are many, many posts on this site on that subject. How to pick where to go? Well brainstorm as a family. Write a list of the places you most want to see, then string them together in a way that makes sense. For 1 year maybe you’ll want to book your flights in advance. We had no time restrictions so never booked anything ahead, we just did what we felt like doing. I think it can be cheaper to keep your options open rather than pre-book all your flights.

      • Thank Alyson. Your website is a fantastic resource.

  13. Hi! I’ve loved reading through your blog. This is the life my family of five is trying to set up in the next 9 months or so. I’d love to join your blog group next go around.

  14. Hello,
    Thank you for the comments about Egypt. They are very helpful as we are planning to go there just after the New Year’Eve.

  15. Thanks for trying Brad, I don’t really know how it works, I’ve literally just set it up. I’ll keep playing with it.

    • Sorted Brad, I made a Paypal button. Thanks again. I’ll keep pumping out the content for you and all our readers.

    • Hi Alyson,
      It is an IE problem. It is working in chrome and safari. A monthly donation is required. I like the paypal button! I am looking forward to hearing about Nepal and the Himalayas.

  16. Hi Sabine, do not use any of those website builder things, you need a self hosted site, running on wordpress. Go to our blogging section for lots of help on this. ( top right in the menu)

  17. No Liz, I don’t know why you’d need them. The kids are never out of our sight. Where are they going to be going that they’d need anything like this?

  18. We are in Pakistan early next year doing the K2 trek….send us an email. Will delete this comment once you’ve got it.

  19. Hi!
    Fell on your page quite by accident…loved it! I am totally different in demographic profile – most often solo travel, been at it for more than 25 years, Sri Lankan Female.
    But I was so taken with how similar your style is to a solo traveler. It has to take a very special level of curiosity, tolerance and love for all things to travel this way with kids.
    Loved what you said about bus travel. – my sentiments exactly 🙂

    Will e-mail you to talk about some travel links. Hope that is ok.
    All the very best for great times ahead!

  20. I don’t think the communities you describe exist Paula. Do you mean online or in real life? We travel, so we’re only in one place a few days. For online community join our Living Differently Facebook group. Best wishes.

  21. Please find the relevant pages of this website Denrunr, all your questions are fully answered. This is our media contact page, find the homeschooling section either top menu ” worldschooling”, or drop down menu in the right hand side bar of the front page. Thanks.

  22. Croatia? Some lovely coastline there and very cheap. Anywhere in Greece, love the food! Crete? We really enjoyed mainland Greece last year, bags of history. Really, take your pick, you’ve got endless choices, if price is a factor stick with eastern Europe, once you get to western Europe prices are high.

  23. I’m sure people do Hanna and I’ve taken on VA work from time to time ( Pinterest!). It’s fixed income but it’s also fixed hours so very difficult to travel at the same time, I even find it hard to work for myself when we’re actively travelling, this is why we take big breaks in London or Romania, it’s work and school time. With regard maths, I’m not great either, I got a C at 14 years old and never felt I was “good” at maths despite being a professional scientist. I know now more maths than EVER, thanks to Khan Academy, it’s free and Sal Khan explains things so brilliantly, it’s a million miles better than school, do that together instead! I don’t think part time school is generally an option and kids socialise far better outside of segregated institutions where they’re forced to spend their days with a bunch of same-age kids not of their choosing. Good luck! ( Join our Living Differently Facebook Group for more support)

    • Thankyou Alyson, I have joined the group today so thankyou! 🙂

  24. To take a child out of school you need to un-enroll her or risk truancy, so yes, you will lose your place in the UK. Have you considered not doing GCSEs, they’re not compulsory? Take her out and keep her out. If you have to work obviously that’s an issue, but nothing says she has to be in school in the UK. If she feels she wants to do GCSEs, maybe she wants to get onto a course that demands them, the British iGCSE system exists, no school attendance required. you do not need GCSEs to progress in life, earn a living, be self employed or get into university. But you can pick your subject, learn the work, take the exam.

  25. Louise-
    Curious to see what you learn. We are a US based family of five that is looking at taking off for 6 months including a long stretch through India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia.

  26. Just as easy to do it outside Australia as inside Natalie. My advice would be to just leave them to enjoy the year and not worry about it. If you need help email me You will not be able to register as an Australian homeschooler, but if the children are un-enrolled from school, they don’t need to be, they’re not truant. If you want to retain some form of registration you’ll have to do distance ed, but state regulations vary.

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