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Worldschooling mistakes pushing kids too hard

Worldschooling Mistakes Not To Make

Worldschooling is a wonderful way for kids to get an education, and it’s a wonderful lifestyle for the whole family. After worldschooling (or world schooling, if you prefer) from birth to 16 years old, here’s a post about pitfalls and mistakes not to make, with input from my adult worldschooled child. Worldschooling Mistakes I hope … Read more

Dubai Travel Camels on Beach Dubai City Guide

Dubai Travel Blog

It was love at first sight for us in Dubai. From the moment we left the airport, Dubai was one big wow. We posted about our fantastically fun camel-riding, belly-dancing, dune-jumping adventure in the desert. We’ve told you about the cultural heritage tour that took us beyond the glitz into the living heart of Old Dubai. I … Read more

full time travel nomadic family

We are a Full-Time Travel Family. How?

This is the post that has to be written, how we, the owners of World Travel Family travel blog, get to travel full-time or even permanently, as a family. We’re not unique, there are plenty of other globe-trotting, full-time travelling families on the world circuit, but to the vast majority of people what we do … Read more

travel insurance for extended travel remote destination flight

Travel Insurance for Extended or Open Ended Travel

World Nomads is the insurance company we have used for extended, open-ended, long-term and adventure travel. Many travel insurance companies do not cover our style of travel.  We needed to tailor our cover to our destination and ever-changing plans any time we needed to. Travel insurance for serious, long-term, flexible or nomadic travellers can be … Read more

Food in Japan deep fried things

Food in Japan

“The food” is a popular reason to visit Japan. It was one of my teen’s biggest reasons for wanting to take this Japan trip. He’s a foodie kid and invests a lot of time in watching food videos, when he’s not in the kitchen creating fabulous things. He wanted to visit Japan because he believed … Read more

Mossman Gorge swimming

Port Douglas to Mossman Gorge (& Mossman Gorge Info)

Mossman Australia is a small town in Far North Queensland. It is north of both Cairns and Port Douglas, south of Daintree Village and the main part of the Daintree Rainforest. It’s not really a tourist town other than for visitors going to the Mossman Gorge, an incredibly beautiful rainforest spot, for walking, learning, enjoying, … Read more

popular tours in Thailand

What Are The Most Popular Tours in Thailand?

Thailand has thousands of tours popular with tourists and taking a tour is a very good way to get to know a country better. There are various types of tour to book, you can take a cooking or food tour, go snorkelling or island hopping, engage in crafts or wildlife, or simply explore interesting places, … Read more

Bhutan wall art Phallus

Bhutan, Phallic Art

Bhutan and the Bhutanese have a thing about the phallus. They are penis obsessed and you’ll see large, lurid, male members artistically depicted on houses throughout Bhutan. One village, in particular, Sopsoka, near Punakha town and adjacent to Chimi Lhakhang, is famous for its penis art along with the fertility temple. This temple is also … Read more

port douglas water view

Port Douglas Restaurants With a View

Dining in Port Douglas is made all the better if you can find a restaurant with a good view. A delicious dinner of local seafood or a modern Australian dish is always enhanced by a wonderful sea view, don’t you think? We have a few Port Douglas restaurants to share with you, where you can … Read more

Bumdra Camp Views

Experiences of Bumdra Camp (Bhutan)

Bumdra Camp is a tent campsite above The Tiger’s Nest, near Paro, Bhutan. Visitors to Bhutan can hike up to Bumdra Camp, spend the night there, and then hike down to The Tiger’s Nest in the morning. What’s it like at Bumdra Camp? We’ll tell you in this post, with plenty of photos. The camp … Read more

Krishnas Butterball

Krishna’s Butterball

Krishna’s Butterball is an ancient stone formation in Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, Southeast India. While Mamallapuram is more famous for its Shore Temple and other UNESCO sites, Krishna’s Butterball is also a tourist attraction and a great place to see at sunset. Photos from Krishna’s Butterball Mahabalipuram. Krishna’s Butterball Mahabalipuram The round rock is thought to … Read more

Little Tiger's Nest Bhutan

Kila Nunnery Bhutan

Kila Nunnery (Kela Dechen Yangtshi) is sometimes called “The Little Tiger’s Nest” of Bhutan because it clings to the cliffside in the same way as the Tiger’s Nest near Paro. Kila Nunnery The nunnery has been a Bhuddist meditation site since the 9th century and is possibly the oldest nunnery in Bhutan. Kila Nunnery can be … Read more

There Are 2 Places Called Richmond in England

If you search for “Richmond England” you will be taken to information about Richmond London, in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames. But there are two places in England called Richmond and both are towns not cities. The other Richmond England is in North Yorkshire near Catterick, that’s in the North of England. There’s also … Read more

wat pho Bangkok big gold Buddha

Wat Pho (Bangkok) How to Visit

Wat Pho or Wat Po is a one of the most beautiful and popular Buddhist Wats in Bangkok Thailand. It is in Phra Nakhon District of Central Bangkok, on Rattanakosin Island, south of the Grand Palace. It is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, but its full name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan. The name “Wat … Read more

Hosmeade Photo Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Photos

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is an area dedicated to the Harry Potter books and movies, within some Universal Studios theme parks. In this post, we share photos of the Wizarding World and give you tips on how and where to see some Harry Potter-themed buildings, shops, rides, and characters.. We recently visited the … Read more

Arashiyama bamboo grove from Kyoto

Kyoto to Arashiyama By Bus (Japan)

Arashiyama (home to the famous bamboo forest or bamboo grove in Japan) is northwest of the city of Kyoto and some 10 km away. To reach Arashiyama from Kyoto, you can take a train, taxi (Uber will get you a taxi), tour, or bus. You could even walk to Arashiyama if you had 2 hours … Read more

Things you should know before visiting Japan

Things To Know Before Visiting Japan

To make your trip to Japan easier, here are some essential things to know before visiting Japan. I should probably rename this, “Things I wish I’d known before visiting Japan”, I found Japan a very challenging country to visit. And I’ve visited almost 60 countries now, it was one of the hardest. Here are some … Read more

Swim in the dead sea "beach"

Can You Swim In The Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea occupies the lowest position on Earth in the Middle East. Its shores are in the countries of Jordan and Israel in Asia, and yes, you can swim in the Dead Sea from either Israel or Jordan. The sea’s very high salinity makes the human body extra buoyant so you can swim but … Read more

Where is Bali beautiful island temple Bali Indonesia

Where is Bali?

Bali is an island. It is just one of the islands which make up the country Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Bali is famous for being a very beautiful place with a stunning culture quite different from that found elsewhere in Indonesia. This island is also a very popular holiday destination, particularly for Australians as this … Read more

Daintree from Cairns Daintree Beach

How To Visit The Daintree Rainforest From Cairns 2024

In January 2024 the Daintree Rainforest, north of the Daintree River, is closed to tourists because of damage caused by tropical storm/cyclone Jasper. You can drive to Port Douglas and Mossman via Mareeba, Atherton, Kuranda and the Tablelands, or you can take a ferry to Port Douglas. We’ll update again as soon as we know … Read more

Daintree Rainforest Walks by Yourself

Can You Walk in The Daintree Rainforest By Yourself?

Yes, you can walk the Daintree Rainforest by yourself at several designated boardwalks. We explain where these rainforest walks are, the dangers you need to know about, and which walks are free. There are also tour options and ways of accessing the Daintree Rainforest in this post. Please find what walking or entry information you … Read more

Daintree Rainforest View

Daintree Town

There is not a place called “Daintree Town” in the Daintree National Park or Daintree Rainforest areas of Far North Queensland. This post explains a little more about where “Daintree” is, which towns are in the Daintre and those nearby. Daintree Town simply doesn’t exist according to my extensive research. Daintree The Daintree statistical area … Read more