Breb, Romania

An incredible part of the world. The village of Breb and surrounding areas. Village life and travel information for Breb Maramures. We came here by chance in 2013, in 2018 we’re still wanting to call this village home, still staying here whenever we can, still hanging out with the locals and our friend Penny at The Village Hotel Breb. Come, you’ll love it here.

Dinner at the Sheep Station. Sheep Farming and Romanian Shepherds

Before approaching the sheep station we had to take precautions, the Romanian sheepdogs (AKA Romanian Shepherds) would be loose so ...
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Skiing in Romania. Cavnic Maramures

We’ve had a fantastic time skiing here in Romania, the kids took a few private 1 on 1 lessons while ...
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January in Breb. Life in the Freezer

We’ve been waiting for this. When we first had the idea of basing ourselves in Romania, locals told us winter ...
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Lunch in the Tuica Shed. Making Tuica in Maramures

Tuica (Romanian Țuică) in Maramures is big news. Our village, Breb, is full of fruit trees. The hills roll on ...
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The Haystacks of Maramures. Hay Making in Breb

Haystacks are an unmistakable icon of Maramures. You will see them here all year round, punctuating the landscape on white, ...
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Breb Maramures (& Living in Breb Village in Romania)

In the far north of Romania, nestled in a valley below a long-extinct volcano, lies the little village of Breb, ...
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The Horse & Animal Market at Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania

Living in Breb, Maramures County Romania, we visited the monthly animal and horse market at Sighetu Marmatiei more than once. ...
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Romanian Village Life

Our lifestyle isn’t conventional. We travel and have done for over 2 years now, we do unusual things like falling ...
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A Village in Rural Romania

What do you imagine Romania is like? I’ll stake cash that you wouldn’t imagine the rural paradise we’ve found ourselves in. ...
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