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Digital Nomad

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is somebody who is nomadic – ie. they travel and live all over the world. They are location independent in that they are not tied to one place by work, school, posessions, pets, car loans, friends or family. The digital part refers to their income, they control their business and their income online. They can work from anywhere in the world from their laptops. Some work crazy hours, some just a few hours a week. We have a collection of posts below on what it’s like to live and work as a digital nomad.

Man working How to travel the for free guide

How to Travel the World for Free

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. We all know the old mantra, travel is cheaper than staying at home, and it’s absolutely true, but who doesn’t want to minimise travel expenses to get maximum mileage from their dollar? We’ve been doing just that for years, supporting our travels on very little cash. These days there are many …

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Hoi An city destination nomads travel slow travellers

Living in Hoi An

Everything on living in Hoi An after almost 6 months here.This post started out as a bit of a whinge about how dull it was sitting still for a couple of months but in our second month, after starting this post in the wee small hours, we went out for breakfast and a bike ride …

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Christmas traditions in Romania

Christmas While Travelling

We’ve had 5 Christmases on the road in the last almost 6 years of full-time family travel. Another one is coming up fast and this one will be “at home” for the first time.  Did you know we’re almost home? I’m going to count this one as a Christmas while travelling too because returning to an …

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The truth about blogging figures and data

The Truth About Blogging

I blog. Blogging is how I support my family. But what is blogging and what is blogging not? On a day when I’m struggling to come up with an idea for a new blog post I thought I’d go deeper into blogging. You probably all know me, my family, my style, but do you really? …

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Singapore at Christmas

Places To Visit in Singapore

We chose to be in Singapore for Christmas, that didn’t mean settling back and enjoying the festive season. We wanted to see everything Singapore has to offer. This post is on places to visit in Singapore and how many we got to see in a Christmas break. We wanted to do something different, something special, …

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