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Time to get real. It seems that nobody is having a great time lately and we are fully aware that there are millions of people way worse off than us, but I’m going to speak my truth. This is how Covid, Coronavirus, the pandemic, whatever you care to call it, has impacted my travel blog, my life as a travel blogger and, my income. We supported our family through this travel blog. We were making very good money. This post covers reality in 2020 for me as a travel blogger and gives some industry insights.

how coronavirus has impacted travel bloggers blogger in mask Covid virus

We already have a post on how we make money travel blogging. We cover our income streams in that post. Mostly our income is down to advertising, the adverts you see on this page and at the start of each video are through Mediavine, plus affiliate sales. If you’re running an ad blocker, please switch it off.

There are other ways to earn money through travel blogging but we don’t use them or use them rarely. Affiliate sales, through 50+ companies and on-page advertising, make up our income.

There are also costs involved in running a site like this. It’s a few hundred dollars a month, plus my time. If I paid myself, it would be very expensive indeed. We’ve cut costs, cancelled keyword research tools, and schedulers, but still, it’s expensive.

How Travel Blogging Has Been Impacted By Covid

Mental Health Impact

This is the big one for me and it’s a perfect storm of everything going bad at once. I’ve had bereavement, family sickness, total loss of income, my business, my third child, failing, worry about the kids being impacted, and of course, removal of freedom.

I’m sure plenty will say I’ve got it good. I already worked from home, we’ve been homeschooling forever, I’m deeply antisocial so I don’t miss having a social life. We’re also in a region with low sickness. But still, it feels bad and my head isn’t good.

On top of that, I’m working a lot of desperate hours, it’s stressful, being sole bread-winner when there’s no bread to win. I’m building other income streams but it’s slow, hard, and a lot of work.

I’m not doing well mentally or physically. I’ve put on a lot of weight through injury and being stuck at home. Gardening has been my stress reliever and I’m very thankful to my plants.

We Can’t Travel

Business-wise, this isn’t the problem you might think it is. Travel bloggers do not need to be constantly travelling to create content. I could be writing about one of the hundreds of places I’ve visited and never created content around.

In actual fact, posts on this site are rarely live or in any kind of sequence. I create content around what I feel like writing about or what I need to write about to build the site. There is no posting schedule here and never has been.

If you “follow” us by email or on social media, you’re probably not the audience we make a living from. In all honesty there’s not much to follow. I move from bed, to chair, to garden, to sofa lately. I wouldn’t follow me.

The audience that puts food on the table is the Google search audience.They fuel the travel blogging industry. The people searching for “Thailand with kids” or “How to get to Hoi An from Danang”. These people feed us, usually.

So the fact that we can’t travel, isn’t an issue other than to us, personally. We do feel very trapped. The fact that nobody else is travelling, planning travel, nor looking for travel information, is a very big problem.

Traffic is Down, a Lot

Pre-Covid, up to about mid-January 2020 (when we were in Asia), this site received in the region of 10,000 page views every day. It happened through the power of SEO. I’m an SEO blogger, I create for Google, it was a passively generated audience, as much as it could be.

Passive income in blogging is a lie, by the way. I know everyone tells you we bloggers make money while we sleep. I don’t get much time to sleep. There is always something that needs fixing, updating, or improving on a website. You can’t idle by, you have to stay on top of everything.

We get a trickle of traffic from Facebook and Pinterest, but not a significant proportion. I’d estimate about 300 page views per day. Pinterest happens through the magic of Tailwind, without that there’d be nothing going on there at all. That’s one tool I didn’t cancel to save money.

The social media traffic hasn’t been nearly as badly impacted by Covid as Google traffic, but social traffic is hard-won, it’s a lot of hours and effort and it’s not my favourite thing to do.

Pinterest doesn’t work very well for me on this site. I think it’s a lot to do with how general this travel blog is. It’s worldwide, not niche.

In mid January the Covid slide started. Traffic fell and fell, bottoming out in March when the US was badly hit and most of the world closed down.

Since March we’ve been getting 1,500 to 2,000 page views per day. That’s a huge drop. Traffic is on the up now, but every time a border is closed, we see another downturn.

We’re also feeling the impact of huge multi-million dollar sites like Culture Trip going after our keywords. We, the little guys of website creation, can never compete with sites run by teams of hundreds of professionals. This site is run by me, just me. No outside help or tech gurus, other than, occasionally, my kids.

It is what it is and there’s nothing we can do in the same way that smaller blogs can’t fight me if I go for a keyword they rank for. This industry can be cut-throat.

Advertising Revenue is Down in Travel

It’s so down. Obviously, the drop in traffic correlates directly to advertising revenue. On top of that, advertising rates dropped too. I sometimes see RPMs on Mediavine in the $30 – $40 region. Recently I’d be thrilled to see $20 RPMs. Our daily Mediavine income is around 10% of what it was.

We run Google Adsense on our smaller sites. For us, those rates have improved enormously recently. This could be down to a difference in niche. Who wants to spend big money to advertise a travel product or hotel right now?

I’ve got an RPM of around $6 on the homeschooling site this week, earning a huge $2 per day. I’ll try not to spend it all at once.

Unfortunately, Mediavine shifted the goalposts recently. We had two sites approaching the unofficial second site entry level of 10,000 monthly sessions. We were pushing to get those sites onto Mediavine.

Then the entry point increased to 50,000 monthly sessions. Those smaller sites may never get there, so we’re going for affiliate sales with those two, not the big traffic volume advertising revenue requires.

Affiliate Income is Down for Travel Bloggers

The drop in traffic, reflecting the drop in people travelling and planning travel, was always going to smash travel-related affiliate income. Quite a few companies then added insult to injury by dropping their affiliate rates, or even cancelling their affiliate schemes entirely. That was a low trick.

I’ve removed all links to one particular company that cancelled and will never promote them again. Likewise, bloggers en-masse are moving away from certain big companies that drop rates to protect their billions.

It all just goes to show that there is no security at all in the blogging industry. I can’t state strongly enough that you absolutely must diversify. I should have diversified more, but this travel site is my baby, my precious. I find it hard to not give it all of my time.

Luckily for us, we sell a lot of books on Amazon, and the percentage commission on books is still 4%. Other categories of products now have no affiliate commission on them at all.

At one point I was comfortably making $1000 a month on Amazon. We’re on about $100 a month now. I thought that $1000 was plenty so I never really went after Amazon sales seriously. Now I wish I had created more sales pages.

We recently added the new Airbnb affiliate program to our site. There hasn’t even been one booking, which surprised me, I thought property rentals would be popular right now.

Obviously affiliates like Booking dot com and Agoda dried up. There have been maybe ten bookings in the last five months. We used to sell ten a day.

We’re big fans of GetYourGuide. We use them ourselves and happily recommend them. We normally get a few sales every day. There were three sales last month and none so far this month.

These companies are all having big pushes now to get customers booking again. There are incredible deals in the hotel world on trips booked into next year. GetYourGuide are offering affiliates extra incentives to get things moving, but it’s very hard to see progress.

One affiliate scheme of ours that is still going strong is SunGod. People still want sunglasses, all over the world. We’re one of SunGod’s biggest sellers internationally, which pleases us enormously as we love their product. (Update, Sungod also cancelled their affiliate scheme during the COVID years, another cruel blow.)

What’s Still Working in Travel Blogging in 2020?

This section is based on what I’ve seem and my analysis of what’s going on. I could be wrong. But I think I’m right.

If you have a global .com travel site, you’ll probably be smashed like me. If you have a local, smaller, more niche travel site with, for instance, a, you’ll do better than us.

People are searching for local information. When you search for something local, Google gives you local sites. I’m in Australia, I can see it every time I search, Google favours sites here.

This means my .com site, which is normally riding high, is getting pushed down. My .com site needs international tourists. I need Americans, Brits, Malaysians, and every other nationality searching for Australia information to keep my site at the top.

If you don’t get that, ask in the comments and I’ll explain further, but that makes perfect sense to me. This explains what we’re seeing professionally and as a user.

So what’s still working? Local niche travel sites with the right suffix. But, hopefully, when international travel returns we’ll bounce back fast. So is it worth starting a travel site like that right now? I don’t think so.

It will take too long to build and gain the needed authority. We do, however, have one of these we’re quietly building in the background, just in case.

What’s still bringing traffic to our travel blog in 2020? Food, food is international so my food posts have stayed at the top and aren’t much affected.

London is still doing well for me. Maybe surprisingly. Our homeschooling-related content is still doing well, again, that’s international. People are still searching terms like “How to travel for free“. Another international search term. That one is still ranking well but the search volume is massively decreased by Covid.

My blogging related content is also still pulling in the page views. People in lockdown are starting websites. I’ve started three more since March in a bid to diversify and provide for my family. I always think I’m a fair representation of humanity.

So, thankfully, SiteGround hosting and Studiopress themes (the themes we genuinely recommend to all new to intermediate bloggers) income has remained OK. Those two are high figure affiliate sales, whereas with Amazon we make cents on each purchase. These are the type of affiliate sales you need.

Every website you create now is an investment in your future. If you’ve started it you’ve got the ball rolling and a site with a bit of age to it should be faster to kick start when you’re ready. I was very glad to have my old homeschooling site there, ready to go when Covid hit.

Honestly, the travel site is on a back burner for me right now. I’m mostly working on our homeschooling site. It doesn’t make much, it only has about 200 page views per day, but it makes us more on Amazon than the big travel site currently. We started publishing recipes on Chef’s food site but we’re not seeing good gains on those at all.

travel blog and virus how coronavirus has impacted travel bloggers money
Saving this to Pinterest would help us enormously, thanks.

The Future

What choice do we have? We push on. We can’t just give up, I’ll never give up. I don’t have the quitter gene at all.

We’ll get through, the travel blogging industry will survive and Covid has done its worst now, people are travelling again. I doubt we’ll see the same numbers taking international vacations for a very long time but people like us, the long-term travellers and digital nomads, will bounce back.

The recent re-shutdowns in Europe and Australia were noticeable in terms of traffic volume. As soon as any border opening or closure is announced, we see changes. My Google Analytics and Search Console is a fascinating window on the world. I can see what the world is searching for.

I think that my travel blog will survive and come back strong. We’ll have our other sites performing well soon, too. Things will be OK, eventually, and when that point comes I’ll be back on the road faster than you can say pandemic. I will make it my personal business to encourage people to travel to, and spend in, the most hard-hit countries. That’s something I can do to help. Best of luck to you all and this too shall pass. Any questions? The comment section is all yours.

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About the author
Alyson Long
Alyson Long is a British medical scientist who jumped ship to chase dreams. A former Chief Biomedical Scientist at London's West Middlesex Hospital she started in website creation and travel writing in 2011. Alyson is a full-time blogger and travel writer, a published author, and owns several websites. World Travel Family is the biggest. A lifetime of wanderlust and over 6 years of full-time travel, plus a separate 12 month gap year, has given Alyson and the family some travel expert smarts to share with you on this world travel site. Today Alyson still travels extensively to update this site and continue her mission to visit every country, but she's often at home on her farm in Australia.

22 thoughts on “How Covid-19 Has Impacted Travel Blogging”

  1. Hi Alyson,

    Sorry to hear how this has affected you physically and emotionally but glad to know the garden is taken care of! Even in the midst of turmoil nature can be a lifeline and a healer.

    It’s certainly affected us all in unfathomable and different ways, personally I am also dealing with bereavement which has been difficult and the loss of freedom in general is a challenge for us outdoor and travel types. That being said family is a great motivator.

    It’s good to see your spirit of perseverance is still hanging in there and interesting to learn how you are keeping things going and diversifying.

    All the best

  2. Hi, I just found your site! Thanks for sharing this honesty. I’m having my first baby in June and really hoping to not stop traveling and adventuring – I’m excited to dig through your site to learn more about traveling the world with kids as things start to open back up. Any specific posts you recommend for traveling with a 3-18 month year old? (I’m in the northern United States.) 😀 Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Hi Liz, I don’t have any content specifically on travelling, and working, with a toddler. It’s going to be tough. The biggest issue I saw when my two were small was number one, hygiene, number two, other safety issues. Until they’re big enough to not crawl over every surface, grub about on the floor, and not put their fingers in their mouths, you’ll have problems. Having a sick baby or toddler isn’t fun. Particularly not without shops selling your usual brands or a trusted health care provider. By the time you set off you should have plenty of practice in managing fevers in particular, and have an idea of the level of laundry and volume of clean clothes required, particularly in sickness. You’ll also need to get good at spotting potential dangers and hazards, the mommy risk-assessment for every hotel room. We once had an issue with a glass-topped bedside table when my toddler pulled himself up on it and the glass slid forward into his face. They will find every hazard and you won’t have all the usual toddler-proofing gear. For instance, cushioned corners, plastic covers for electrical sockets, fridge or cupboard locks. Your outlook will totally change once baby comes along. I wasn’t expecting it. You won’t be expecting it. We waited until our kids were 6 and 8 to set out on serious travel, they also slept and were quite reasonable at that age, which allowed me to work. There are a lot of hours in travel blogging and kids require your time pretty much every waking second. Of course all kids are different, my first son was hard work, second super easy. Best of luck!

  3. I feel this post 10000%!!

    I’m a blogger also and if you’d like to collab, reach out! I can help you with Pinterest traffic too. Mostly, I’d add at least 5 new pins to each of your top 10 posts. Double down on your homeschool/worldschool content, it’s trending right now for sure – and I don’t see it going down. People are planning for travel next year (personally, I’m already planning for 2022 – we’d like to do what you all do and slow travel the world with kids).

    Anyway, email me or message me on Facebook if you’d like! I’ve been reading your blog for a good 2 hours now and have literally 20 tabs open of other posts of yours I plan to read! That says a lot, too… I NEVER read blogs LOL

    I have several income streams but my blog is #1. Printables are another option – I have lots of ideas I can share!

    • Hi Sadie, I – may- have another site or 6 in various niches. Homeschooling is one. I’m about to shoot out the door now, a rare day out to go shopping. But I’ll get back to you later. Keep reading, it’s appreciated! I’ve actually stopped using Pinterest completely now – over it. Catch you later.

  4. Great content! I have planning to launch a travel blog for quite some time (have been writing content and saving them in Evernote). I was planning to launch the website this year, after my Cruise trip in the US. But then, Covid came along….. Do you suggest I launch it now, or maybe till boarders opening up? I would like to use Squarespace and it will cost me a monthly fee once I got it up and running.

    • Go self-hosted. I really wouldn’t try to go into travel blogging. When you launch it makes no difference at all. It has to rank in Google. And for that, the sooner you start the better. But unless you really understand what you’re doing I just wouldn’t bother.

  5. We Live in Idaho and want to travel to Tasmania for a few months with our kids…been getting conflicting information about quarantine there. Any info?

  6. Great article Alyson. Love your positive attitude, the fighting spirit and the incredible hard work you put into all. Thank you so much for all the valuable information and for being such an inspiration.

    Hang in there guys, good things will come your way again soon!

  7. Dear Alyson,
    following you and the boys for years now. Your honesty candour makes me feel like we are close. You are an inspiration for a hugh audience. These days shall pass. the yMUST.
    for my opinion, HOMESCHOOLING siter can grow much moe. you migh need to push it more through social media. As more parts of the world are facing the second wave, it only now came to people minds that thier kids going to stay home for long time. SO as I found it in my place – this understanding coming only now. Thats mean more and more parents will look for solution of homeschooling. What can we do to improve their lives,skills,learning. I see it every where. the old fashion schoools loosing their place for a new versions of hybrid school. Parents start wondering what is school for our children if they are not going there. many are looking for new ideas of schooling.
    My suggestion is to invest on this website. Just wonder how many parents can be inspire by you. You have so much to share of this subject.
    Tell us more. remember your fans. we are always here happy to assist. waiting to hear from you.

  8. Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing it. On the personal side, we can really relate.

    Best of luck weathering this!

  9. The world has changed, and so we have to. Those that accept, adapt and pivot will survive. You are one of these. Gardening too has been my focus. I see hope in gardening. Nature carrying on doing its stuff. Started running too. And cycle more but not enough. I’m focusing in staying healthy, staying at home, staying self. I want to see the other side of this. Take care. You’ve got this.

    • Yay! You finally started running! I had to stop a few months ago, I had hip and knee problems. I cycle a lot. I just did 12 Km and a week or so ago I did 60 Km, unfortunately it doesn’t come close to making up for our normal healthy lifestyle and good food. We’ve been eating bad stuff, drinking too much wine, generally doing a lot of sitting or lying down. Even Chef has got a tummy now and he still cycles and swims insane distances daily. How far are you running? I’ll start again soon. I’m doing some strength work at home, we have a small home gym. I’m not too old yet.

  10. I’ve been reading and following you for some time Alyson and you inspired me to take the plunge as a professional single parent with my 15 year old and to move to Japan on an overseas posting, 2 years in the making. Things can only get better from here in the travel world even if it does take some time..I wish you and your family the best of luck and I like you and many others cannot wait to start moving around this wonderful planet again!

  11. Hey Alyson and all thanks for sharing so much detail when you must be so busy trying to get things moving again across your various sites. I’m sorry you guys have had a tough time both personally and professionally but I’m sure you will survive and then thrive again.

    I had ‘all my eggs in one basket’ several years ago via my own mobile (cell) phone price comparison web site and then affiliate commissions dropped when Apple released the iPhone and retailers didn’t need to pay anyone to buy such a revolutionary product. This also coincided with large competitive companies with teams of over 100 moving into the space – a perfect feacal storm as they say! Similar then happened on my follow up computer price comparison web site where in a global downturn my biggest merchant Dell stopped paying comission altogether alongside others dropping from an average of 4% to 0.5% per sale!

    I learnt a lot during such hard times and as I also don’t have the quitter gene bounced back by pivoting to provide consultancy, SEO and web development for e-commerce web sites that I was out ranking as am affiliate. I now always try to keep at least 3 clients minimum on a retainer so if any single one drops hours I can weather the storm etc. I’m sure you could provide such SEO and social media services to other brands and sites at least part time maybe whilst the travel industry is quiet? Feel free to email me if you want a private chat about any such matters but thanks again for sharing and all the best got the rest of 2020 and beyond!

    • Ah, Nomadic Dad is back! Good to see you here. You know, I know, that I know more about SEO than many, many professional SEOs. I know a few. I could do it, yes, probably. I’m not really sure what’s involved, what I have to give them. It’s an interesting idea. Would you be able to email me some info at all? I really like website creation though, it gives me a real thrill when it’s working and everything is trending upwards. Thank you.

  12. You are a fountain of knowledge Alyson. You are a dedicated hard worker.
    You are not a quitter.
    You jump out of windows when doors slam shut and find your way out of the woods.
    This too shall pass and I wish you all the best in the meantime.
    Onwards soldier.


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