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Blogging and what is blogging? Blogging is one of the ways we make money to travel full-time. Blogging tips and updates from World Travel Family travel blog, perfect for travel bloggers but the same principles apply for all blogs.

Blogging, What is Blogging

Blogging to Fund Travel

Before the pandemic, I was a 6 figure blogger. That works out at a little over $8,000 earned through the blog per month. That figure really is quite achievable and as travel starts getting back to normal, we will hit 6 figures per year once more.


This travel blog was making more than enough money to fund our family to travel the world indefinitely. We love blogging, it’s fun and it fits with a travel lifestyle.

Blogging Today

Blogging has changed a lot in recent years. It is a complex industry and to get to the top you will need to become a super-geek.

You need to understand how the internet, Google, and social media work.

You also need to have skills that are incredibly diverse, plus a genuine interest in the topic you’re blogging about.


The good news is that all of these skills can be learned, for free, don’t buy courses.



What is Blogging?

Blogging is creating a website through the use of words and pictures. Blogging can be done for fun, or can be a very lucrative business. Blogging is a way to share thoughts, ideas, and facts, with friends and family, or the whole world. Blogging is a genre of writing, but a misunderstood one. We bloggers sometimes write for the sake of writing using style and well crafted words, but more often bllog writing is done for SEO, search engine optimisation. That is how we bloggers get our websites to the top of the Google search results.



I used to say that once you had the basic skills in blogging you could pretty much print your own money. In 2023 it is harder, much harder. But it is achievable.

Start with our post on Steps to Starting Your Own Blog.” Buying your domain and basic hosting is cheap and fairly easy.
You need to be on WordPress.

Blogging is not about collecting followers, it’s about getting to the top of Google. OK, so some people get a lot of traffic from Pinterest and Facebook, but those sources have always been insignificant for me.

You need to learn about SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimisation. It’s quite a science. A blogger is a website creator more than a writer.

There’s lots of information below to get you started. And good luck! I am here to help if I can.


The host we use and recommend, they let us fly through Google’s new speed and CWV requirements, is Agathon

However, Agathon is expensive, a beginner will likely pick a good cheap host like WPRocket or Studiopress.
A good, fast free theme for a beginner is GeneratePress. You’ve got nothing to lose by downloading and trying out a free blog theme, we use Generate Press on several sites today.

Try an AI writing tool with 10,000 free credits by using our link. AI writing tools help content creators with ideas and high volume, fast, content creation.


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