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what is worldschooling

What is Worldschooling?

Have you heard about worldschooling (AKA world schooling)? All the cool parents are doing it, it’s the latest buzz word in alternative education. Is it simply taking your kids on holiday to learn about other countries? In this post we try to answer that question, what is worldschooling? It can be a lifestyle and a …

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Best Gifts for Homeschoolers

Best Gifts for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers are some of the easiest people to buy for because we ( the kids and the parents) just love anything educational. We call them homeschool resources but they can be in the form of books, toys, games, sets and kits. We’ve been homeschooling ( worldschooling and unschooling) a long time with great results, these …

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Hoi An Pottery Village Vietnam Thanh Ha

Hoi An Pottery Village

The Hoi An Pottery Village is a stand-alone attraction just outside town but within easy reach by push bike, scooter or taxi. The villagers have been traditionally involved in pottery for centuries and the craft continues today. The Thanh Ha village has been turned into a tourist attraction but in a very nice, low-key, way. …

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