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Australia is where my husband (we call him Chef) was born. The rest of the family have spent around a decade living in Australia too. We travelled around Australia as young backpackers (with a tent!) and as a family with kids of every age. Our Australia content is here to help you explore Australia, with ease, find the hidden gems and must-sees, and to help you do it cost-efficiently because Australia isn’t a cheap destination!

australia travel
Australia travel. Travel in, around, and to Australia, lots of useful Australia blogs and information for you here!

If you plan to Skydive or parachute jump in Australia, you organise that through this website.

We have a lot of content on this site about Far North Queensland, because our house is there, but we've been all over Australia too, both as young backpackers with a tent, and on family road trips.

We're passionate about the ocean so you'll find a fair amount of content about snorkelling and scuba diving on the reef. We also have city and state information for Sydney, Canbera, WA, the NT, and more. Please browse our content below and you should find what you're looking for.

Our Australia content was originally created for international travellers but the domestic market are using it too. Keep Australian tourism afloat, I know we need tourists up here in FNQ!

Can You Snorkel Off The Beach in Port Douglas?

Yes, you can snorkel off the beach in Port Douglas. It’s something I’ve done many times. But read the rest of this post to find out about potential dangers and limitations. Obviously, you snorkel at your own risk. Most visitors to Port Douglas come to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. For this, you need …

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Are There Crocodiles in Australia?

A lot of people wonder, are there crocodiles in Australia? Yes, there are a lot of crocodiles in the warmer parts of Australia, notably the large, dangerous, saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, but also the less-troublesome freshwater crocodile (Johnstone’s Crocodile). There are large numbers of crocodiles in northern Queensland and The Northern Territory Australia. Western Australia …

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Port Douglas Beach – Four Mile Beach

Port Douglas has just one beach, Four Mile Beach. Another site claims Port Douglas has multiple beaches, they’re a large, commercial site and are trying to cash in on the keyword “Port Douglas Beaches”. That keyword exists because Port Douglas has a hotel called “Beaches”. We live in Port Douglas. We live minutes from Port …

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Port Douglas at Christmas

Port Douglas is pretty popular as a Christmas holiday destination. With Australian long summer school holidays falling over the Christmas period, many families choose to travel around Christmas time and into the early New Year. However, Christmas and summer time bring some of the hottest, most humid weather to the tropics. Port Douglas is just …

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Best Places To Visit In (And Near) Melbourne

Stuck for places to visit in Melbourne? Have you visited most of them already? What about places to visit near Melbourne? Day trips, tours, places of interest and activities near Melbourne CBD. We bring you our best places to visit in and near Melbourne in this travel blog post! Melbourne attracts millions of visitors from …

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Port Douglas to Mossman Gorge (& Mossman Gorge Info)

Mossman Australia is a small town in Far North Queensland. It is north of both Cairns and Port Douglas, south of Daintree Village and the Daintree Rainforest. It’s not really a tourist town other than for visitors going to the Mossman Gorge, an incredibly beautiful rainforest spot, for walking, learning, enjoying, and sometimes swimming. A …

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Australian Animals, Can You Eat Them?

Australia is known for its unique and very special wildlife. We have quite a selection of native animals, like kangaroo, wallabies, wombats, platypus and echidnas. Many are marsupials, which are a type of mammal. In Australia you will also find native birds including emu and kookaburras. Then there are the non-unique animal residents, such as …

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Souvenirs from Australia. Best Gifts and Souvenirs to Buy in Australia!

Souvenirs from Australia are many and varied but what can you buy to remember your Australian trip? This post covers the best Australian souvenirs and gifts. What’s on sale Downunder to remind you of your great Australian adventure or to gift to a loved one? We give you some ideas and tips and even a …

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Australian Food (Popular Australian Food?)

What are popular Australian foods? Modern Australia exhibits a diverse blend of global cultures and histories in its modern cuisines. Many popular Australian dishes are synonymous with Australia, verging on the unique, yet they tend towards Australian variations on international dishes. Other dishes that are most certainly popular Australian food can be found in many …

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