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Daintree Village

A collection of photos from Daintree Village and tourist information, to convince you to visit. Daintree Village lies on the south side of the Daintree River. To reach the village when driving north from Port Douglas and Cairns you will need to take a left and not take the turning towards the Daintree Ferry, stay on the Mossman Daintree Road.

Daintree Village

Daintree Village Old Car

It’s a very pleasant drive (just off The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation) to this little village and here you will find accommodation options including fairly expensive hotels, B&Bs and camping facilities. There are small shops, a tour booking desk and a couple of cafes for visitors.

Daintree River Tours

Crocodile spotting tours depart from the jetty below Daintree Village and this is a very good place to see salt water crocodiles if you didn’t get a chance to take a Lady Douglas River Cruise in Port Douglas.

We have taken croc spotting tours from Daintree village a few times now and we’ve seen some very interesting birds and reptiles. This trip isn’t just for the crocodiles. You probably won’t see as many as in The Northern Territory, but we’ve always seen crocs on both The Lady Douglas and the Daintree River tours.

covered walkway and croc xpresso cafe Daintree Village
Croc Xpresso Cafe Daintree Village. We can vouch for their coffee and toasted sandwiches and they will do a vegetarian toastie if you ask.

Daintree Village History

This part of the world was originally settled by timber cutters back in the 1870s. The red cedars of the region were highly prized and this industry burnt itself out. A woodcrafts store in the village pays testament to Daintree Village’s logging history.

After the loggers dairy farming came to the region.

Daintree Village Today

The red cedar cutters are long gone. Today the main focus of the village is tourism along with cattle farming. On the outskirts of the village you’ll likely see beef cattle, the traditional brahman cattle of the tropics. Even the livestock has to be adapted for tropical living.

Metal Barramundi Fish The Big Barramundi Daintree Village Australia
The big barramundi, or big barra in Daintree Village Australia. ” Big Things” are an Australian tradition but did you know that barramundi wasn’t generally known as barramundi until recently. Check out this post on Australian food to find out why. It opens in a new tab so you can carry on looking at this post.

Hotels and Other Accommodation in or Near Daintree Village

There are quite a few places to stay in Daintree Village or nearby. As I doubt many people come up here without a car, motorbike or other transport, being right in the center of town probably doesn’t matter too much. My husband cycles here by bike from Port Douglas, it’s about 50 km one way. Accommodation options include:

  • Daintree Village Hideaway
  • Daintree Riverview Lodges
  • Daintree Village Bed and Breakfast
  • Red Mill House in Daintree
  • Egret’s Rest
  • Cloud 9
  • Janbal Retreat
  • Daintree Ecolodge
Camp Site Price List Daintree River View Camp Site Daintree Village
Daintree River View Camp Site Prices Displayed On A Sign at Daintree Village. Camping in Australia is pretty expensive, a lot of people free camp. This is a lovely location overlooking the jetty and Daintree River with a couple of cafes nearby.
Daintree River View From Daintree Village Jetty
The beautiful Daintree River from the boat jetty at Daintree Village. Salt water crocodile watching cruises depart from here and your chances of seeing crocs are excellent at the right time of year.


About us – We are a very large travel blog covering 50 or so countries. Port Douglas and Far North Queensland are our home turf so we have a lot of detail and coverage on this part of the world. We’d like to invite you to take a look at some of our other content, including Things To Do in Port Douglas and Things To Do in Cairns. We also have a much bigger guide to the best Places to Visit in Queensland. Our site is free for you to use and we hope you find it useful. We’ve been building it since 2012 and spent 7 years travelling full-time to do that.

Daintree Village is well worth a look if you’re holidaying in Port Douglas or taking a north Queensland roadtrip. It would be lovely to experience some of the more interesting hotels and lodges up here, I’ve heard good things but we can’t vouch for them ourselves as yet. When we do, we’ll add our reviews to this post.

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