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Souvenirs from Australia. Best Gifts and Souvenirs to Buy in Australia!

Souvenirs from Australia are many and varied but what can you buy to remember your Australian trip? This post covers the best Australian souvenirs and gifts. What’s on sale Downunder to remind you of your great Australian adventure or to gift to a loved one? We give you some ideas and tips and even a vast selection of Australian items to buy online.

Popular Australian souvenirs include just about anything with a kangaroo or koala, Australian flag, Australian shepherd dog, traditional art, or map. You can find these on fridge magnets, mugs, calendars, T-shirts, caps, bags, phone cases, just about anything. Also, look out for famous Australian products, these make great souvenirs, think Ugg boots, the traditional Aussie sheepskin boot, or slipper (you can buy online direct from Ugg here.) Then there are Australian hats, the Akubra hat is practical, durable, and high quality. It’s a souvenir you’ll get a lot of use out of.

Australia also produces some quality food products and fine leather works. Buy a hamper, wallet, or many such gifts here. These can be packaged, personalised, and sent as gifts internationally.

Many of these items would make great Christmas gifts for an Australia-loving friend or even for homesick Australians in far-off lands. I happen to be married to an Australian, I know how he always loved anything Australian as a gift when we lived overseas. A simple packet of Tim Tams or bag of lollies would usually cure his homesickness. Let’s get into the Australian souvenirs and gifts.

Souvenirs From Australia, Best Australian Things to Buy

Best Aussie Souvenirs & Gifts!

Buy Australiana Gifts Online

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for buying Australian gifts and souvenirs, we found this little treasure trove. Everything Australiana, from homewares to Aboriginal art, T-shirts and signs, can be found on this site. They ship worldwide.. Check it out!

Alternatively, quality Australian gifts, such as Maggie Beer food products, leather items and fine hampers for Christmas can be ordered at this site and gift-wrapped for international delivery.

Australian Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

An Australian Christmas is likely to be spent on the beach or by the pool, but you can live some Australian memories at home next to your tree or roaring fire. Australian Christmas ornaments and decorations come in many forms, beautiful glass tree ornaments of Australian flora and fauna may be hard to pack, but if you can be gentle, they’re memories to treasure forever.

If you’re in Australia during the festive period the best place to look for these is the big department stores. Myer is a good place for quality Christmas ornaments. Alternatively, check out these cute Australian Santa Christmas tree decorations. He’s adorable in his slouch hat and has his koala by his side

Australian Foods, Drinks, Sweets, Candies, and Lollies

In Australia a lolly isn’t a lollypop. Lollies to Australians are candies or sweets and there are plenty to choose from. While most international confectionery brands are on sale and popular in Australia, some Australian food products are uniquely Australian and make great (temporary) souvenirs or gifts. We’ll give you a list below and the link will take you to a place to buy them online. Your first stop should be this site, specialists in Australian gifts, with international delivery. Just open this site and search “food”. They have a fantastic range of perfect Australian gifts.

  • Arnott’s Tim Tams. The classic chocolate biscuit from Australia. Now in many flavours.
  • A variety pack of Australian sweets, treats, and snacks. Includes Tiny Teddies, Cherry Ripe, Violet Crumble, Vegemite, Arnott’s Shapes and more. These would be great stocking fillers.
  • Vegemite. The classic Australian yeasty spread. It tastes nothing like British Marmite!
  • Gourmet Australian gift basket of Australian macadamia nut oil, Australian cheeses, and Yarra Valley honey. This is one to wrap for somebody special or to treat yourself.

Australian Photographic Books

Beautiful Australian Photography Books

Australian photography books are popular souvenirs and you’ll find them at most gift shops in Australia and at the airport. Photographers’ shops are common in any tourist town too, where you can buy larger photographic versions of incredible Australian landscapes and art. The affordable option is a small hardback coffee table book of images such as this one.

Australian Clothing

Classic Australian Clothing

You can buy a T-shirt with a kangaroo to koala anywhere, everywhere even. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it feels that way. These are great souvenirs for kids, but for adults, go for quality. Think along the lines of Akubra hats, Ugg boots, and Driza-bone oilskin coats. You can see me in the photo above modelling two of the three classic Australian clothing icons.

  • Ugg (Be sure it’s Ugg Australia not the American brand of the same name.) The Australian Ugg store is the place to go to order all Aussie Ugg boots and slippers online.
  • Akubra. The classic Australian outback hat.
  • Driza-bone

You will also find a lot of novelty leather goods in Australia, made from a wide variety of creatures. I don’t want to go there!

Australian Gifts and Souvenirs for Kids

Australia Gifts and Souvenirs for Kids

Aside from T shirts featuring favourite Australian animals, cute and, not so cute (think sharks, snakes, red back spiders, my boys love these!) books, toys, and games are popular Australian gifts for kids. We had a whole library of early readers dedicated to Australian wildlife, right alongside the Aussie cuddly toys.

There is something just so cute about koala stuffed toys, I longed for a koala plushy when I was a child. I have a few more ideas for you below.

That’s it for now but every time I see a great Australian souvenir near me, or spot a cool gift in the shops here, I’ll add it to the post! Shopping for souvenirs in Australia can be a lot of fun and if you get the chance, find an Australian market featuring local craftsman-made products. Look out for Australian wood, jewellery, glass, beads, and art. There are also a lot of didgeridoos, opals, and boomerangs to buy of course! They’ll be a souvenir or gift to treasure forever. So whether you’re on vacation in Australia and wanting to buy a souvenir for yourself or a gift for those back home, or an Australian visiting friends overseas and not wanting to arrive without a present, I hope we’ve given you some Australian gift inspiration.

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