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Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful UNESCO listed town in central Vietnam. We lived in Hoi An for 6 months, so we have a lot of blog posts relating to Hoi An and Vietnam.

Hoi An is hugely popular with holiday makers as well as long term travellers and digital niomads. Find information here on living in and holidaying in Hoi An. Things to do, places to see and travel to and from Hoi An.

Hoi An city destination nomads travel slow travellers

Living in Hoi An

Everything on living in Hoi An after almost 6 months here.This post started out as a bit of a whinge about how dull it was sitting still for a couple of months but in our second month, after starting this post in the wee small hours, we went out for breakfast and a bike ride …

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Coracle Rides Hoi An

Hoi An With Kids

Hoi An is a magical little town on the coast in central Vietnam and we enjoyed 6 months there with our kids. Famous for its UNESCO listed Old Town, tailors’ shops and monthly full moon lantern festival, it also has long sandy beaches and 5 star resorts. It attracts family holiday makers in large numbers. …

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Kumquat tree judging at Hoi An Kumuat festival

Kumquat Festival Hoi An & Tet

The kumquats and flowers of Tet were just one of the highlights and interesting happenings during our 6 months living in Hoi An. Tet is a huge festival, Lunar New Year, and it was a privilege to be in Vietnam at this special time. Kumquats play a starring roll in the Tet festivities and Hoi …

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Hoi An flooding at the market

The Hoi An Floods

We’ve been seeing amazing images in galleries around town of picturesque Vietnamese women paddling canoes and sampans through Hoi An‘s incredibly ancient laneways but we didn’t really expect to be here to experience the Hoi An floods for ourselves. The day before yesterday ( 3rd November) we heard that local officials announced the flood gates …

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Best Food in Hoi An and Where to Eat in Hoi An Vietnam

What to Eat in Hoi An And Where

Hoi An is famous as a food lovers’ destination with many local specialities to eat. The Vietnamese food here is superb but there are also some great Western, Asian and Western / Asian fusion restaurants to try. What to eat in Hoi An, after trying ( almost) every dish and every restaurant over 5 months. …

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Hoi An Pottery Village Vietnam Thanh Ha

Hoi An Pottery Village

The Hoi An Pottery Village is a stand-alone attraction just outside town but within easy reach by push bike, scooter or taxi. The villagers have been traditionally involved in pottery for centuries and the craft continues today. The Thanh Ha village has been turned into a tourist attraction but in a very nice, low-key, way. …

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