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It’s time for us to write a post on our favourite and recommended hotels, hostels, and guest houses in Southeast Asia. Hostels in Southeast Asia are generally very good and many have family rooms, however, they’re not always the cheapest accommodation option.

You’ll find that guest houses and cheap hotels in Asia are often cheaper than hostels if you’re looking for private family rooms in a hostel, rather than dorms.

We’ve been travelling the world for 5 years now and a lot of that time has been spent in Southeast Asia, some of these hostels and cheap hotels we’ve used multiple times, others we’ve used once and really loved them.

All of these places to stay in Southeast Asia at the lower-cost end of the price spectrum but not necessarily ultra-budget. They do however, we think, offer good value.

We’re about to visit Thailand for the 24 th time and will probably pick one of the 2 hostel properties listed below. We return to the same hotels or hostels with the kids time and time again. They are 2nd homes to us with good wifi, good food and comfortable accommodation for our family. This is our life, this is where we stay often.

Hostels, Cheap Hotels and Guest Houses in Southeast Asia

Here are some of our favourite hostels and cheap places to stay in Southeast Asia, for families looking for family rooms.

It’s best to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel in Southeast Asia if you plan to cook, but honestly, food at street food stalls and simple restaurants is so cheap and good, that I doubt many people would want to do that.

Your cheapest option for where to stay in Southeast Asia will be a shared dorm usually, but most families won’t do that and a lot of hostels won’t allow chidren in dorms (rightly so.)

Some hostels don’t allow kids to stay, because they are party hostels or because there are safety or noise issues. Always cheack the booking conditions when you click through to Agoda or Booking dot com to book your hostel, guest house, or hotel.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Bangkok Thailand

Mile Map Hostel Bangkok
Mile Map Hostel, Silom Bangkok

There are a few places we use regularly in Bangkok. Mile Map Hostel is a clean modern hostel in the Silom area of Bangkok, it has family rooms with a double and a bunk bed, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and a huge area to sit, work and socialise downstairs.

We normally look for family rooms with a private bathroom for family stays, but we like Mile Map a lot and the shared bathrooms are clean and just a few steps away, so we don’t mind shared facilities here.

Of course it also has dorms for the ultra-budget travellers.

There is a 7-11 right opposite, a beautiful Hindu temple at the end of the street and endless street food options nearby amongst the temple flower stalls.

Shanti Lodge Bangkok

Shanti Lodge is another Bangkok favourite. This one appeals to my inner hippie with Om Mani Padme Hum playing softly on the music system and decor that takes me back to the olden days of backpacking.

You can sit and work downstairs but you can’t bring in your own food and drink as they run their own, rather nice but slightly expensive, restaurant.

There is a 7-11 opposite. It’s near Dusit Zoo along with the river ferry jetties and is an OK walk from Khao San Rd. It’s cheap but their food and drink prices tend to push up overall stay costs.

The breakfasts are great, but not street-food cheap. Their family rooms are a little small but very cute. Bathrooms are private, within your room, or there is a shared, immaculate, bathroom block downstairs. 

We sometimes book 2 doubles here instead of a family room and always love staying. View here.

Bangkok Guest House Blue Chang Review
Blue Chang House – another nice Bangkok budget Guest House or small hotel.

Blue Chang House, pictured above, is our latest find. We liked this place a lot, it was super clean, well located, had good security and still had an Old Bangkok feel.

This one is about 10 minutes walk from Khao San Rd or the river and is in a very “local” area with a good balance of local people plus a smattering of tourists, so you have facilities like 7-11, cafes and 40 Baht / Kg laundry nearby, as well as a real Bangkok, feel. Take a look here.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Sukhothai Thailand

Family accommodation in southeast asia Thai Thai guest house family room, sukhothai thailand
You must go to Sukhothai and Thai Thai Guest House’s beautiful family rooms are where you must stay.

This hotel Thai Thai Sukhothai Guest House, actually a series of cute bungalows, was a huge wow for us. It had a pool, included breakfast buffet and as you can see above, lovely family rooms.

This guest house in Southeast Asia is a little more expensive than the others on this page but well worth it.

Sukhothai is incredible, you really must go, allow 3 nights to stay and tour the ancient city, it’s quiet and off the main tourist drag. Our guide to visiting Sukhothai is here.

Hostels in Chiang Mai Thailand

Again, there are several places we use often in Chiang Mai, all with family rooms, here is a selection of good hostels and cheap hotels with family rooms in Chiang Mai.

Central Guest House  is perfectly located within the old walled city of Chiang Mai, right on Tai Pae gate. It has large family rooms, actually 2 rooms, with a bunk and sofa in one, double bed in the other.

Bathrooms are en-suite and a fridge and kettle is included. It costs slightly more than rock bottom but is a solid choice.

Triple Palms House is a little more expensive again, but still affordable and it’s family room, again 2 rooms, is just perfect.

It comes with fridge, kettle, ensuite shower room and balcony/fire escape with old town views. There is a lovely vegetarian restaurant opposite and downstairs there is a nice garden and seating area where you can work or just chill. It’s in a lovely quiet area of Chiang Mai, within the old town walls.

Roof and Rooms Hostel  This one is budget friendly and offers family bunk rooms with 4 bunks or 6 bunks. Private bathroom is included and downstairs there is a small seating and kitchen area.

This one is just outside the old town on the north wall very close to a night market with plenty of street food options.

It’s a clean new and modern hostel. Our 4 person room was small but the bunks clean, comfortable and solid, each with charging points and reading lights.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Family Room in Kanchanaburi Warm Well Recommended Accommodation Thailand
Sugar Cane Guest House (see below) is an old riverside favourite of ours in Kanchanaburi, but if you’re looking for something spacious, clean and modern, try Warm Well, they have motel style rooms, dorms, family rooms, doubles and twins.

We once spent 6 weeks in a floating raft room on the River Kwai at Kanchanaburi at Sugar Cane (see here). It’s a lovely spot with great views and superb food but very old-school backpacker.

These days many of us want something modern, clean and new, Warm Well was a winner for us on our 2018 trip to Kanchanaburi.

Huge family rooms, a very basic included breakfast, good wi-fi and a nice bathroom. We paid a little more, about $60 per night for this room and were very happy with it.

We still walked down to Sugar Cane to eat overlooking the river, the food is still great but the 4 of us won’t squeeze into a $12 room anymore.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Family Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, our favourite, Back Home Hostel KL
The first hostel we ever stayed in and still our favourite, the wonderful Back Home KL.

Back Home Kuala Lumpur is the place to stay in Kuala Lumpur. Totally awesome, the staff here are like family to us now.

They offer cooking classes, a movie room and tours. Good internet, family rooms, doubles and dorms, shared, immaculately clean shower blocks. This KL hostel is just footsteps from the free pink bus into central KL and amazing Indian food on the next street.

Back Home is an easy walk from Chinatown or Kuala Lumpur’s historic district. If you stay a week you may get a free night. View here.

The only problem with Back Home Hostel is that the family rooms are for 3, although they have given us an extra mattress for 4. These days, with teens, we can book two twins or doubles here and know the kids are safe.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Penang Malaysia

We used the worst hostel in the world once in Georgetown, Penang, but this one, Heritage 16 hostel / hotel, is a winner.

Spacious family rooms a short stroll from Little India. Shared bathrooms, everything clean and neat. If you’re going to Penang, Georgetown is absolutely where you want to be.  View here.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Saigon Vietnam

Family accommodation in south east asia, alleyway in saigon filled with hotels and guest houses
This little alleyway in Saigon is a great place to stay. The two hotels below are side by side.

Friends and readers recommended Funny Guest House to us in Saigon. They loved it but unfortunately, it was full when we visited so we stayed right next door at Phan Lan 2 Hotel.

We loved this little side alley, it was quiet away from Saigon’s bustle and was a great place to stay. View here.

Hostels and Cheap Hotels in Singapore

This is the hostel we used in Singapore, Quarters Hostel. Things are expensive in Singapore and you get very little for your money, but this place had a family room, included breakfast and the location was faultless, just steps from Clarke Quay. View here.

This was the smallest room we’ve ever stayed in, with shared bathroom, but it served its purpose for a couple of nights before we moved to a resort on Sentosa Island. We found it difficult to find any cheap, good accommodation in Singapore, hostel or hotel, with family rooms.

We will add more great family accommodation in Southeast Asia, we hope our choices above give you some idea of what life is like, and what costs are like, for family backpackers using hostels, guest houses and cheap hotels in Asia. Hostels in Southeast Asia are generally very good and more and more are becoming super modern and stylish. Most of these places do provide towels for guests, but check if some hostels provide towels. For this sort of travel I would always pack a travel towel and your own soap and shampoo.

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  1. HI Alyson,
    My expat family will be on our final “expat” trip this next summer, late May to mid July. Our plan is SE Asia, probably Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. We like to be active and like to engage the local culture. Our kids are 4 and 6 years old. To give you an idea of our favorite travels so far- 30 days walking/cycling Camino del Norte, hiking mountains of Albania, Poon Hill trek Nepal, snorkeling La Digue (Seychelles). I’ve read all of your content on SE Asia. Having never been to SE Asia, do you have some sort of recommended highlights that you think would fit our style of travel— bit off the beaten path, active, engaging local culture?

    • Most of our ” active” has been in Nepal and with much older kids, but there are good cycling opportunities in Vietnam. I’m struggling here – Bhutan was a nice walk but it costs the Earth. There are endless snorkelling possibilities off Thailand, Phi Phi Islands, off Phuket etc. Not our favourite part of Thailand though. Sorry I can’t think of anything that would be cool for a 4 year old. Best of luck anyway.

  2. Really love Thailand!
    I’ve been to Kanchanaburi for a few times.
    So calm and charming.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Alison, I read your blogs all the time and you helped to get me off on my first 6 month single mum travel alone with my 2 boys who were 4&6 at the time. I just read this blog for my inspiration for somewhere to try next, I went to Thailand which I loved but want to spread our wings, fancy India but am
    A little dubious any ideas for somewhere cheap, cultural, spiritual but clean just like Thailand really ?

    • You won’t find anything resembling Thailand in India. I’d say your best bet is Goa, Kerala or Mamalapuram on the East coast. All have well established tourist industries but India is always challenging. Those 3 are the easiest bits ( IMO) Goa probably easiest. But as a single woman be careful. Sri Lanka is easier by a long way. But then Indian food is better. India tends not to be as cheap as Thailand either.

  4. Hi there your blog is really useful. We are just about to visit Thailand and are visiting a family member in Pattaya, do you have any recommendations for accommodation? Thanks

  5. Hi Alyson, thanks for such a super blog. We are travelling with 3 small boys for 6 months in SE Asia, and have just left Chiang Mai, having spent a month there. We stayed at Le Saichan and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.

    We’re currently planning the Indonesia leg of our tour for end of April, so yourcomments on Ubud have been particularly helpful. Regards Justin


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