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Food Around The World

Food Around the World – collected blog posts from the world of food and travel. Scroll through the options below to discover what you’ll be eating on your travels.

Eating Bun Bo Hue in Hue Variation on Bun Bo Restaurant Dish

Bun Bo Hue. What is It?

Bun bo Hue originated in the beautiful ancient city of Hue in Central Vietnam. Like the more famous Pho Bo, it is a beef noodle dish but is distinctly different due to history and origins. Geographical origins and climate invariably affect flavour and ingredients found in classic Vietnamese dishes but pho bo, unlike bun bo …

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Food in Egypt Dining in Cairo Egypt pyramids view

Food in Egypt Guide

Are you going to Egypt, wondering what food in Egypt will be like and what dishes you should eat there? This post is to help you find the most delicious, unusual or traditional dishes in Egypt. During our last month in Egypt we sought Egyptian dishes at restaurants hotels and street food stalls with a …

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Thai Food a beginner's guide Cooking

Thai Food for Beginners

What is Thai food? Most of us know these days. Many have eaten Thai cuisine in a restaurant at least once, so maybe a guide to Thai food for beginners is a little redundant. All the same, Chef and I thought we’d put together a beginner’s guide to Thai food to help you if you …

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Tibetan Food Guide

Food in Tibet

It was great to get the chance to try Tibetan dishes, in Tibet. We’s skirted around the edges of Tibetan culture in the Sherpa villages of the Everest region and dined in Tibetan restaurants in Kathmandu and Pokhara, often run by Tibetan refugees, but what of food in Tibet ? How would that be. We …

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Best Food in Hoi An and Where to Eat in Hoi An Vietnam

What to Eat in Hoi An And Where

Hoi An is famous as a food lovers’ destination with many local specialities to eat. The Vietnamese food here is superb but there are also some great Western, Asian and Western / Asian fusion restaurants to try. What to eat in Hoi An, after trying ( almost) every dish and every restaurant over 5 months. …

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