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Hi! Just a quick one about the amazing food on offer at Greenwich Market on the east side of London. We visited Greenwich a few times last year and had a great time, but this summer we’re basing ourselves here for a few days to get to know this area inside out. We’re so lucky to be able to experience so many areas of London fully, it’s a great perk of the job. We’re staying in a fabulously funky multicultural area (with lots of cool coffee shops!) just a short walk from central Greenwich.

British Street Food at it's best. Lets take a look at some of the amazing British street food on offer t London's food fairs and marjkets, starting with brilliant, multicultural Greenwich
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I’ve already written a full post on Greenwich, listing most of the amazing things to do here (there are loads, many free) so click through for that if you’re interested. London’s street food and market scene is one of the best in the world.

This morning Chef had a rare day off so we headed out as a family to eat everything in sight before burning some of it off climbing and rolling down Greenwich Hill.

Greenwich market food is amazing, as is most London Street food, but, of course, expect multicultural food, traditional British food is in the minority.

We flew by the National Maritime Museum too, there’s always time for a little extra education!

I took a few photos of the food available at Greenwich Market, it’s hugely impressive to see such variety and the quality is superb.

British street food at it’s very best, I’ve rarely seen such a huge selection. (More than our old favourite Borough Market I think)

So far, the boys, Chef and I have sampled Chinese dumplings, Italian pizza, Ethiopian dahl soup, Indian veg curries, Brazilian churros, vegan cup cakes, Mexican burritos, Portuguese chorizo stew and custard tarts (the kids favourite!), washed down with fresh juices. It is all AMAZING!

Expect to pay about 5 pounds+ per main dish. Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s worth paying for this sort of quality.

If you’re in London to eat, you will find food fairs and markets almost everywhere, it’s a foodie city. At Christmas London gets even better, you’ll be tripping over festive food fairs wherever you go.

Click through, London is just INCREDIBLE at Christmas.

We love markets, from Luang Prabang in Laos, to Chi Chi n Guatemala to Anjuna in Goa.

Greenwich South London most certainly ranks up there with the best of them.

We fell in love with fine art paintings (of Daleks!), handcrafted silver jewelry and leather goods, this market has everything!

I like this fantastic mix of culinary cultures and eclectic ethnicities just the way it is.

To me this IS Britain, the place I love. Most stalls are held by “foreigners” producing their country’s signature dish, only one or two stalls sell traditionally “British” food.

It’s all good and as we’re all about promoting global understanding, education and kindness, well, I’ve kind of got to mention that.

Food Available at Greenwich Market, Photos

On with the photos. Are you ready to drool?

-London Street Food Greenwich Market Fresh spring rolls, pork and noodles
Greenwich Market Food, Scotch Eggs food stall, every imagineable Scotch Egg
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls Quiche
French maybe?
Greenwich Market Food Stalls Italian
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls Portuguese
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls Chef
Random Australian Chef
Greenwich Market Food Stalls Ramen noodle
Not sure, but ramen burgers are a cool idea!
Greenwich Market Food Stalls cakes
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls Thai
-Greenwich Market Churros Food Stalls
indian street food lond london greenwich
Indian, veg and non-veg
Greenwich Market Food Stalls british sunday roast
The great British Sunday roast, street food style.
Greenwich Market Food Stalls burrito
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls vegan food cakes
-Greenwich Market Food Stalls oysters

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So over to you. Where’s your favourite place to find street food or market food, anywhere in the world? The best thing about London is, you can just about get anything and Greenwich Market food represents the cuisines of so many cultures. Thailand is a lot cheaper, but you won’t see dishes from around the world as you do in London or Greenwich.

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