China travel blog posts.

Tibetan Food – In Tibet

It was great to get the chance to try Tibetan food, in Tibet. We’d skirted around the edges of Tibetan ...
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Visiting Lhasa Tibet

Visiting Lhasa Tibet, our experiences. What’s Lhasa like? Things to do in Lhasa, places to see, points of interest and ...
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Visiting Sera Monastery Tibet

Sera Monastery, near Lhasa Tibet, is the place you need to visit to see Tibetan monks debate in the traditional ...
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Altitude in Tibet. High Passes and Diamox

So here’s the thing, Tibet is way, way high. Crazy high. Everyone knows that to trek in the Himalayas you’ll ...
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A Tibet Travel Blog (Hard Realities & Wonders of Tibet)

I honestly don’t know where to start with Tibet. We’ve just spent 8 incredible days travelling through Tibet from Kathmandu ...
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