Japan is one of the most recent countries we have visited as part of our mission to see the world. Honestly, I’d never really wanted to go to Japan. It didn’t appeal to me. But it turns out Japan was way better than my expectations.

Beautiful place in Japan
There are so many beautiful places in Japan!

We only have a handful of posts about Japan, so far, but there will be many more, and many more trips.

As we’re now based in Queensland Australia, Japan is one of only 4 countries we can fly to directly, and it’s one of the cheapest flights.

Japan flights from Cairns Airport cost about the same as flights to Bali and while I think I prefer Bali in some ways, Japan is a really cool destination.

We particularly like the autumn and winter weather in Japan, the changing leaves, and being able to wear warm clothes.
We’re not crazy about Japanese food unfortunately. Read why in the post below.

Japan Travel Blog

All of our Japan travel blog posts are on this page.

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