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What is an RTW?

An RTW is a round the world trip, it is commonly abbreviated to RTW and you’ll find it used in hash tags and blog posts accross the internet. It’s very common these days for all sorts of people to take an RTW, singles, couples, families, young backpackers, old backpackers and more luxury travellers. We’ve done it with kids, and without, a 1 year RTW and a 6 year RTW. You’ll find our collected blog posts on planning, organising and arranging your RTW below.

A year around the world Thailand

One Year Around The World

Another full year of travel completed. Where did we go? What were our milestones, highlights and low points? How did we do it and how did we keep it affordable? What goes into our planning process and how do we cope as a family with full time travel around the world? A recap of 2017, …

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One year of worldschooling

World Schooling. One Year of Travel. Homeschooling Highlights

It’s really hard to quantify learning. The knowledge the boys have acquired through our 1 year journey, 4 continents and 12 countries, is immense, quite staggering really. Here are some of our homeschooling, or, if you prefer, world schooling or unschooling, highlights. We didn’t just try worldschooling for a year, my kids’ whole education has revolved around …

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