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Scared to Travel the World?

Last Updated 20/09/2020

Am I scared to leave home and travel the world indefinitely, with no fixed plans? Not really. I can’t wait to go. If I was scared last time we took off round the world back in 2001 on our first RTW, I can’t remember. Maybe I was anxious about finding accommodation or getting off the train at the wrong stop or being robbed. No idea, sorry, too long ago. I know nothing bad happened that time, we had a great year, possibly our best ever, so fingers crossed we’ll be cool this time. too.

We leave to travel the world with our children in under four months. It’s not just a family gap year, we have no fixed date of return nor any fixed travel plans. Adding children to the equation does change things slightly  a lot. I’ll be more cautious, more paranoid and more on edge. I’m not scared as such, but there are a few last minute worries.

Am I scared to travel the world?
A long long time ago I met my husband, Chef, while travelling in Egypt ( with a ridiculously big bag!). We’re both well travelled and we’ve done an RTW as a couple, but this time we’re taking the kids. Scared? NO.

What I’m Not Scared Of.

Stuffing up the kids’ education.

Impossible, it will not happen. I’ve been homeschooling for long enough now to see the learning happening even if we “do” absolutely nothing. They will learn, develop and grow as human beings. I’m far more interested in raising kids with compassion, empathy and global understanding than kids who’ve memorised times tables.

Please check and double-check all the information we give you locally as times, places, dates, and services do, as we found, change often. Restrictions and closures may apply.

That said, I’m very unlikely to “do” nothing. I’m packing the workbooks and we have a whole bunch of online study courses we can use.

That this is a bad decision

How could it be a bad decision? We’re following a dream, doing something amazing that will benefit our family unit and our kids’ development into wonderful human beings. I know it’s a good choice.


I lost my most precious things in a theft at Cairns airport five years ago. I’ve realised that stuff is just stuff, so long as I still have my family, I don’t care. Travel theft is rare, but you should take precautions.

What I Am Scared Of

That we won’t get on

I spend all day, every day, with my children. We only lock horns when they are bored or unhappy, happy kids = easy kids, so no worries there. But, there is a fourth person travelling with us, Dad. Chef’s hours and his triathlon addiction mean we’ve hardly seen him lately, he’s become more and more of a stranger.

If he’s home he’s often tired and grumpy or complaining of a headache through exhaustion. There will be adjustments needed on both sides, us three, and him. I hope it goes smoothly and we become we four again. That’s one of the big reasons for doing this thing, I’d like my husband back.

That my younger child won’t like it

I’ve travelled plenty with my boys already, little Boo has never shown any signs of distress, but he’s anxious this time, we’ve had a few big chats about how he feels. He’s worried about leaving his home, he’s never really known any other.

He was eleven months old when we left the UK for Australia so he only remembers this house. D is all for leaving, he embraces change as much as I do. I know how Boo feels, I was quite traumatised when my parents sold my childhood home even though I was married and living away.

I think the trick will be showing him lots of great things straight away, to let him know how brilliant travel can be before we slowly slip into the daily routine of slow travel. I hope he’ll love having all his family around him, having Dad 24/7, he’s a Daddy’s boy and that will help. I’ll try to get him involved in the planning, let him make a few decisions about where we go.  I hope he realises that home is where WE are.

That we’ll run out of money

It’s going to be a lot more expensive than we thought. We were thinking prices hadn’t changed too much since the last time we did this. We were thinking family accommodation wouldn’t cost much more than couple accommodation. Not so.

We don’t have an internet business or huge savings, we will have, maybe, $20-30 000. Less than we planned. I’m not sure how long that money will last. The blog is becoming profitable,  but not enough to support us.

Health problems

A bit of Delhi belly is par for the course and no major problem, but I’m starting to feel my age. I’ve had a few issues in the last 12 months that I thought would never happen to me, I’ve realised I’m not invincible.

I’m also scared that the kids will injure themselves, they have a knack of doing that. I can’t wrap them in cotton wool 24/7 although I’ll do my very best. My head is full of what-ifs.

That we’ll swap one working reality for a different one

I spend a lot of hours on this blog, too many. I’m worried that Mum will be tied to the laptop frantically trying to make money and neglecting the kids. I don’t want to swap places with dad. Scary stuff.

So that’s it, my fears in a nutshell. No, I’m not scared to travel the world, so long as it all goes according to plan. Time will tell.

UPDATE: This post was written in 2012. We left, it was a success, we’re still loving it and making a living online. Nobody got too sick or too injured, nothing much went wrong, the kids, Chef and I are all doing great and very happy that we chose this path. Read more about the how-s why-s and who-s of our adventure, here.

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