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Family Gap Year

Planning a family gap year, where to go, saving, budgets and our experiences of being on a family gap year.

Our family gap year turned into almost 6 years but we can certainly help you plan a one year round the world trip with kids.

We started when our kids were 6 and 8 and now they are teens. We need to give you all the tips, ideas and destinations you need to plan your family RTW ( Round the World trip ) in multiple blog posts, find what you need below.

Planning a Family Gap Year. First Steps

  1. Convince your partner.
  2. Brainstorm destinations. Make a list. A family gap year bucket list if you like, of places you just have to go.
  3. Consider how you’re going to escape work, school and mortgage.
  4. How will you pay for it? Most people fund 1 year of travel on savings and selling possessions.
  5. Does it look possible? Set a date. 12 months from now is good.
  6. Tell the world, no going back on your word now!
  7. Start saving like crazy, sell stuff, simplify, minimise.
  8. Get your head around homeschooling, or if you prefer, understand worldschooling. Start being your kids educational facilitator, right now. The sooner you start the better.
  9. Think of creating a remote income stream if your gap year should really be two years, or six. Blogging is good but it’s a lot of work and isn’t a quick fix. How else could you start an online business or location independent income?
  10. Look into RTW ( round the world) tickets or just book a 1 way ticket to anywhere and make up your trip as you go.
  11. Start reading through our blog posts below, we have heaps of information to help you plan, visualise and make your family gap year happen.

Which things do you really need to homeschool on the road? (Some call this form of homeschooling travel schooling, road schooling, or worldschooling) What books, supplies, materials, equipment and resources do you need to carry with you? It’s not much. I’m not going to write a list. I’m not going to make you buy things so …

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Thailand is a fantastic, easy, and cheap country to travel around. Thousands of backpackers, travellers and holidaymakers travel within Thailand, and all the other countries in Southeast Asia, daily, this post is about travel options, booking tickets, and arranging travel in and around Thailand, but the same applies to all countries adjacent to and near …


Family adventure travel is any form of travel in which the people travelling (a family) feels that they are having an adventure. This may involve travel to remote or exotic locations and can involve a physically challenging or exciting activity. The definition of adventure travel means that adventure tourism can be overseas, domestic or international, …

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Problems of travelling with kids, oh yes, there are a few. Some consider them major problems, others, tiny inconveniences outweighed by rainbow benefits. We are firmly in the second group or we wouldn’t be doing this crazy non-stop travel thing. We did it for 6 years, full-time, maybe we’re nuts. A post on the problems …

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This post is about learning to be parents on the road. How we handled parenting children while travelling, without routine, without consistency, schedule, or any of the things the parenting rule books will preach. We believe in throwing rule books out of the window. Parenting and Travel is an extract, edited, from our e-Book, The …

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This is the question I’m asked most in our Facebook group – Living Differently. Do I need onward flight tickets, a return flight ticket, or other proof of onward travel, to fly into Thailand. It’s not always Thailand, sometimes it’s Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but we’ll address Thailand in this post. First I’d like to …

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Yes, it happened, the day we never anticipated. After 5 and a half years of full time travel we met our first major booking related problem. We turned up to board our flight to be told that no, actually, we weren’t getting on their plane today. Our tickets didn’t exist, our flights had been cancelled …

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We posted already about our experiences of travelling around Southeast Asia with kids (for 5 years!) now let’s have a look at where you should go in Southeast Asia. What are the standout, must-see places, attractions, and destinations You’re probably in the process of planning your Southeast Asia trip, or thinking about taking your children …

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A reader asked me to write a Thailand itinerary for her 3-week vacation, I think it’s best to start with 2 weeks because that’s how long most holidaymakers have, and add on some optional extras as trip time allows. A Thailand itinerary is something unique to each person, one man’s dream tour is another’s trip …

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It’s time for us to write a post on our favourite and recommended hotels, hostels, and guest houses in Southeast Asia. Hostels in Southeast Asia are generally very good and many have family rooms, however, they’re not always the cheapest accommodation option. You’ll find that guest houses and cheap hotels in Asia are often cheaper …

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This week we’re touring northern Thailand by car, it’s amazing, fascinating and fun with the added bonus of being incredibly cheap. This part of the world is pretty affordable anyway and for a family of 4, hiring a car beats bus prices hands down, but what’s made our holiday within a holiday super cheap is …

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This is how we renewed a UK passport in Bangkok. British passport renewal in Thailand. Our younger son’s UK passport was down to less than 6 months and we had absolutely no desire to head back to the UK to get it renewed. We were in Vietnam and about to travel to Malaysia so it …

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