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How do Families Afford to Travel the World?

Last Updated 25/07/2021

This is the question that comes up constantly. How do we afford it? How do all the other families afford it? There are thousands of families out travelling with their kids, for a 1-year family gap year, for an extended period of a few months, or like us, long-term.

We’ve been travelling over 6 years now with a full nomadic or digital nomad type lifestyle. Our first year was more normal, we funded it on savings. Everyone wants to know how it’s done, how to be able to find the money to travel around the world as a family.

I’ll give you the short answer here. There is far more in-depth information on this website and on all the other family travel blogs, all of the points below are factors in how we fund our travels.

Please check and double-check all the information we give you locally as times, places, dates, and services do, as we found, change often. Restrictions and closures may apply.

How do families afford to travel the world
Tikal, Guatemala, a few years ago now. We wanted it so we made it affordable through priority shifts and saving on non essentials.

How Do Families Afford to Travel the World?

Change Priorities

You love travel? You want to travel more? Then travel needs to become your priority.

Don’t spend on less important things, spend all of your spare cash on the travel you love. Skip the flat screen TV, skip the new shoes, skip the bigger house, travel is your thing now, save for it and spend freely on it without guilt or regret.

Learn abundance and spend on what you love.

Travel, Don’t Go on Holiday

Travel is cheaper than holidays and the two aren’t the same thing.

Holidaymakers spend on souvenirs, visit spas, take expensive tours, eat fancy meals and splurge on hotels while cramming loads of expensive things into a short period.

We travellers do that sometimes, but we’re not travelling to relax or pamper, we’re there to see, experience, learn and do. The price ticket is way smaller.

Travel Slower

The more slowly you travel, the less your daily spend becomes and the more affordable your travel lifestyle is.

Spreading the high price ticket items over a longer period is the aim here. Enjoy just being and experiencing and live your normal family life in each and every destination.

There is a balance here though, if you travel slow you see less per time unit.

I’d estimate (very roughly) that your overall expenses to see the same set of places will be higher if you are a slow traveller than if you are a fast traveller.

But sure, a month in one place will cost you less than a month travelling around seeing everything you want to see. We’ve done it every which way. We did 6 months in Vietnam once, sure it was cheap, but we only saw one small area of Vietnam. At that time my husband was training for an Ironman event, it suited his training.

Get Rid of Your Home Bills

Most of us on the road aren’t paying a mortgage, utility bills, a car loan, council tax etc. We’ve taken steps to get rid of those expenses. Some even sell their homes, others, like us, rent them out.

Those big bills are what make you think you don’t have enough money. There are many ways to get rid of them or to drastically reduce them.

Finding Great Deals

Be it a bargain repositioning cruise, a flight sale or a discount for a long-term stay, we do everything in our power to find the best prices.

Because, as worldschooling families, we’re not bound by school holiday or travelling in season, it’s remarkably easy to do that.

There are a million tips and tricks on this website. If you need more, join our free Facebook support group by subscribing.

Create a New Income Stream

You need a side hustle, something that brings in the cash wherever you are in the world. There are plenty of ways to do this and you’re looking at mine.

Others sell courses, coach, teach, manage social media, work as VAs, there are many, many ways to earn a location independent income.

Blogging is my choice, if you’re interested in creating a blog, start here. But I’ll tell you right now that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to create a good income this way. I did it, few stick with it long enough.

Some of the families out there travelling are true digital nomads in that they have real online, location independent jobs that pay well.

Others are ultra-budget travellers and stretch their money to stretch their travel.

Spend Less

We all need less stuff than we own or buy.

Be it clothes, books, kitchen utensils, gadgets, food in the store cupboard, fancy coffees, most things, we have too many.

A want isn’t a need and a need is often created for you by a clever marketer. Think about what you really need and only buy those things.

Sell Stuff

We raised thousands by selling most of our possessions, you can do the same. I haven’t missed even 1 thing in the 6 years since we left home to travel.

How do families afford to travel around the world

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How Much Did it ActuallyCost to Travel Round the World for 1 Year?

We give you a full cost breakdown on one year of family travel, with 2 kids if you click through on the link.

So that is my short answer to the question, how we and all the other travelling families, afford to travel. I was asked again today, so felt I should answer once and for all. Do you see now? Or is it still looking impossible?

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