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Planning and Organising Travel

Planning and Organising Travel

Religeous Festival. Reason People Travel

Why Do People Travel?

What are the benefits of travel, why do we like to travel, what is the purpose or point of travelling and why should we all try to travel abroad or overseas? Top reasons nowadays, below. People ask this all the time. I have one very good friend who just doesn’t get it at all, that’s …

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The white cliffs of dover. European Road trip and car ferry to Europe

Europe Road Trip Costs

A reader asked me to post about our European road trip costs, so we collected the data, saved every receipt and collected all the information you need on driving around Europe for almost 2 weeks into this post. We have petrol ( diesel) costs for all of the European countries we visited, road toll charges, …

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Pre-Vacation Checklist.

Travelling and vacations are always exciting and fun thing to do. What’s not that exciting, is having to prepare and pack all your stuff along with making pre-travel arrangements. Squeezing everything in a limited amount of time plus squeezing everything into your carry on luggage, backpack or suitcase can be pretty stressful and anxiety inducing. …

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