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How to simplify packing

How to Make Packing Simple

4 years on the road and 50+ countries under our belts, we know how important it is to simplify your packing. If you have a packing system in place and know what you’re going to pack along with where and how you’re going to pack it, all of that packing anxiety just floats away and …

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Best Travel Organisers

Travel organisers are lifesavers. I don’t carry much gear for a professional full-time traveler, but I saw the Bubm organisers on Amazon and had to have one I’ve carried it every day since. When looking for the best travel organisers I picked the Bubm below from a competitive market. I was sick of passport, documents, leads, …

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Why We Don’t Travel Light

We don’t travel light. We travel with 2 large backpacks, 2 small kids’ backpacks and 2 pieces of adult carry-on luggage, both containing laptops. It’s the absolute maximum we can carry, just within weight limits for planes and our bodies. Here it all is waiting for a train from Mirissa to Colombo in the early …

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backpacking with kids

Backpacking with Kids Tips

We’ve been backpacking with kids, full-time for well over 5 years so we can share the best tips with you. For us it’s the vacation that never ended and we’re that rare thing, a family travel blog that actually travels full time, right now, today in 2019. We ditched the regular family vacations for a …

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tropical plant

Packing Anxiety

My husband laughs at my packing. He laughed even harder when I mentioned that I was going to blog about packing for, you see, in the last 4 years of full time travel, of constantly moving on to pastures new, packing anxiety has been my constant companion. I hate packing! I really, really can’t stand …

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