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Alyson is a former medical scientist who jumped ship to chase dreams. She is now a full-time blogger and travel writer and owns several websites. A lifetime of wanderlust and over 6 years on the road, has given her and the family some travel expert smarts to share with you on this site. Our site covers over 50 countries, cultures, and cuisines, from the trekking routes of the high Himalayas to Ancient Egypt and beyond. Read more about us and our trave story here.


  1. Patricia Keller says

    I loved your travel organizers. I do not have any future plans for travel. but when I do I definitely will visit your site. Your organizers is also great for organizing all your electronics accessories at home. I look forward to visiting your blog and your website again.

  2. Sophie Ireland says

    And another brilliant post!! I wish I’d read this before we left. I’m going to order these packing cubes and organisers now and try and get delivered to our next destination. I also saw you usually base yourselves in Richmond/Twickenham. That is our home! We left Richmond at the end of July for our year of travel. Not quite missing it yet…

    • Alyson Long for World Travel Family says

      Yep, both the kids were born in Twickenham and we’ve owned flats and houses in that area since coming back from our first RTW 17 years ago. We go back at least once a year now to see friends. Have a great trip!

  3. Land of the Traveler says

    After reading your article, my family and I bought the organizer for electronics and used it for our recent trip to Europe. It came in really handy! Thanks! Its crazy how people underestimate their usefulness. As handy as packing cubes in my opinion!

  4. Travelling Coral says

    I have to provide a Christmas list for my family – just gave them the link to this post and reminded them to buy via the link 🙂 After disastrous over packing and taking too many cables we did not need I dropped a big hint that I need this organiser.

    • [email protected] says

      Thanks Coral. I LOVE this organiser, it goes everywhere with me. James laughs, but he’s never got a nail file, wet wipes or paracetamol when he needs it and all his leads and cables are jumbled up in a small packing cube. I like mine neat!

  5. Tamara Kidd says

    So practical and looks hard wearing too. I’ll be travelling with a mobile office/free camping van on and off for work and travel. I want to be professional in my van and also have the freedom of having things organised to set up in temporary digs if need be. This kind of thing could help transfer things about more easily. It’s going on my Pinterest nomad board! Cheers oxo

  6. Rinki says

    Great post. Something small things get slipped out of mind whenever I packed for travelling. These going to help me. Thanks For sharing

  7. Nita says

    Diving is a great sport. I just got my 12 yr old into surfing since we live where he can surf year around, and well, it will be an Olympic sport soon 😀

    • [email protected] says

      Yep, surfing is on the list for them to try, my husband and I were talking about it just yesterday, we were thinking somewhere in South America maybe. I’m not totally sure they’d like it though, they’re anxious about sharks. It’s a good job the media has done on them there, Chef and I both love sharks and have dived with them many times. D is old enough for scuba diving now too, but isn’t interested.

  8. Talitha says

    Looks nice ! Can you check whether you got some commission on the books and sockets I bought (amazing chinese invisible sockets – compare to no european invisible sockets I ever tried – and I tried at least 50 different brands!) . When I check through your site, I arrive on Amazon UK, which charges high rates to ship to France, so from amazon.uk I click through to amazon.fr … but nothing tells me you got a commission ?!

    • [email protected] says

      Oh man, I hate this plugin. It should go to France, it’s set up to go to France. If it goes to UK I bet it doesn’t work. I’ll have a look now. I am making money from France so it’s working somewhere! Do you know off the top of your head which link on the site you used? I haven’t updated all of them yet, there are hundreds.

      • Talitha says

        What I do is : I go to your blog, then click on the photo of the backpack in the travel gear section, I arrive at amazon UK, then go to the bottom of the Amazon page and click on the the link France …. When I click on the Amazon-link in this post (the one on the travel organiser) it brings me to Amazon.com, to their page on the Amazon gift cards. So far, I never get to the Amazon.fr site in one click …
        Well, I made you 1€ … that’s a very very humble contribution. I have some more stuff to buy (I bought a book on Jean Vanier by clicking through your site, but I bought it on Amazon.fr – If you have that one too, it is working – it’s a bit labour-some, but I don’t mind the extra clicks!).

        • [email protected] says

          The backpack is a UK link only ( it says that in the text) because that pack is only available in the UK. The Amazon gift card one is the ONLY one on that page that I didn’t localise. ( I’ll fix that now, I forgot) All the organiser ones should work and the power packs.

          • Talitha says

            Sorry for the hassle, Alyson, I didn’t want to give you a headache … I don’t know what you did but when I click on the “This organiser was under $20 ” link now, I get an error message say you are redirecting too many connexions ?! The Amazon gift car link still directs me to Amazon.com (so does the powerpack link), which is OK for me, from there on I just surf to Amazon.fr. Don’t worry about it ! I just ordered the sri lanka bird guide (and some more of these incredible socks) – as long as you get your cents, I’m happy with it.

  9. Jennifer says

    Nice! My husband was looking for something like this a few weeks ago. I just forwarded him the link. Thanks for the recommendation.

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