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Living in London

Living in London

Living in London

We love London, to us it is home, one of our homes. We lived there full time as a young couple and with babies and young children. We took off to travel and returned to London intermittently to live as slow travellers or short - medium term residents. Living in London blog posts from over 20 years of living in London, one of us Australian, one of us from elsewhere in the UK, but loving London and London life. London, still, is where we most love to live. Hopefully our experiences of living in London with and without kids, as expats, locals, foreigners and travellers, can help you.

London at Christmas Time

You asked for tips on what to do in London at Christmas time, so I did a bit of hunting around to see what I could find. I’ve spent 8 Christmases in London as a resident and when we lived in Wales I’d come to London most years to see the lights, do some shopping, …

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Bike hire in the park in London. Costs of Living in London

Living Cheaply in London

The cost of living in London is billed as high and on previous visits taking rentals, lets, or AirBnb apartments we’ve needed a lot of cash just to support ourselves. This time, our full 5 weeks living in London gave us zero housing or accommodation costs. We’ve been taking care of friend’s beautiful cats and …

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Tide Tables Cafe on the Thames at Richmond

Richmond, London

Richmond, England, is one of the places we call home. This pretty Thames-side town with stately architecture, passing rowers, great shops and dining along with easy access to central London is a place I always find hard to leave. Living in Richmond Upon Thames on and off since 2001 has given us fantastic opportunities, good …

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The British Museum With Kids

The British Museum with Kids

The British Museum is billed as a place to see the world without leaving London, and it’s true. The museum is a treasure house of amazing art and ancient artifacts spanning all of human history and every culture, housed in a visually spectacular and historic building in Bloomsbury, Central London. I’ve lost count of the …

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The Tate Modern With Kids

Tate Modern With Kids

Having an enjoyable and worthwhile visit to a modern art museum with kids is probably one of the harder tricks to pull off. I’ve only got my kids to go by. I don’t know yours, sorry, but mine have zero interest in looking at paintings and art work unless something seriously kid-friendly and incredible is …

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Slow travel in London Budget

London on the Cheap.

Housing and holiday accommodation in London is pretty high up on the global price chart, nobody is arguing with that. So how on earth are we managing to live short-term ( or, enjoy a very long vacation, what they call slow travel ) in a beautiful and desirable areas of outer London, on the tube line, …

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