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Are you a tourist or a traveller in London? It seems that I, despite living in London for years, am still a tourist. Take a look, but don’t be too worried if you don’t pass the traveller test. If you love to travel ( we’ve travelled full time for the last 6 year) enjoy it your way. Who says travellers have more fun than tourists anyway? Are you heading to London? Check out some of our London content in the related posts at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to pin this post to your own Pinterest boards!

My Tourist v Traveller Score

As a Londoner, some of my favourite places and things to do are below. They seem to put me more in the tourist group than traveller according to this graphic.

  • My usual coffee haunt is Pret a Manger, at least it’s British! Although my coffee of choice is to be found at London’s sensational Borough Market.
  • I don’t drink beer, so I can’t make a call on that one. If I did I’d be happiest in any pub with a nice beer garden, of which there are plenty in my favourite city.
  • I would never go in an Angus Steak House for a meal, so I win there! We tried Poppies Fish and Chips the other day, they hold the award for Britain’s best fish and chips, but it looks like we need to try The Fish and Chip Shop !
  • My party days are over, so a fail for me there on both counts.
  • Parks? Well I love Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, I’ve never even heard of Victoria Park but according to the website it’s the oldest park in London.  Another thing we need to put right.
  • Currently my favourite market is Borough for its amazing food, we haven’t been to Portobello market in years and I’ve never heard of their “traveller” option Broadway Market but I’ve Googled and it looks great.
  • I’ve raved about the London Eye already but we do have plans to go up the Shard. My sons love that it was featured in Doctor Who. I actually didn’t know that taking in the view from Aquashard was free! So I guess that makes me tourist again.
  • Finally, a spot for a romantic stroll, well I love the South Bank and Kenwood House Gardens would be new to me.

So I’m a tourist. I’m cool with that. Things are usually popular because they’re good. I’m not going to beat myself up about being uncool. What do you think? How would you choose to enjoy London?


With thanks to Momondo for their cool infographic.

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