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There Are 2 Places Called Richmond in England

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If you search for “Richmond England” you will be taken to information about Richmond London, in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames. But there are two places in England called Richmond and both are towns not cities. The other Richmond England is in North Yorkshire near Catterick, that’s in the North of England.

There’s also Richmond Virginia in the United States and the city of Richmond in the States is named after Richmond in the south of England. This Richmond is now part of Greater London and sits on the River Thames at the end of the tube line in Zone 4.

Twickenham is near Richmond, but, unlike Richmond, it is south of the river. The term South London refers to places on the south of the River Thames. Richmond Bridge crosses the river, taking you from North London to South.

Richmond England

Richmond London, which we already have a post about (just click through) is a very pretty and historic town. Here you will find Richmond Dear Park, the old Richmond Palace was here and Henry VIII was a resident.

Richmond Hill and the sweeping views of THe Thames were what inspired the naming of Richmond Virginia.

Richmond London is a very desirable place to live and is home to wealthy rock stars and actors. Great transport into central London, plus it’s location near Heathrow, make it a convenient place to live.

Richmond in the North of England is a market town and parish. It is known as “The Gateway To The Yorkshire Dales”. I haven’t been, so if you’d like to read about Richmond Yorkshire, go here.

Richmond Australia

There may be more places called Richmond around the world, we know there is a Richmond in New South Wales, in Sydney Australia. That one is at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

That’s all for now. I plan to get to Richmond Yorkshire this year.

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