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Middle East Travel

Middle East Travel

Visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The distance from downtown Dubai to Abu Dhabi is approximately 150km or just under 100 miles. The road is a sealed multi lane highway that can make getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi quick and easy. Avoid peak hour when traffic can add an hour or more to your journey. Travellers and tourists may need …

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Egypt best places

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Best places to visit in Egypt. Egypt is full of wonders and is an affordable destination with great food, beaches, diving, and of course, sights to see. From July 1 st 2020, Egypt is starting to re-open. Beach areas and resorts opened first. International airlines are flying to Egypt and hotels are starting to re-open …

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Egypt travel Blog Egypt Travel Guide information

Egypt Travel Blog and Guide

Welcome to our Egypt Travel Blog page. It’s hard to find up to date information or travel guides for Egypt because the travellers and holiday-makers all but stopped coming quite a few years ago. I haven’t been able to find any other travel blogs that cover Egypt in any depth, so I decided to make …

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Egypt Cairo to Luxor

Getting from Cairo to Luxor

Tourists normally take the night train from Cairo to Luxor, the really expensive night train. We wanted to take the same train but during the day. You can, of course, fly or even travel by boat we’ll talk about those options too. We wanted to take the day train from Cairo to Luxor for two …

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