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Egypt is located in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, making its geography very interesting indeed. It is a transcontinental country and there aren’t very many of those. Likewise, the Middle East is a transcontinental region.

Egypt borders Africa, the Mediterranian Sea, Asia, and the Red Sea, which opens onto The Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

where is egypt map satellite photo
Egypt. The green ribbon and spreading delta of the Nile flowing from south to north into the Meditteranean Sea. To the right is Asia, to the left is Africa. Egypt is in two continents. Cairo sits pretty much at the base of the inverted triangle of the delta.

This incredible location has given Egypt its notable history and importance as a crossroads of the world, with Egyptian culture being influenced down the centuries by different peoples.

Cairo Egypt pyramid
The famous pyramids of Egypt are just outside Cairo, at Giza, but there are more pyramids in Egypt

Egypt is really interesting. But this post discusses the question above, where is Egypt located? We’ll also include some photos and facts from Egypt, it’s one of our favourite places.

Where is Egypt?

where is egypt
Egypt is in northeastern Africa and Asia. The wonders of Ancient Egypt are mostly along the Nile. This is Hatepshut’s Mortuary Temple (in Ancient Egyptian it was the “Holy of Holies”) in Upper Egypt across the Nile from modern Luxor. The Valley of the Kings is adjacent. Upper Egypt was the southern part of Egypt closer to the Nile’s source in east Africa, Lower Egypt was towards the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt is on the northern edge of Africa, to the east it extends into Asia, its west is firmly in Africa. The country is in the Middle East, which is a transcontinental region.

People are right to ask about the location of Egypt, it is a little complicated!

Egypt is in the Northern Hemisphere, with the centre of Egypt being roughly 30 degrees north of the equator putting the southern part in a dry tropical region.

Cairo is about 2,200 air miles from London, over 3,000 miles by road. That would be a road trip I’d love to do, with Syria being maybe an issue. There are no ferries I can find between Europe and Egypt.

The bulk of the well-known historic sites lie along the Nile. This river bought life and prosperity to Ancient Egypt and you’ll find Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan along its banks.

These are the main tourist hot spots of Egypt along with the beaches to the southeast.

The popular beaches of Egypt are mostly on the Red Sea. This lies on the eastern coast of Egypt.

You can read more about Egyptian geography and history here. It’s a long read, and complicated, this post just pulls key facts.

If your children are learning about Egypt I can send you to our post on Egypt for kids, which even includes a few free printable worksheets and colouring sheets.

Of course, do further research for yourself, this post just reflects our findings and interest in this question.

It was prompted by another travel blogger who told me Egypt was not in Asia. I knew he was wrong!

Is Egypt a Country?

representation of flag of egypt
A representation of the flag of the country of Egypt.

Yes, Egypt is a country. It’s officially the Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt has one of the longest histories of any country in the world.

Is Egypt in Africa?

Is Egypt in African Egypt the Aswan Dam
Thia is Africa. This is Egypt. Standing on the Aswan Dam looking north towards Europe. In the opposite direction, crocodile-filled waters stretch on seeming endlessly into Sudan, most certainly Africa.

Yes, Egypt is a country in Northeastern Africa, where Africa borders with Asia. However, not all of Egypt is in Africa, the northeastern part of Egypt is in Asia.

Because the country of Egypt is part of the Middle East, and the only country in Africa to be part of that region, there can be confusion as to whether Egypt is in Africa or the Middle East, it is in both, the two are not mutually exclusive. Likewise, Egypt is an Africa, and Asia, The eastern part of Egypt, The Sinai Peninsula, is in the continent of Asia, the larger portion of Egypt is in the continent of Africa.

Because Egyptian Aramic is predominantly spoken in Egypt and because Islam is practiced, the country may “feel” more Middle Eastern than African to some visitors. The most famous sites and structures of Ancient Egypt lie along the Nile and this part of Egypt is in Africa.

Egypt has always been a part of the continent of Africa, that hasn’t changed, but Egyp was one of the founding states of the Arab League at its commencement in 1945. This organisation actually began in Cairo, although Egypt was later expelled and then re-instated in 1989. The Arab League includes many countries in North Africa right accross to the west coast, Egypt is not the only member country in Africa. The common languarge of the Arab League is Arabic and this is widely spoken in north Africa through to the Middle East, in Asia.

The 22 member states of the Arab League are , Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. Syria’s membership of the Arab League has been suspended. To read more about the Arab League, see this encyclopedia entry..

The Arab League was formed in Cairo, Egypt in 1945 with Egypt as one of the founding states. The Arab Leageue’s headquarters returned to Cairo in 1990, after being shifted to Tunis for the period in which Egypt lost its membership.

Egypt has borders with other African countries, including Libya to the west and Sudan to the south. Lake Nasser stretches from Aswan, past Abu Simbel, into Sudan.

Is Egypt in Asia?

egyptian food comes from many countries and regions
Egyptian food has influences from many countries and civilisations. You will see Asian influence in Egypt’s national dish, koshari. It’s thought to have roots in India.

Part of Egypt is in Asia. Egypt is a transcontinental country.

The Sinai Peninsula in the east of Egypt is usually considered to be geographically in Asia. It has borders with Israel and The Gaza Strip to the east.

The Sinai Peninsula is surrounded by water to a large extent, the Suez Canal, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba, the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea.

Is Egypt in the Middle East?

Yes, Egypt is in the Middle East. The Middle East is a transcontinental region.

The definition of which countries make up the Middle East has altered slightly over the years, but by some definitions, Turkey is also in the Middle East, which means even parts of Europe are in the Middle East.

The western (more populated) part of Turkey is in Europe, the eastern (larger) part in Asia. It is another transcontinental country.

These lands around the eastern Mediterranean were formerly known as the Levant.

Is Egypt in Africa

Yes, Egypt is in Africa. It is on the Mediterranean coast of Northeast Africa. But Egypt is also in Asia.

The country of Egypt lies on the border between north Africa and Western Asia. Egypt is a transcontinental country.

It is in the region of the Middle East, this region is also transcontinental.

What Continent is Egypt in?

Egypt is on two continents, Africa and Asia.

The larger part of Egypt is in northeast Africa. Egypt is a transcontinental country. The Sinai Peninsula, the eastern part of Egypt lies in southwest Asia.

Further Egypt Information

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Classifying Egypt on Our Travel Blog

I have Egypt in my Africa category. I can’t put it in both Asia and Africa, in Africa it must stay.

Sorry. We also have Egypt tagged with the Middle East and Asia. It’s quite difficult to classify these transcontinental destinations on a travel site.

I hope our post helped you somewhat with that question, “Where is Egypt?” So many people aren’t clear on its location and kids love to learn about ancient Egypt and its history. It’s not straightforward. We hope we will all be able to travel to Egypt again soon, it’s one of our favourite countries. Visit our post of family vacations in Egypt or our full Egypt travel information page.

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