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If you are visiting Dubai for a prolonged period of time, whether it’s for a work trip or a long vacation, you may want to know which are the best gyms in the area so you can continue working out while you’re away. If you need a pass to explore everything Dubai has to offer, at discounted prices, visit GoCity for an Explorer pass and choose your level of access.

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The seven best gyms in Dubai are: 

  • Gold’s Gym – Best for Personal Training
  • Fitness First – Best for a Wide Range of Amenities
  • FitRepublik – Best for Powerlifters
  • GymNation – Best for Bodybuilders
  • Reform Athletica – Best for Virtual Workouts
  • Warehouse Gym – Best for Flexible Membership Options
  • Platform Studios – Best for Group Exercise Classes

In this article, I’ll cover what makes each of these gyms some of the best in Dubai. I’ll include details on prices, membership plans, and any other notable features at each one so you can make a fully informed decision about which one will best enable you to keep up with your fitness routine while you’re Dubai.

Criteria For Best Gyms In Dubai  

Whether you’re traveling to Dubai for a short time or will be staying there for the long term, there are certain things you should look for when searching for a gym. The best gyms in Dubai are those that offer a combination of the following:

  • Affordable prices 
  • Great amenities 
  • Clean facilities 
  • Personal training 
  • Group classes 

Affordable Prices 

Affordability is part of what makes a gym great. You should always try to find a gym that offers memberships that are within your budget so you aren’t overspending each month.

If you’re traveling to Dubai for work or a short vacation, finding a gym that offers an affordable one-month membership is something else to look out for.

Great Amenities 

Whether you enjoy cardio, you prefer lifting weights, or you love doing a few laps in the pool each week, you should look for a gym in Dubai that offers a range of high-quality amenities.

This will enable you to keep up with your favorite workout routines that you do at home while you’re away.

Clean Facilities 

No matter where in the world you’re working out, nobody wants to train in a dusty gym with worn-out machines and dumbbells! The best gyms in Dubai should be regularly cleaned and contain well-maintained gym equipment. 

Personal Training 

The quality of personal training says a lot about a gym. For a gym to qualify as one of the best in its area, it must offer high-quality personal training sessions for an affordable price.

If you’re only in Dubai for a short period of time, a gym that has the option to pay for one-off training sessions will be helpful. 

Group Classes 

For those who enjoy working out in a group setting, finding a gym that offers a suitable selection of group classes is essential.

If you’ll want to take fitness classes while you’re in Dubai, look for a gym that has a wide range of different classes that vary in intensity and training styles. 

For women visiting Dubai, consider women only classes and gyms.

7 Best Gyms In Dubai 

  1. Gold’s Gym – Best for Personal Training

Contact Information 

  • Website – not currently available.
  • Location – 11 locations throughout Dubai; find one closest to you on the Clubs page
  • Opening hours – hours vary depending on location 
  • Email – no email is disclosed, but you can contact customer service through the online contact form
  • Phone – 800 – GOLDS (46537) 

Each Gold’s Gym club in Dubai is clean, well-maintained, and offers personal training and group classes. There are several personal training packages to choose from, each of which focuses on a unique aspect of fitness, such as performance or lifestyle.

What Are the Membership Options? 

There are three membership options at Gold’s Gym – Home Club, Passport, and Signature Passport.  

The Home Club membership provides unlimited access to one of the Gold’s Gym locations in Dubai with two complimentary personal training sessions and unlimited group exercise classes. 

The Passport gym membership enables you to access every Gold’s Gym club in the UAE apart from AI Ain. You can use all of the gym amenities, and you get the same benefits as with the Home Club gym membership. 

Signature Passport membership holders can access any club in the UAE and up to 14 passport visits to over 730 Gold’s Gym clubs worldwide. Again, you get two free sessions with a trainer and can participate in an unlimited number of group classes. 

What Amenities Are Available? 

There are mixed, men-only, and ladies-only Gold’s Gym clubs in Dubai. Each club offers a well-equipped fitness room and studios for group classes. Some clubs also have swimming pools. Check out more gyms with pools

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Gold’s Gym offers multiple personal training packages, including Performance, Athlete Body, and Lifestyle. You can cater your personal training sessions to your needs. 

Each personal trainer is professionally certified and can create a customized training program for you so that you can reach your personal fitness goals. 

What Are the Group Class Options? 

Whether you want to improve your endurance with cardio or stimulate muscle growth with strength and conditioning training, there is an appropriate Gold’s Gym class for you. 

The classes at Gold’s Gym include: 

  • Aqua Aerobics 
  • Bodycombat, Bodypump, and Bodystep 
  • Boxercise 
  • Cardio Dance and Cardio Max 
  • Cycling 
  • HIIT 
  • Les Mills 
  • Step and Tone 
  • Zumba 

There are also kid’s classes available in most of the Gold’s Gym locations. 

Pros of Joining Gold’s Gym 

  • Can access multiple clubs in the UAE with the Passport membership and clubs in other countries with the Signature Passport membership 
  • Wide range of classes that are available with all memberships 
  • Men-only and ladies-only gyms 
  • Two free personal training sessions when you sign up
  • Several different personal training packages available

Cons of Joining Gold’s Gym 

  • Varying opening hours, so you will need to check with each club to see when they are open 
  1. Fitness First – Best for a Wide Range of Amenities 

Contact Information 

  • Website – https://uae.fitnessfirstme.com  
  • Location – visit the Fitness First Clubs page for a location nearest you
  • Opening hours – 5:30 am – 11 pm weekdays, 7 am – 9 pm weekends, 9 am – 8 pm on public holidays (opening hours may vary based on location)
  • Email – info.ff@custhelp.com 
  • Phone – 800 Fitness (348-6377) if you’re within the UAE or +971 4 2049259 if you’re outside the UAE

All Fitness First locations in Dubai offer personal training sessions, a Swim Academy program, and a wide range of amenities, including resistance equipment, cardio machines, indoor pools, saunas, and sports courts.

What Are the Membership Options? 

Fitness First members get access to unlimited group classes each month, innovative fitness programs, and the swimming pools in each club. New members are given two free personal training sessions to get started. 

Fitness First also has a Good Vibes App that comes with every gym membership plan and provides over 900 partner discounts. Free day passes are available so you can try the gym out before signing up to a full membership. 

There are no prices available on the Fitness First website, but the prices vary based on what type of package you sign up for, such as the Platinum Plus, Plus Clubs, or International Passport memberships. Corporate rates are available, too. You will need to call your local club to discuss pricing options. 

The International Passport membership enables you to access Fitness First clubs across the Middle East. 

What Amenities Are Available?  

Different clubs offer different amenities, but every location will have a strength training area, cardio machines, and an indoor pool. 

Potential amenities include: 

  • 3D scanner rooms 
  • Boxing studios 
  • HIIT studios 
  • Hot yoga studios 
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Juice bars 
  • Outdoor training areas  
  • Pilates Reformer studios 
  • Saunas 
  • Squash courts 
  • Spin studios 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Towel service 

Fitness First also offers swim classes through The Swim Academy (TSA), which was established in 2014. TSA has over 500 classes that operate in clubs across Dubai and enables you to learn the basics of swimming or compete in competitive swimming. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Personal training is available at Fitness First. All personal trainers are qualified in anatomy, exercise physiology, and fitness assessments. When you sign up for a personal trainer at your local club, you can select a specific goal such as muscle growth, improved fitness, or weight loss. 

Your assigned trainer will then create a personalized workout program that suits your body, lifestyle, and budget. 

What Are the Group Class Options?  

Fitness First offers classes in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings that last between 45-60 minutes. There are mixed and ladies-only classes, which are all led by qualified instructors. 

Available classes include strength and conditioning, dance, cardio, or mind and body. There are also kids’ classes available that are designed to make fitness fun for children. 

Pros of Joining Fitness First 

  • Get access an extensive range of classes and amenities with any membership plan 
  • The International Passport membership plan enables you to access multiple gyms across the UAE 
  • Lots of advanced technology to boost your workouts, such as MYZONE and 3D scanners
  • The Swim Academy enables you to learn more about swimming techniques or compete in swimming

Cons of Joining Fitness First 

  • Rates and opening hours vary based on location 
  • No pricing available online, so you will need to call up your local club 
  1. FitRepublik – Best for Powerlifters 

Contact Information 

  • Website – https://www.fitrepublik.com  
  • Location – The Academies, Dubai Sports City 
  • Opening hours – 5:30 am – 11 pm 
  • Email – info@fitrepublik.com  
  • Phone – 971 4556 1800

FitRepublik is a single-club gym that is suitable for adults and children. However, it’s particularly great for powerlifters, with its extensive range of plate-loaded resistance equipment and weightlifting platforms. It also offers a range of group classes, one-on-one sessions, and great prices.

What Are the Membership Options? 

FitRepublik has memberships for adults and kids, and it offers day passes for one-time gym usage. 

The All Access adult’s gym membership starts at 568 AED/month and gives you access to the gym area and an unlimited number of group classes. 

The kids’ memberships cost between 1,732 AED and 3,412 AED for beginners and 2,656 AED to 3,496 AED for advanced individuals, depending on the number of times that they want to use the gym each week. 

To use the gym for one day, it will cost you 63 AED. To attend classes for one day only, it will cost 74 AED. 

What Amenities Are Available?  

FitRepublik has a large gym area with a range of plate-loaded resistance equipment, cardio equipment, Olympic weightlifting platforms, and a functional fitness area. 

There is also a large indoor pool, a gymnastics area, and an area dedicated to BJJ, boxing, and Muay Thai. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Personal training is available to both adults and children. Sessions are available from 250 AED for a 60-minute session, 180 AED for a 30-minute session, or 400 AED for a group training session. 

There is also the option for sports-specific personal training sessions.

What Are the Group Class Options?  

There is an extensive range of group classes, all of which last 45 minutes and are run at varying times throughout the day. 

Classes are split into strength & conditioning, martial arts, mind and body, aquatics, and gymnastics. Cycling and Les Mills classes are also available. 

Pros of Joining FitRepublik 

  • Great range of strength and cardio equipment, making it a great gym for bodybuilders and powerlifters 
  • Large indoor pool 
  • Plenty of classes and personal training options for both adults and kids 

Cons of Joining FitRepublik 

  • Only one location 
  1. GymNation – Best for Bodybuilders 

Contact Information

GymNation locations are large and packed full of well-maintained gym equipment. With dumbbells, barbells, and a selection of plate-loaded resistance machines, it is the best option for bodybuilders or anyone who wants to grow muscle.

What Are the Membership Options? 

GymNation offers memberships from 99 AED/month. You can pay monthly with a commitment membership or choose a no-contract option, which likely costs a little more. 

Free trial passes are available for you to test out the gym before signing up for a membership. 

What Amenities Are Available?  

GymNation clubs each have over 500 pieces of the latest fitness equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, plate-loaded resistance machines, and cardio machines. 

There are also fitness studios in each club where the group classes are held and ladies-only areas. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Personal trainers are available at each club to provide expert advice and support. They will create a personalized workout program that keeps you motivated and helps you reach your fitness goals. 

What Are the Group Class Options?  

Group classes include CrossFit, Cycle, HIIT, Les Mills, Yoga, and Zumba. 

Pros of Joining GymNation 

  • Open 24/7 
  • Over 500 pieces of equipment at each gym
  • Free on-site parking 

Cons of Joining GymNation 

  • Less variety when it comes to group classes compared to other gyms 
  1. Reform Athletica – Best for Virtual Workouts

Contact Information 

  • Website – https://www.reformathletica.com   
  • Location – Villa 40, 165a Jumeira Road, Jumeira 1 
  • Opening hours – 6:30 am – 9 pm 
  • Email – info@reformathletica.com  
  • Phone – +971-4-323-3670 

Reform Athletica has lots of great classes and basic strength and cardio equipment. The club offers personal training packages with the option to train with a senior trainer. It also has an online platform that enables you to follow along to pre-recorded, instructor-led workout classes from anywhere.

What Are the Membership Options? 

You can buy packages ranging from 133 AED for a single class up to 4,381 AED for a package of 40 classes. 

What Amenities Are Available?  

Reform Athletica has lots of well-maintained fitness studios where all of its classes are held. It also has a great fitness area that has dumbbells and TRX equipment. There is also a bright, modern relaxation area. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Reform Athletica has personal training sessions. One session costs 381 AED or 429 AED if you want a senior trainer. A package of 10 sessions costs 3,429 AED or 3,905 AED for a more advanced trainer. 

What Are the Group Class Options? 

Group exercises classes at Reform Athletica include HIIT, Kettlebells, Stretch, TRX, and Yoga. It also offers Reform and Microform, two of its signature classes that provide full-body workouts with low-impact and high-impact options. 

You can also watch pre-recorded workouts via the online platform RAnywhere and follow along to the workouts led by RA trainers from any location. 

Pros of Joining Reform Athletica 

  • Ladies-only classes available 
  • Great variety of both high-intensity and low-intensity classes 
  • Well-maintained and has up-to-date equipment 

Cons of Joining Reform Athletica 

  • Less strength and cardio training equipment than some of the other gyms in the area 
  • Only one club 
  1. Warehouse Gym – Best for Flexible Membership Options 

Contact Information 

  • Website – https://whgym.com   
  • Location – 8 locations in Dubai; check the locations page for the one closest to you
  • Opening hours – 5:30 am – 12 am, but hours may vary based on location 
  • Email – info@whgym.com  
  • Phone – Check the locations page above for each location’s phone number

Warehouse Gym has multiple locations and a great selection of group exercise classes. It offers four gym membership options that each include access to the fitness area, group classes, and free parking. Each membership option varies in price and is available from one-month to 12-month packages.

What Are the Membership Options? 

There are four gym membership plans at Warehouse Gym – Light, Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. Corporate memberships are also available for businesses. 

The Light membership costs 199 AED/month for a 12-month commitment, 249 AED/month for 6 months, and 269 AED/month for 3 months. If you sign up to just one month, it will cost you 399 AED. With this membership, you have access to the gym area, several basic classes, and free parking. 

The Standard membership costs 333 AED/month, 425 AED/month, 475/month, and 599 AED/month for 12-, 6-, 3-, and 1-month plans, respectively. It provides access to multiple gym locations and unlimited standard group classes. 

The Premium and Premium Plus memberships provide additional perks, such as priority booking for group classes, access to the juice bar, and free guest passes each month. They cost between 399 – 699 AED/month and 539 – 759 AED/month, respectively. 

You can also pay as you go for 600 AED/month, 252 AED/week, 100 AED/day. If you just want to take classes, you can pay 475 AED for access to five group classes. 

What Amenities Are Available?  

Warehouse Gym locations have strength and cardio equipment and several group class studios. Some locations also have juice bars and treatment facilities that are available for Premium Plus members. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Warehouse Gym has personal trainers. To find out more about prices and packages, you will need to call your local club. 

What Are the Group Class Options? 

Every Warehouse Gym club offers a wide spectrum of classes, including mixed, ladies-only, and kids-only options. 

Classes include: 

  • BoxFit 
  • Circuits 
  • CrossFit 
  • Cycle 
  • Mobility 
  • Pole Fitness 
  • Run & Ride 
  • Strength and Conditioning 
  • TRX 

Pros of Joining Warehouse Gym 

  • Offers group classes that aren’t found elsewhere, such as mobility and pole fitness 
  • Great selection of different memberships and commitment options 
  • Free parking is available with most membership plans 

Cons of Joining Warehouse Gym 

  • Limited information about personal training online 
  1. Platform Studios – Best for Group Exercise Classes  

Contact Information 

  • Website – www.theplatformstudios.com  
  • Location – Dubai International Financial Centre: The Index Building, Trade Centre, DIFC; Marina: The Platform Studios, Park Island, Dubai Marina
  • Opening hours – DIFC: 7 am – 8pm; Marina: 6:30 am – 8 pm
  • Email – info@theplatformstudios.com
  • Phone – DIFC: 971 50 427 0991; Marina: 971 4 435 8083

Platform Studios is a large gym that offers lots of cardio machines and some strength training equipment. It has a great selection of group exercise classes that vary in intensity and training style, including Boxing, Cycle, HIIT, Pilates, and Yoga. 

What Are the Membership Options? 

You can buy individual classes for 142.80 AED. You can also buy packages of 5 classes for 577.50 AED, 10 classes for 1,049 AED, or 30 classes for 2,679 AED. 

You can also buy monthly packages for: 

  • 12 classes a month with a minimum 3-month commitment for 699.00 AED/month 
  • One month with access to unlimited classes and no commitment for 1,399.00 AED/month 
  • 3-month membership with access to unlimited classes for 2,992.50 AED/3 months 

What Amenities Are Available?  

The main focus at Platform Studios is the extensive class timetable. For this reason, there are a lot of great fitness studios in this gym. 

There isn’t a huge strength training area in Platform Studios. However, the gyms do have some dumbbells and kettlebells that can be used during classes. 

Is There Personal Training Available? 

Platform Studios doesn’t offer one-to-one personal training sessions, but it has qualified coaches who can guide you through the group exercise classes.

What Are the Group Class Options? 

Platform Studios has a large range of studio-based classes, covering both high-intensity and low-intensity exercise. 

The classes that are offered at Platform Studios include: 

  • Barre 
  • Boxing 
  • Cycle 
  • HIIT 
  • Pilates 
  • TRX & Kettlebells 
  • Yoga 

Pros of Joining Platform Studios 

  • Large range of different classes, ranging in intensity and training style 
  • New members get one free class to try out 
  • Variety of different class packages for you to choose from 
  • Every class is led by a qualified coach 

Cons of Joining Platform Studios 

  • Limited resistance training equipment, so it’s not the best option for bodybuilders or powerlifters 
  • Prices are higher than most of the other clubs in the area

Thanks for reading. The information in this post was well researched and correct at the time of writing, but please double-check with each gym as classes, prices, and facilities may change or improve over time. Also, look out for special offers on membership and seasonal offers.

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These opinions on the best gyms in Dubai were researched in collaboration with Avi Silverberg, and James Long, co-owner of this site, both are or have been competing powerlifters and serious gym users. James Long is an international Ironman competitor and former junior national powerlifting champion. Avi’s credentials include,
• Master’s in Science (kinesiology)
• 3 Time National Powerlifting Champion (Canada)
• Head Coach Team Canada Powerlifting (2013-2019)

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