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Living Differently

Living Differently was a term I came up with to pull together all the threads of a travelling, nomadic lifestyle. Living Differently blog posts cover alternate thinking about education, earning, posessions, social structure and life. We went from trying to create an alternative lifestyle to one day realising we'd already created it, and it was sustainable. Thoughts, experiences and ideas on Living Differently.

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Is Travel Self Indulgent?

An anonymous commentator dropping their venom under a fake email address felt the need to call our travel lifestyle self-indulgent after we were stranded at an airport recently. Thanks, so nice. These trolls and bitter keyboard warriors maybe don’t realise there is a family of sensitive souls at the other end of the internet just …

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what is worldschooling

What is Worldschooling?

Have you heard about worldschooling (AKA world schooling)? All the cool parents are doing it, it’s the latest buzz word in alternative education. Is it simply taking your kids on holiday to learn about other countries? In this post we try to answer that question, what is worldschooling? It can be a lifestyle and a …

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Problems of travel with kids

Problems of Travelling With Kids

Problems of travelling with kids, oh yes, there are a few. Some consider them major problems, others, tiny inconveniences outweighed by rainbow benefits. We are firmly in the second group or we wouldn’t be doing this crazy non-stop travel thing. We did it for 6 years, full-time, maybe we’re nuts. A reader asked me to …

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What is Enough Socialisation? – Worldschooling & Homeschooling

I received an e-mail from a reader recently. He and his wife were thinking of taking their child on a travel adventure, a taste of worldschooling, but were concerned about socialization. They thought she wouldn’t “get enough socialization away from her friends” and asked for my opinion. It’s an interesting question. Homeschool socialisation ( and …

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