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Why Travel With Kids

Why do we do this crazy thing, why travel with kids? More importantly, why we think you should travel with your kids, or at least give it some serious thought. By travel I don’t mean a 2 week vacation, that’s fine and better than nothing but what we’re talking about here is a complete lifestyle shift.

From normal, to weird.

From settled to nomadic.

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From average to out of the ordinary.

It is possible, it is affordable and it is good.

I’ve been working with a new piece of video making kit (OK, playing-with would be a better description) so I thought I’d put my point across through pictures as well as words. I hope you like it.

If you’re not a video-watching kinda guy, just carry on reading and skip the pretty pictures.

Why Travel With Kids?

Why Travel With Kids? In Words

Remember please, that we’ve been travelling with the kids since they were tiny and travelling with them full time for the last 5+  years.

We’re what people sometimes call a nomadic family. These aren’t speculative reasons, anybody can knock off a “Why travel with kids?” post before they even pick up their backpacks. We have another post on why people travel and why travel is never a waste of time but, with kids, there’s a new set of reasons. Many writers post “Why travel with kids?” posts relating to family holidays.

This is different, this is the real travel-as-lifestyle deal. We live it, we love it.

Travel with children in Nepal

Because we want to spend time with them

They grow way too quickly, soon they will be gone. Don’t miss a second of precious childhood.

Because we care about education

We care deeply, we wanted more for them than the schools were offering.

Because travelling is affordable

It is cheaper than staying home. You probably need this post on how we afford to travel.

Because we care about socialisation

They meet all and every sort of person. Not just a classroom-full of same-age kids.

Because world learning beats classrooms

When you learn at source you don’t need text books.

Because they need to understand people

All the world’s peoples, they’re all equally important. An understanding of people, custom and religion is vital to world understanding and empathy.

Because it’s fun

So much fun, so many adventures.

Because we care about food

Instead of packed lunches they eat and cook Thai, Indian, Cambodian, Guatemalan, you name it!

Because they should overcome obstacles

They face challenges and usually triumph. It makes them stronger and more confident people.

Because they get to do more

So much more! 50+ countries now, from mountains, to deserts, to rainforests, to oceans to cities to villages. They’ve tried it all.

Because different is good

They’ll be different. We see that as a bonus. Who wants to be the same as everyone else?

Because they need to have possibilities

They won’t feel the need to stay put in a home town and they won’t automatically conform to conventional consumer society. They live differently and meet many people also living differently.  The’ll have options.

Because we make childhood memories

They spend more time with us and more time with each other. They have strong bonds and shared memories to carry into their futures.


Why travel with kids? We've been doing it since they were tiny, they're now 9 and 11. Why we do it, what they get out of it, what we get out of it and, if you like, what yor family could get out of it. 3 years of full time travel, over 50 countries. World Travel Family travel blog.

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So that, in a nutshell, is why we do it. It’s worked out better than I ever expected and the variety of experiences they’ve encountered is quite incredible. I never thought they’d get to see Mount Everest, I never thought they’d get to live in a peasant village, I never thought we’d still be mixing it up and finding new ways 6 years later.

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Wednesday 4th of January 2017

Hi, you mentioned that you are still 'tourists' in Romania, but you also deregistered from Oz? So are you now officially living nowhere? How does that work with health insurance? I know that in the largest part of the world paying health costs in cash is cheaper than insurance in western countries, but what about larger expenses, surgeries, expensive medication etc? Thanks!

[email protected]

Wednesday 4th of January 2017

We're British Harry.So we've never had to have health insurance at home ( same in Australia, mostly, a certain level is free, extra things you pay for) We have travel insurance through World Nomads, most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses. Very straightforward.


Thursday 4th of August 2016

I love your work! we are in Qld and planning to take off at the beginning of next year with 3 kids.. I'm wondering if your children schooled by meeting the Australian curriculum Or had absolute freedom to learn from what is presented before them? Such a solid reminder and inspiration to what is important in this very short life..Thankyou

[email protected]

Thursday 4th of August 2016

Back in Australia we had no choice, we had to do what we were told by the Australian govt, Fill in the forms, submit the learning plans and annual reports. Once we left they were no longer interested in us and could not remain registered, so we can do what we like! In some ways we're still slightly Australian in that I know that curriculum and we use the Au version of Study Ladder sometimes.( online learning program). It's also a great visual check list for me up to the end of junior school for maths and English, but I've always pulled in elements of the UK and US curriculum. I'm British, and felt the Au curriculum was way too narrow for kids to learn about the whole world. So I've got the standard curriculums in my head AND we follow their interests, so, for instance, my elder one adores Greek Mythology and computer coding, he knows to former inside out and can code in Java (I can't!). Basically we're totally free. But I'm very "common sense" about it and I'm big on accademics. When we're actively skipping around countries like India, we do nothing formal. But when we're in London, Romania, anywhere, for a few weeks/ months,I pull out the books. I buy work books here and we use multiple online resources. I usually have a couple of work books in my backpack plus of course all the online stuff is easy to access. There is a full post here Jodi ,

Amanda Carew

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

I agree with everything in this post! I wish so much that my family was on the road full-time. I hope one day we can be. but for now, our small trips we can take are great learning experiences for the kids. And for me!

Natasha von Geldern

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

You're preaching to the converted here but this is an excellent post about travel with kids and I'm with you!!

[email protected]

Thursday 28th of April 2016

Thanks so much Natasha.


Tuesday 26th of April 2016

nodding my head so much! :D

[email protected]

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

I know you are Kirsty! You get it <3