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3 days in Slovenia was enough time to fall head over heels in love. Why didn’t I know how beautiful Slovenia is? Why haven’t we visited a million times? Why haven’t we taken the kids to Bled and the other stunning lakes to enjoy every kind of outdoor adventure?

I’m forever saying that Romania is the most beautiful place on Earth, well it has some tough competition in Slovenia.

We only had a few days, we were on a road trip from Romania to London and had deadlines to meet but as Slovenia is small we managed to see a lot. We will be going back to this country to fully enjoy everything Slovenia has to offer. I can even see us settling there for a while to enjoy stunning scenery and outdoor opportunities along with great wine, it’s that good. If you love the great outdoors, Slovenia is a must-visit.


3 Days in Slovenia, a Slovenia Travel Blog

Where Did We Stay in Slovenia?

We used Airbnb apartments in the north as we drove into Slovenia from Hungary and to the west of Ljubljana on the road to Lake Bled. If these two were representative of Slovenian Airbnbs then this country has superb accommodation options. Two large family apartments, both well equipped, spotlessly clean and modern, both with their own points of interest at budget friendly prices. Our Slovenian hosts were super welcoming and helpful, one family spoke no English, the other family could talk to us faultlessly. An added bonus, our second Airbnb offered kids stay free and was extremely eductional for the children.

Slovenian AirBnb 1 The Vineyard

An AirBnb in Slovenua, enjoying our Europe Road Trip
What a beautiful place to stay! And an abundance of wine! Join Airbnb here to receive our special travel credit.

We picked this stop for convenience, we were driving from Lake Balaton in Hungary, through Slovenia and on to Venice. This apartement wasn’t far from the main road but in a beautiful rural setting amidst villages, wineries and ancient churches. It boasted beds for 4-6, its own private balcony, a kitchen and a washing machine. It couldn’t have been better! As digital nomads, this apartment would suit us for a week or so to settle and work, unfortunately their wi-fi was down so we had to use our phone connections. If you have a SIM card from any of the European countries and are on a pay monthly plan, all of your allowance is now valid throughout Europe. For pay as you go customers, your home charges should apply. That’s a big bonus for travellers in Europe these days.

slovenia church vineyard
From our apartment amidst the grape vines we enjoyed views of the nearby village.
Slovenian grape fields and peaches
I just couldn’t get enough of the views from our first Airbnb in Slovenia. Sun ripened peaches..yum!

Slovenian AirBnb 2 The Happy Cow Dairy Farm

Airbnb Slovenia Dairy Farm
Down on the farm, close to Ljubljana and to Lake Bled. A perfect location, the beautiful Slovenian farmlands and an education in dairy-farming. You can join Airbnb here to receive our special travel credit. This Airbnb had balconies at both ends and enough space for a very large family, kids stay free.

On day two in Slovenia we drove in Ljubljana and explored for a while before heading to Airbnb #2, this time in the farm lands between Slovenia’s capital and Lake Bled. This was the perfect location for us allowing us to explore freely for a couple of days and drive on into Venice early on the third morning. A dream for families, the Happy Cow Airbnb was a huge apartment, flawlessly equipped and with multiple bedrooms to fit even the largest family. We enjoyed milk fresh from the cows and vegetables straight from their garden. The wi-fi here was good, kids stay free, the whole place was a dream come true. We could live here!

Airbnb Slovenia Happy Cow
Petting calves, watching milking and learning about dairy-farming at our second Airbnb in Slovenia. Amazing for families and for kids.

Lake Bled

clean water lake bled slovenia
The water of Lake Bled is incredibly clear and clean and the colours quite jaw dropping. No qualms at all about swimming here. The water was pretty warm too, unlike the next lake on our drive.
Slovenia swimming in lake bled
They swam, all three of them. I see absolutely no need for me to get wet. There are platforms to launch yourself from, as well as a gravel beach. Beware high parking charges. Drive a little further and walk a while.

Lake Bohinj

Slovenian Lake

Our second lake of the day, a short and ultra-scenic drive from Lake Bled was possibly more beautiful again. This crystal clear Slovenian Lake was home to local water sports enthusiasts rather than the crowds of tourists at Lake Bled. There are endless opportunities in this area to enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports, cycling, kayaking, sailing, climbing, it’s all here and kids would adore it.


We made a flying visit, but we were in Ljubijana long enough to take in beautiful buildings, a central market, sparse crowds, pavement dining and a generally lovely city.

Ljubijana Slovenia
In the centre of Ljubianja, Slovenia, the famous triple bridge. Have a coffee or watch the paddleboarders cruise by on the river. The park and playground is a short walk from here.
Slovenia Ljubianja Shoes
You will see this everywhere in Slovenia’s capital, I have no idea why.
Slovenia Ljubianja playground
There is a huge park in Ljubljana with endless green spaces and great kids’ playgrounds. It even kept my big kids happy for a couple of hours while a storm rumbled behind us.

Slovenia for families

Food in Slovenia

Unfortunately we didn’t get to try ant traditional Slovenian dishes. We feasted on juicy peaches, crisp white wine and vegetables from our hosts’ gardens along with cow-fresh milk, but this didn’t give us a chance to get to the restaurants or experience Slovenian home cooking. If you’d like to know a little more about Slovenian dishes and cookery try here.

Slovenia, we came, we saw, we liked a lot. This is a country you could spend weeks and months enjoying but for us, just 3 days wetted our apetites for more. Slovenia, we will be back! What about you, have you been? Do you plan to visit Slovenia? We need to add more to our Slovenia travel blog section and we will.

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  1. I love the abundant outdoor activities and the quaint villages. Slovenia seems like a great destination – thank you.

  2. My wife and I are planning a 3 day trip to Slovenia during our Europe trip in May. Planning to do visit Ljubljana, Lake Bled (Bohinj if possible), Maribor and Piran.

  3. We are heading to Slovenia soon for two weeks with the kids! We couldn’t be more excited. We are staying at three different tourist farms so we are looking forward to a real taste of Slovenian life and culture!

  4. Well that looks just beautiful. Maybe I could bribe the kids with the water sports.

  5. Yes! We’ve been! Honeymooned there and fell in love with it, as well — even seriously considered moving there! How fun to see your photos and hear what you thought!

  6. Yes, we loved Slovenia too!
    One recommendation for next time you go – visit the Kamnik alps to see the mountain pastures and old shepherd huts. It’s just north of Ljubljana.

  7. Beautiful photos! Slovenia is on my bucket list for sure, we plan to be there around 2018. Seems too long to wait now!


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