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Dinner on Key Largo

Let’s rewind 2 months to our last night in the Americas. Dinner on Key Largo was a treat for us, a farewell to Florida, a state we love on so many levels and the last night of our Canada to the Keys road trip before we boarded our cruise back to Europe. That one meal outlived all of our expectations, it was a gorgeous evening, the sun was setting, there was music, wine, Key Lime Pie and freakily enormous fish to feed.  It is stuck in my memory forever as one of the highlights of our 12 months of non-stop travel. Want to see more?

Dinner on Key Largo Florida. A special treat on a Canada to the Keys road trip.

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Sunset Dinner on Key Largo

 Sunset dinner Key Largo
We arrived before sunset , a perfect setting, live music and a strange disturbance in the water for the kids to investigate.
Sunset Key Largo Florida
Key Largo, Florida, at sunset, is insanely gorgeous.
Key Largo family travel blog
I should start paying this child for posing.

The Florida Keys and Key Largo

The Florida keys start about 15 miles south of Miami and stretch out to form a barrier between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Driving from the mainland to Key West at the southernmost tip is easy, the keys are linked by road bridges, including the famous Seven Mile Bridge. The views are incredible on the 113 mile trip. Key Largo is the first of the Keys, an easy trip from Miami and was made famous by the 1948 Bogart and Bacall movie of the same name. We loved it!

Sunset Florida Keys
A busy restaurant and a spectacular Florida sunset.
Giant tarpon feeding
The kids enjoyed the food, I think they had cajun blackened fish wraps, but they enjoyed the live fish more!
sunset florida keys key largo
Florida sunset. Gorgeouser and gorgeouser.

 Giant Tarpon

Dinner on key largo Florida with tarpon

Tarpon grow to around 8 feet in length and are considered an outstanding game fish. If you’re not content with feeding them from the Florida Keys there are numerous fishing charters more than happy to take you out to catch a few. We like just looking at them.

Key Largo sunset
They tried and tried, but those fish weren’t jumping!
Our first, ever, and only. Key Lime Pie. It was Good!

This final dinner on Key Largo marked the end of our Florida and USA road trip. It was time to return to Europe by cruise ship and regroup in London before entering year 2 of full-time travel. The USA was a blast, every day a new discovery and these giant tarpon were just one of many memories we made for our little worldschoolers.

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Saturday 20th of February 2016

Hi we are travelling around Florida in July and August for 6 weeks and I'm thinking of starting my own family travelling blog- inspired by reading yours! I've shared a few of your blogs on Facebook- is there anything else I can do to help you? I love reading about where we are going to be going and have got some fab traveling tips (and lots of inspiration!) too. Thank you!

[email protected]

Saturday 20th of February 2016

Shares, likes, incoming links, constant media promotion, all that stuff Karen. We're one of the biggest family travel blogs in terms of viewing figures (in the world) but I'm not very pushy with the promotion, I always just think it will come naturally given time, and it does. Opportunities come to us, we don't chase them. Good luck with your venture!

Thursday Took

Monday 7th of July 2014

Wow!! Definitely on the bucket list. Is Key Lime Pie anything like lemon meringue pie?

[email protected]

Monday 7th of July 2014

Almost exactly the same Thursday, but limier. Gotta be done on the Keys though, it's a lovely part of the world, but we're totally sold on Florida as a whole.

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