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Darien, Georgia and the USA’s Answer to Nessy

21/07/2021 by Alyson for World Travel Family

We love finding unexpected things as we travel around the world, yesterday was a cracker. Finding the USA’s answer to Nessy in Darien Georgia came totally out of the blue and was a delight for all of us.

No, we didn’t actually see her. But we talked to a lady who had a friend who had.

Darien, Georgia lay on our path from Canada to the Keys and we chose to break our road trip here for one night during our USA road trip.

A stroll from our very nice motel, past trees laden with Spanish moss to the Darien tourist information centre brought us a big surprise.

Georgia, Darien in particular, has it’s own version of Nessy, the UK’s famous Loch Ness Monster.

Darien Georgia Loch Ness Monster
So this is what she looks like, Altie or Altahama Ha in Darien Georgia

Darien Georgia and the USA’s Answer to the Loch Ness Monster

Darien, Georgia is home to the USA’s answer to Nessy. It was one of those road trip stops that happen because you just can’t drive any more.

We were pushing on to Orlando from Myrtle Beach, stopping in beautiful Charleston on the way, Darien was where we ran out of steam.

Chef ( my husband) wanted to carry on and drive through the night, but I’d had enough and it looked like Darien had some great cheap accommodation and some cool-looking outlet shops that I wanted to check out.

We found a bargain hotel on Priceline and as we pulled in we noticed a sign with a drawing of a weird-looking creature pointing to the tourist information office. We had to go.

It turns out that Darien residence have been sighting Altie or Altamaha ha since the 1700s, she’s a creature with her roots in Native American traditions.

The lady in the tourist information office told me there had been recent sightings of a large eel-like creature showing humps above the water.

I found a video.

I have no idea if the USA has other Loch Ness Monster type creatures, I need to Google, do you know? But we’re very glad we stopped in Darien, the shops and hotel were good too.

Onward now from Georgia to Florida and the Keys. This USA road trip has been a real voyage of discovery!

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