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The Gubbio Cable Car. Riding a Bird Cage.

The Gubbio cable car was a shock to me this morning. I knew our group was planning to take a ride from the ancient town of Gubbio up Monte Ingino to the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo. I’d imagined a sort of gondola or ski lift style conveyance. Jaws hit the deck when we saw the contraption that was waiting for us. We survived, and this ride was certainly a memorable part of our trip to Umbria and Gubbio.

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The Gubbio Cable car or Funivia, is a cross between a bucket and a bird cage, it’s a stand up ride with railings to chest level. I’m scared of heights, but this thing was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I had to have a try or forever kick myself and face the ridicule of my kids.


There was just room in the bucket for the kids and I, four would have been impossible within the short loading time. This thing, like regular ski lifts, doesn’t stop. The lift attendant spaced us out along the boarding area so that each of us could jump on board in turn.


Why Take the Gubbio Cable Car or Funivia

Other than being a test of nerve, the Gubbio cable car does serve a purpose. The Basilica at the top of the mountain is stunning and the views down over Gubbio town are incredible. Riding over olive trees, scrubby mountain growth and the odd goat is pretty cool too.

Gubbio cable car

What we found in the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo was, like the ride, surprising. I’m saving that for another post.


World Travel Family are visiting Umbria as guests of Our Whole Village. For more information on their trips and philosophy try this post or check out Our Whole Village website. There’s plenty there for travellers of all ages, armchair and actual.

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