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Bone Church Kutna Hora Prague

The Bone Church (Prague)

The Bone Church is a must-see tourist attraction near Prague in the Czech Republic. More correctly known as The Sedlec Ossuary, the Bone Church is located on the outskirts of the town of Kutná Hora (Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic), at All Saints Chapel. The Bone Church features unique and artistic formations made … Read more

Best Summer Destinations in Europe

Best Summer Destinations in Europe

Summer destinations in Europe for your family vacation, hidden gems or more unusual places to visit in Europe aside from the most popular European destinations. A few ideas for your next summer vacation in Europe! Bustling cities, awe-inspiring medieval villages that have stood the test of time, towns that look straight out of storybooks, and … Read more

Best Christmas Vacation Destinations for families Europe Markets Dresden Germany

Best Christmas Vacations For Families

If you’re yearning for the Christmas holiday season to feel a little different this year, there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than by jetting off to a special Christmas vacation destination. In this post we bring you some of the best Christmas vacations for families, in the US, Europe, UK and Asia. Some of … Read more

Dubai in July (beach and Ain Dubai, Camel)

Dubai in July

Dubai in July is hot. Dubai is in the Northern Hemisphere so July in Dubai is summertime, it’s vacation time for many of us in Europe, America and parts of Asia. The long summer school holidays are starting, so can you take a vacation to Dubai in July? It will be hot, but if you … Read more

Plan a family holiday in Dubai

Dubai Family Holidays

Dubai is an outstanding destination on so many levels, and we think it’s perfect for a family holiday. You could keep kids of any age entertained in Dubai as there is just so much to see and do, including plentiful adventure activities, theme parks, cultural and historic sites to see, and of course, warmth, beaches, … Read more

The Colonial District of Kuala Lumpur

The Colonial District of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Colonial District is a short walk from Masjid Jamek train station. It is also within walking distance of Chinatown and the KL Central Market. The buildings around the grassy green are very distinctive and worth seeing. You can also visit the Colonial Centre and Museum and City Gallery here. The National Mosque, Masjid … Read more

Port Douglas With Dog

Dog Friendly Hotels and Accommodation Port Douglas

Most of the biggest and best hotels in Port Douglas do not allow dogs to stay, other than assistance dogs, but a handful of hotels, camp sites and villas, will allow dogs and pets. We run through the best Port Douglas hotels with dogs.  Some Port Douglas restaurants and pubs will also allow dogs on … Read more

Whats the best time to visit Cairns

Best Time To Visit Cairns

The best time to visit Cairns is broadly considered to be Australia’s cooler months, thus avoiding the wet season, tropical cyclones, and stinger season. If you’d prefer to avoid these natural phenomena, you should visit between May and October, these are the months many people consider “ideal” for visiting Cairns. However, you can visit Cairns … Read more

Vietnam where is vietnam located

Is Vietnam in Asia?

Yes, Vietnam is in Asia, but it’s also a part of Southeast Asia and East Asia. Vietnam is a country entirely in the continent of Asia situated adjacent China and Laos. Vietnam’s full name is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This post answers the question, where is Vietnam? Vietnam is not a transcontinental country as … Read more

facts about egypt

Egypt Facts

Egypt is a country that lies on the north coast of Africa. In this post we give you some cool and interesting facts about Egypt, for kids or for adults. Egypt is a great country to visit with many famous attractions and a rich history. Let’s get into those facts about Egypt! Facts About Egypt … Read more

The 7 wonders of the world photos

The Seven Wonders of The World

What are the seven wonders of the world? That depends which version of the seven wonders you’re interested in. The original, official, seven wonders, the modern seven wonders, new seven wonders, or the seven natural wonders of the world? In this post we look into the versions of the seven wonders and how you can … Read more

family travel adventure travel destinations bucket list

Family Adventure Travel Bucket List Destinations

Family adventure travel is any form of travel in which the people travelling (a family) feels that they are having an adventure. This may involve travel to remote or exotic locations and can involve a physically challenging or exciting activity. The definition of adventure travel means that adventure tourism can be overseas, domestic or international, … Read more

Bhutan beautiful places in Bhutan photos photography buildings architecture

Beautiful Places To Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is an incredibly beautiful country. Beautiful places, temples, monasteries, buildings and architecture in Bhutan, in pictures. Bhutan is mountainous, being in the Himalayas, but also very green with unspoiled countryside and lush fertile valleys. To book your flight to Bhutan, visit Druk Air here. Flights to Bhutan are very limited and flying with Druk … Read more

Bhutan traditional dress robes costume men and women

Bhutan Traditional Dress

In Bhutan traditional dress is still worn often. You’ll see both men and women in Bhutan in traditional dress, in fact, people in Bhutan are required to wear traditional dress or costume for certain occasions and to visit certain places. This post features photography in Bhutan, including the wearing of traditional costume. Both men and … Read more

time to stop blogging

When Should You Stop Blogging?

When should you stop blogging? If you’re not enjoying blogging and the money you make from blogging isn’t important to you, then yes, feel free to stop. But before you do, read this post! Websites (blogs, because a blog is a website) have a value. If ever you feel that you want to stop blogging, … Read more

Port Douglas can you snorkel off the beach

Can You Snorkel Off The Beach in Port Douglas?

Yes, you can snorkel off the beach in Port Douglas at any time of year. In summer “stinger season” there is a netted swimming enclosure on Four Mile Beach. Snorkelling at Port Douglas beach is something I’ve done many times. But read the rest of this post to find out about potential dangers and limitations. … Read more

ebc trek packing list pdf

EBC Trek Packing List

Your packing list for the EBC trek will depend a lot on you, the time of year you are completing the EBC trek, and how much luggage you plan to take. Trekkers carrying their own gear will likely pack lite, those taking porters will pack far more. Below we have our EBC packing list to … Read more

Crocodile in Australia

Are There Crocodiles in Australia?

A lot of people wonder, are there crocodiles in Australia? Yes, there are a lot of crocodiles in the warmer parts of Australia, notably the large, dangerous, saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, but also the less-troublesome freshwater crocodile (Johnstone’s Crocodile). There are large numbers of crocodiles in northern Queensland and The Northern Territory Australia. Western Australia … Read more