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Bhutan The Tiger's Nest Monastery Bhutan
Bhutan. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is synonymous with Bhutan, but there are many more wonders to explore in this stunning Himalayan country.

Bhutan, Phallic Art

Bhutan and the Bhutanese have a thing about the phallus. They are penis obsessed and you’ll see large, lurid, male ...
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Experiences of Bumdra Camp (Bhutan)

Bumdra Camp is a tent campsite above The Tiger’s Nest, near Paro, Bhutan. Visitors to Bhutan can hike up to ...
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Kila Nunnery Bhutan

Kila Nunnery (Kela Dechen Yangtshi) is sometimes called “The Little Tiger’s Nest” of Bhutan because it clings to the cliffside in ...
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Where is Bhutan?

Bhutan is a country Located in the continent of Asia. It is situated in the Himalayas between India (south) and ...
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Beautiful Places To Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is an incredibly beautiful country. Beautiful places, temples, monasteries, buildings and architecture in Bhutan, in pictures. Bhutan is mountainous, ...
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Bhutan Traditional Dress

In Bhutan traditional dress is still worn often. You’ll see both men and women in Bhutan in traditional dress, in ...
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Ema Datshi |Chili Cheese from Bhutan |Ema Datshi Recipe

Ema datshi is the national dish of Bhutan, it is chilli cheese, which pleased my wife enormously as it is ...
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Is It Worth Visiting Bhutan? Bhutan Travel

Travel in Bhutan. What is travel in Bhutan like? Costs of Travel in Bhutan. Best places to see and visit ...
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