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Thailand and Thailand travel are incredibly popular with holiday-makers and travellers and justifiably so. Many visit just for the beaches, islands, snorkelling or scuba diving but it's the culture and history of Thailand that make it one of our favourite places on the planet. Also, of course, because of the stunning, fresh, complex, light, food in Thailand.

Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel
Thailand Travel. Our guides, tips, and experiences to help you travel in Thailand.

Thailand travel is possibly the easiest in Southeast Asia because of good infrastructure and a well-worn tourist trail. Generations of travellers have enjoyed Thailand before you and paved the way in terms of facilities, transportation and accommodation.

As soon as borders open we look forward to visiting Thailand again, and we've been dozens of times, each time finding something new to add to our Thailand travel guides and blogs. You'll find them all below.

If you're looking for a general overview of travel in Thailand, our Thailand travel blog page is best. Alternatively, there is “Thailand With Kids.” if you're looking for reassurance that Thailand is an OK destination for family travel. We can only tell you that we've had very few problems in Thailand, as a young couple and as a family.

We have guides here for ancient citiesĀ  (Sukhothai, is stunning), Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, the floating markets and railway market, some beaches and islands and, of course, stunning Bangkok. One of our most-loved cities in the world.

Some of the best beach destinations in Thailand include:

We cover all of these on our site and we're always looking to add more destinations in Thailand.

Thailand is, of course, a major travel hub in Southeast Asia. From Bangkok or many other parts of Thailand, you can journey on to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, possibly Myanmar. Overland travel from Thailand is also easy with good busses and shuttles. Within Thailand the train service is good.

Thailand guides, places to visit in Thailand, how to travel in Thailand, experiences of travelling in Thailand, highlights and destinations. Everything from planning a trip, to booking trains and buses, to currency conversions in Thailand.

Facts About Thailand For Kids

Need to know some cool and interesting facts about Thailand? This post is stuffed with Thailand facts and trivia, history, geography, and more. Thailand is one of our favourite countries to visit, with the best food in the world, so here are some facts about Thailand, for kids. Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s …

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Where is Thailand? Thailand’s Location

Thailand is in Asia, but it’s also a part of the Southeast Asia, a region which spans the north and southern hemispheres. Thailand is a country, and is not transcontinental, ie Thailand is entirely part of Asia, no other continent. This post answers the question, where is Thailand? Transcontinental countries exist. Turkey lies between Europe …

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Thai Omelette Recipe (Why Thai Omelettes are So Good!)

Thai omelettes are really tasty and in Thailand, a country with so many amazing dishes, I find myself eating and ordering Thai omelette rice surprisingly often. I’ve ordered it from street food stalls in Bangkok, tourist restaurants on Thai islands and it even appears on menus in the shopping mall food court in Chiang Mai. …

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Getting a Traditional Thai Tattoo in Bangkok

This post is about the experience of getting a traditional Thai tattoo in Bangkok. We also suggest other places in Thailand to get a traditional sak yant. These are “bamboo tattoos” done with a long bamboo pole tipped with a spike. This is how I was able to book a Thai tattoo in Bangkok with …

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Things To Do in Kanchanaburi

When most people think of Thailand, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, snorkelling, temples, and tropical fish come to mind. Kanchanaburi offers something different. It is steeped in contemporary history, whilst also offering a place to just relax on the River Kwai and explore the surrounding countryside.  This post is about things to do in …

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Sukhothai Thailand, Visiting Sukhothai

Sukhothai is a city in central Thailand and home to Thailand’s first ancient capital. For lovers of history and culture, Sukhothai is a must-visit and we’d encourage anyone to add Sukhothai to their Thailand itinerary. However, getting to Sukhothai isn’t so easy, it’s a little off the main train lines, so buses, private tours and …

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Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Train, Bus, Fly?

A favourite part of any trip to Thailand, the Bangkok to Chiang Mai journey, is to be enjoyed not endured. Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination, it is cheap, relaxed, and very different from Bangkok. We highly recommend a trip to this part of northern Thailand and exploring further into the mountains if possible. There …

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