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thailand for families child

Thailand is a fantastic and relatively easy destination for families, for you and your kids. We’d certainly rate it the easiest destination in Southeast Asia, particularly for families.

Thailand combines low prices, some ultra-friendly, child-loving people, stunning clean beaches with varied watersports, wonderful wildlife and a host of cultural experiences.

Along with all of this, the food is amazing!

After years of exploring Thailand, these are our, and our kids’, recommendations for highlights of Thailand for families, or the best places and parts of Thailand to visit for families.

Try to slot them into your Thailand itinerary.

Best Places in Thailand with Family

The best places to visit in Thailand with your family depends on your family’s interests, likes and dislikes, what kind of trip to Thailand you will be taking, the age of your family members and the duration of your trip. This posts covers many of the best places in Thailand, but your individual choice of “best place to visit” may not be the same as my family’s.

My family would choose Bangkok and Chiang Mai as the best places to visit, but you may be looking for an easy, short beach holiday. The best place to visit will be different for everyone.

What style of travel will you be undertaking in Thailand, with your family? Most styles of travel work well for families in Thailand from shorter vacations or holidays to longer-term travel and budget backpacking.

Multi-location travel within Thailand is our preferred form of travel in Thailand because there is so much to see and do, all over the country.

It’s very easy to spend some time at the beach or on an island with your family, and then travel to the more interesting cultural attractions and historic parts of Thailand.

Internal transport in Thailand is very easy, we’ll explain transport options suitable for families towards the end of this post.

Hotels and Accommodation in Thailand For Families

thailand for families hotels accommodation
A selection of accommodation options in Thailand, suitable for families, from top left, clockwise, a luxury riverside location in Bangkok, simple beach shack accommodation on Koh Phangan, a comfortable, but good value small hotel in Sukhothai, showing a family room, and a luxurious beach resort with family apartments on Phuket. My family has stayed in all of these styles of accommodation in Thailand, plus many more. We find hotels, guest houses and hostels to be very good and very affordable in Thailand.

Thailand has a full range of family accommodation options. Luxury hotels, all-inclusive beach resorts, small guest houses, mid-range hotels and hostels.

All of these accommodation options work for families in Thailand.

Finding family accommodation in Thailand isn’t generally hard and prices are comparatively low, but a peak times, holidays and festivals, Thailand can get pretty full.

We prefer to use Agoda to find accommodation in Asian destinations as they are local specialists. Booking dot com is another good booking option for Thailand.

Airbnb is also possible in Thailand and is often used for apartments, longer stays or homestays. The cleaning fees of Airbnb put us off using them, you can generally find any style of accommodation on Agoda or above.

Most styles of accommodation will have family rooms or family suites and apartments. It’s really easy to search the two booking platforms above for these.

If you plan to use hostels, many hostels have private family rooms, sometimes with a private en suite, others will have a communal or shared shower block.

Hostels aren’t necessarily the cheapest accommodation option for families in Thailand, small guest houses can be better value.

You should be able to find child stays free deals on accommodation with younger children, this is quite common up to 12 years old, and sometimes to 16 years old.

Beaches and Islands To Visit in Thailand with Family

Things to do Phuket karon beach phuket
Some prefer the big resort towns of Phuket ( above) others the quieter islands, the choice is yours.

Thailand’s beaches start just south of Bangkok with Ko Samet and extend south to the border with Malaysia.

There are beautiful beaches and islands on the Andaman Sea and on the Gulf of Thailand.

In general, beaches are very clean with sparkling water, some are lively, some quiet. You need to find a beach to suit your family’s personality.

Best beaches in Thailand Ko Phangan
This is Haad Salad beach on the island of Ko Phangan on Thailands southeast coast. This is possibly the nicest experience we’ve ever had on a beach in Thailand. We spent 6 peaceful weeks right here, in a room on the beach, playing in the water and with kayaks. I’ll warn you that there are a lot of sharp coral fragments in the water, take water shoes. Ko Phangan is a ferry ride from Koh Samui, which we didn’t like nearly as much. Ko Samet is our other favourite, that one is very close to Bangkok so gets packed on weekends and holidays. At the other end of Ko Phangan (you can travel by taxi) you’ll find the full moon party scene.

We have visited many, but not all, of Thailand’s diverse beach spots. In all honesty, beaches aren’t our thing nor our area of expertise, but we have tested out Phuket, Krabi, Ko Phangan, Ko Samui and Ko Samet.

In general, the smaller the beach destination the better, in our opinion.

Bangkok Thailand With Family

long tail boat tour Bangkok. Things to do in Bangkok
A private klong tour by long-tail boat is easy to arrange in Bangkok.

Bangkok is the thumping heart of Thailand and it’s a city to visit time and time again.

Here you will find stunning temples and wats, the magnificent Grand Palace, the iconic Khao San Rd and the magnificent Chao Praya River and connecting klongs. If you visit our post on the best places to visit in Bangkok, we include a custom interactive map of Bangkok for you to use on or offline to find these places.

Try to see Bangkok’s “Green Lung” in a loop of the river, tour by bicycle. Also, check out Bangkok’s huge green parks with playgrounds and abundant wildlife. You may find yourself tripping over giant monitor lizards.

Bangkok has luxury riverside resorts, mid-range hotels and budget guesthouses suitable for families. (recommended family hotels in Bangkok here).

In Thailand’s capital, you will also find cultural shows and banquet dinners, authentic cheap street food and fine dining.

If you’d like to shop there are modern malls for every taste along with street-fulls of souvenirs, clothes and jewellery.

Be sure to find a hotel or other accommodation in the right part of town for you, we can help you make that choice.

While in Bangkok you can take day trips to floating markets and nearby towns with cultural or historic interests. ( Itinerary suggestions here, more things to do in Bangkok here)

Thailand’s train market, Maeklong, is south of Bangkok and you could visit as a daytip by vehicle. See our post and video of the train passing through the market in our post about Maeklong.

Combine Maeklong with Tha Kha and/or Amphawa floating markets. Both of these, we think, are better and more authentic than Damnoen Suduak floating market.

Maybe you could spend some time learning to cook Thai food or enjoying an organised food tour (see resources section, at the bottom of this page)

Chiang Mai Thailand With Family

Chiang Mai Thailand Silver Temple
The silver temple in Chiang Mai, just south of the old city and adjacent to one of Chiang Mai’s weekly ” walking streets”.

I’m yet to meet anyone who didn’t love Chiang Mai.

The charming walled Old Town is separated from the city by a peaceful and picturesque moat.

There is a market for every day of the week and Chiang Mai’s Walking Streets are world-famous.

Food in Chiang Mai has its own character, with plenty of regional specialities.  

The city is well known for Thai cooking classes, some will take families and children. Around Chiang Mai you will find numerous tourist attractions and excursions.

Chiang Mai has a much lower cost of accommodation and living than Bangkok and can be somewhat cooler.

You will also find modern shopping malls and good co-working spaces here, this is where many digital nomads settle. We have a post on living in Chiang Mai.

Northern Thailand with Family

best temples in Thailand white temple
Thailand’s famous White Temple is near Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand, as is The Blue Temple. Both are spectacular and if you possibly can, see them. The white temple is full of surprises and at times, is astonishing.

There are quite a few really nice places to visit in the north of Thailand, north of Chiang Mai. Chiang Rai is one, but also consider Pai, Mae Salong and Mae Hong Son. Up here you are in Thailand’s “Golden Triangle.”

Lod Caves are another popular destination in this region.

It’s worth getting a little off the beaten track by taking a Northern Thailand road trip as we did. Read more about these destinations in that post.

Another less-visited destination is Lake Phayao, we really enjoyed this lake and the town, it’s in the post above.

Chiang Rai with Family

Chiang Rai Night Market
Cruising Chiang Rai’s night markets, they were huge, with an enormous food court area. There is a lot of Hill Tribe crafts on sale in the northern parts of Thailand, plus modern fashion items made locally. We bought a jacket for my son, we still have it today. Chiang Rai is a really pleasant city with much to see and do nearby.

Chiang Rai is a few hours north of Chiang Mai and has much to offer families. We have a full post on things to do in Chiang Rai here, including the famous White Temple and Blue Temple.

We usually hire a car in the north of Thailand to explore at our leisure, we highly recommend this! Full post on the treasures of Northern Thailand here.

Other Historic Cities and Ancient Sites in Thailand for Families

river cruise ayutthaya thailand
A boat trip around the ancient sites of Ayutthaya at sunset.

Thailand has no shortage of Unesco sites. The ancient cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai are well worth visiting, with Ayutthaya being possible as a day trip from Bangkok. Full post on Ayutthaya here.

Sukhothai is harder to get to, there’s a long bus journey and you’ll need at least 1 night there.

best places to visit in Thailand sukhothai best ancient city
Sukhothai, the ruins of the ancient city and temples, is well worth a visit. It’s my personal favourite of Thailand’s ancient cities and the huge complex is spectacular. This giant white Buddha is several stories high. Sukhothai can be tricky to get to, so only include Sukhothai on your itinerary if you have enough time to spend at least one full day and a night or two here. It’s much quieter than many parts of tourist Thailand and visiting has always been a great experience for us.

The Sukhothai ruins can famously be toured by bicycle and they are stunning, the town itself is lovely, sleepy and a little off the main tourist track. Full post on Sukhothai here.

Kanchanaburi is not far from Bangkok and is a sleepy riverside town, home to the Bridge on the River Kwai, WW2 history and an ethical elephant park.

A few days on the river here is a relaxing and beautiful experience, prices are some of the lowest in Thailand.

There is a new elephant attraction here, billed as ethical, which could compete with those of Chiang Mai for visitors not heading north. Full post on Kanchanaburi here.

Theme Parks and Other Family Attractions in Thailand

The following is not a comprehensive list of theme parks, zoos, water or adventure parks etc. But it gives you an idea of how much choice there is in Thailand.

  • Siam Park City, Bangkok. Amusement park.
  • Cartoon Network Amazone near Jomtien Beach Water & Amusement Park.
  • Sea Life Aquarium Bangkok. The Largest Aquarium in South East Asia
  • Madam Tussauds Bangkok (we really enjoyed this!)
  • Chiang Mai Zoo
  • Dusit Zoo, Bangkok
  • Ramayama Water Park, Pattaya
  • Black Mountain Water Park, Hua Hin
  • Flight of the Gibbon and other zipline parks near Chiang Mai.

There are many more family attractions like this in Thailand.

Wildlife in Thailand For Family to See

Snake Show Bangkok Hospital Snake Farm. Things to do in Bangkok
Local snake and venom education centre at one of Bangkok’s main hospitals.

If you don’t see monkeys or elephants in Thailand I’d be very surprised.

Beware animal exploitation attractions and choose ethical operations. Some of the attractions around Chiang Mai have a good reputation when it comes to elephant interaction.

I’d personally avoid anything to do with tigers in Thailand and elephant attractions in Phuket.

You probably won’t see a wild snake, but if you’d like to find more about Thailand’s native reptiles, try the venom farm and education centre at one of the main hospitals in Bangkok. ( pictured above)

Also watch out for birds, huge butterflies and fascinating bugs.

Hill Tribe Visits in Thailand with Family

Hill Tribe Woman Mae Hong Song
Visit a hill tribe museum or cultural attraction, trek into the forest or even stay overnight in a hill tribe village. Just be sure you do so ethically.

You can visit a hill tribe museum and education centre for free in Chiang Mai, or you can set out by car to find them for yourselves as we did with the long neck Karen village above.

If you’d like to organise an authentic, cultural and educational experience take a look at Thailand Hilltribe Holidays for homestays and tours in Northern Thailand. They are a responsible operation and can arrange homestays in hill tribe villages, particularly for family groups.

Food and Cooking, What to Eat in Thailand for Families

amphawa crab prawn
Street food, market, pavement cafe, food tour, restaurant or cooking course, you’re in for a treat in Thailand. Pictured: Amphawa floating market, renowned for sea food.

Thailand is a country that you absolutely need to eat your way around.

Thai food is superb, arguably the most exciting cuisine in the world. Not all Thai food is heavy on the chillies and your family won’t go hungry if they’re not keen on heat.

Try every kind of food outlet, the floating markets pictured above, night markets and walking streets, restaurants fine and basic and if you have time take a food tour or enrol in a cooking school for half a day or longer.

Some cooking schools are more than happy to take kids, our boys love these days of making and eating superb food. Their dad is a chef after all!

Getting Around Thailand for Families

Thailand is well served with airports and flights and many people will simply fly from Bangkok, to the beaches, or to northern Thailand.

If time is short, you can fly, but there are better ways to see Thailand.

The sleeper trains in Thailand can be an experience in themselves. Others travel by backpacker minibus or large (very good) tourist buses.

You can also arrange private drivers and tours or, for the islands, you’re likely to use ferries.

Bangkok has a huge fleet of taxis, be certain to use one with a meter. Likewise, tuk tuks, Thailand’s 3 wheelers, negotiate a price or make sure the driver is using their meter, before you accept their services.

 We hope you enjoyed our post on highlights of Thailand and that you’ll be visiting or planning your trip, very soon. If you like, we can help you with your plans (see resources below)

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Further Resources for Families Planning a Trip to Thailand:

For more on travel in Thailand, you need our Thailand Travel Advice page.

We love Thailand, our visit next week will be our 24th (hard to believe) and we are always adding more content to our Thailand archives. Sukhothai is now published, along with 2 and 3 week Thailand itineraries. We also hope to get to Kanchanaburi to check out the new ethical elephant attraction there and will be making a return trip to Ayutthaya. Come back for more soon!

If you'd like to hire a car during your stay, use this car rental comparison tool to find the best deal!

We also suggest you take a look at this company to get a quote for all kinds of the more tricky adventure or extended travel insurance.

Try Stayz / VRBO for an alternative way to find rentals on homes/apartments/condos in any country!

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  1. Hi, I feel so lucky that I found your website!! So many helpful information!! We have a 3 and half and a 6 and half years old boys, I am still debating if I should bring my stroller there. We probably will be in Thailand for 5 weeks, want to know if it’s worth it to bring stroller. And how much walking need to be done while sight seeing? And how safe it is if I am traveling with two young children by myself? My husband will be working during the week, so I will be all alone with kids. Anything I should be aware of?
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  2. Hello! Your site is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m organising a family trip for my 40th next June. Will take the kids 5 and 7yrs and likely to also have other families with their kids coming too (from nz) My question is about ‘where to go?’ Want it to be fairly easy to get to, a bit of luxury (given it’s a big birthday) but also fun!

    • Any part of Thailand would tick your boxes Emma. Are you going to tour Thailand or just stay in one place? Are you wanting beaches, cities, culture, countryside, good food? What are you looking for in your trip. I would highly recommend touring the north.

      • Hi Alyson. Sorry for the delay! We are happy to trip around a bit. Perhaps 10 days or so on a relaxing beach (I’m thinking all inclusive and kid friendly), then head to Northern Thailand for a week or so. We have around 3 weeks all up. Keen to get a mix of time with elephants, islands, water, relaxation and good food! Not asking for much am I? haha

      • We have also moved our Trip timing up to March/April. Is that a good time to travel with kids? Hoping to miss the rains of June/July

        • Depends what part of Thailand really. We go at any time of year, haven’t had any problems. Just watch out for air pollution in Chiang Mai.

  3. Excellent feature on Thailand. Nice to see some of the more obscure destinations get their due.

  4. Gidday there, heading to thailand with the family this july and because there are 5 of us finding it interesting to find some accommodation in advance. there’s heaps for four but once you go to 5 it seems dramatically more expensive. looking to head east/north east to cambodia and isan. any suggestions? it looks like you had 3 kids with you so how did you find it? Been following your blog for a while, its great!

    • Hi, no, we only have the 2 kids, standard family of 4 ( might be some pictures of a friend on here). It’s hard beyond 4, but not impossible. We usually use Agoda and have stayed in rooms with facilities for 5 many times ( I know a couple in Chiang Mai, in our South East Asia accommodation post). Just keep looking. Otherwise you’ll need a 2 and a 3 ( or two x 2 bedroom rooms if your child is young enough for kids stay free deals, these can go to 12 years old sometimes). We generally find that taking 2 rooms for 2 is about the same price as 1 room for 4 and everyone gets more sleep with less people per room.

  5. Hi, just love your blog! Going to Thailand in December, first time east for us all (2adults2kids8&15). Would you have any recommendations for where to spend Christmas in Thailand. I know it’s not celebrated as such there but maybe you might have some inside info!! Thanks 🙂

    • There will, absolutely, be Christmas stuff going on in Thailand. Depends on personal taste really, do you want beach, city, country, etc.? We were there just before Christmas last year and there were plenty of Christmas decorations going up. The malls in particular. You’ll also find hotels and restaurants serving Christmas meals and buffets.

  6. Love all your post and experiences!
    We are planning vacation 13 days to Thailand with a 6 and 8y/o this year, around October.
    Mostly we would like the full Thai experience, culture, food, beaches but with something else to do around, elephant encounters and 3-4 days in Bangkok. What kind of beach do you recommend us? Easy and affordable…
    traveling from LAX to Bangkok

    • Our favourite beach place is Ko Phangan, we don’t like the big touristy places like Phuket or Ko Samui. But as always, the nicer places are harder to get to. For Ko Phangan you either fly to Ko Samui and then take the ferry or take the sleeper bus or train from Bangkok to the south, then ferry. I’m in the middle of creating a 2 week Thailand itinerary, should be ready soon!

  7. Hi
    I’m looking to take my son to Thailand next summer he will be almost 12. It will be just me and him. Where do you recommend? I’m looking for somewhere where ha can meet other children as well has having plenty of activities . I would also like to see elephants. What do u recommend ?

  8. Hi Alyson. Love your site. What can you tell me about Pattaya. Travelling next year late June with hubby and 8yr and 12 yr old. Thankyou.

    • Nothing sorry Bernie, but I believe it’s very seedy, rather like Patong and we didn’t like that one bit, it comes under the heading of ” Places we’ve avoided” unfortunately. Work took us to Patong, we wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

  9. We thinking of taking our kids to Thailand next year. The only worry is our baby who will only be 2 1/2 years old then, our other 2 will be 11 and 9, which should be okay. Would you recommend taking such a young and extremely busy child?
    Also, we went previously alone, stayed in makkasan. Where would you recommend staying with 3 kids? We will avoid the “red light district” areas. And what would you suggest as enough time for Bangkok? I was thinking 1 week.

    • How long are you going to Thailand for Mishka and what style of travel? What style of accommodation? Do you like beaches, food, culture?What floats your boat. I’ll say yes to the 2.5 year old. Thailand is very western and if it’s just a short 2-3 week holiday it’s little different to holidaying anywhere else, just better!

  10. Family trips will be awesome if you will go to places like this because there are number of activities to do which you can remember for years to come in your life.

  11. What an awesome experience. We would love to visit Thailand with our kids. It looks like you had an amazing time 🙂

    • Hi Tami, We’ve been to Thailand over 20 times, at least, maybe 8 times with the kids. Thailand is always amazing, this is just a round-up post from 25 years of experience. Cheers!


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