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Travel With Kids Travel Tips.

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Parenting On The Road

This post is about learning to be parents on the road. How we handled parenting children while travelling, without routine, without consistency, schedule, or any of the things the parenting rule books will preach. We believe in throwing rule books out of the window. This is an extract, edited, from our e-Book, The Seven Year …

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with kids guide

Kuala Lumpur With Kids

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is a busy modern city bursting with things to do with kids of all ages. Choose between cultural experiences to educate and broaden young minds, attractions designed purely for child-friendly fun, nature and wildlife experiences, plus more. KL with kids really is a dream. Kuala Lumpur is easy to get around with …

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Problems of travel with kids

Problems of Travelling With Kids

Problems of travelling with kids, oh yes, there are a few. Some consider them major problems, others, tiny inconveniences outweighed by rainbow benefits. We are firmly in the second group or we wouldn’t be doing this crazy non-stop travel thing. We did it for 6 years, full-time, maybe we’re nuts. A reader asked me to …

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Ideas for your family gap year

Family Gap Year Ideas

So you’re thinking about taking a family gap year or maybe just taking off to travel around with your kids full-time? You’re thinking, but not quite yet doing. You want me to give you some family gap year ideas, suggestions that may just push you towards hitting “buy” on that one way ticket. I can …

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Christmas traditions in Romania

Christmas While Travelling

We’ve had 5 Christmases on the road in the last almost 6 years of full-time family travel. Another one is coming up fast and this one will be “at home” for the first time.  Did you know we’re almost home? I’m going to count this one as a Christmas while travelling too because returning to an …

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Southeast Asia With Kids

We posted already about our experiences of travelling around Southeast Asia with kids (for 5 years!) now let’s have a look at where you should go in Southeast Asia. What are the standout, must-see places, attractions, and destinations You’re probably in the process of planning your Southeast Asia trip, so I suggest you get a …

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