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Park City Family Activities

Park City, Utah, USA is stuffed with family friendly things to do and activities, making it a great stop on your road trip or a vacation or weekend destination for you and the kids. After finding out about Park City, Utah, I can tell you that it will most certainly be on our next US …

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Dinner on key largo Florida with tarpon

Dinner on Key Largo

Let’s rewind 2 months to our last night in the Americas. Dinner on Key Largo was a treat for us, a farewell to Florida, a state we love on so many levels and the last night of our Canada to the Keys road trip before we boarded our cruise back to Europe. That one meal outlived …

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Planning a USA Road Trip

Planning a USA Road Trip

Are you heading to the USA for a road-trip vacation? Good choice, this country is perfectly set up for that kind of touring. Cheap fuel, great roads, affordable and plentiful motels and a million diverse things to see and do make the USA a brilliant driving holiday destination. Everything we know on travel USA after …

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New Orleans Mardi Gras

New Orleans Mardi Gras just happened to us by accident. We’re almost at the end of our 1 month USA road trip, New Orleans is our final destination, one I’d picked, I’d always wanted to see the Big Easy. As we left Orlando a few days ago we started having a quick look online for …

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