How to Save Money on Flights with Skyscanner

Of all the tools we use for finding bargains in the travel world, Skyscanner is number 1. This week we saved ourselves £100 per person, £300 total, on flights to Sri Lanka, just through using the Skyscanner tips we share here. Let’s take a look at how to use Skyscanner to find the best bargains. Skyscanner […]

Finding The Money to Travel.

How on Earth did a family of four raise the money to travel full time for two years plus ? We did it, we’ve been travelling full-time for almost 3 years now, without a regular job, so this strategy works. We’re not rich, raising the money to travel was tough, we didn’t come into money and for the […]

Why Travel With Kids

Why do we do this crazy thing, why travel with kids? More importantly, why we think you should travel with your kids, or at least give it some serious thought. By travel I don’t mean a 2 week vacation, that’s fine and better than nothing but what we’re talking about here is a complete lifestyle […]

Vegan Travel is Hard!

I tried, I really did. I want to be vegan. But vegan travel has so far turned out to be about a million times harder than I anticipated. And I’m talking vegan travel in London, one of the easiest places to be vegan on the planet ( so I thought). We live in Romania, vegan […]

To Neck Pillow or Not to Neck Pillow ?

I state very clearly on my Travel Gear page ( our main packing directory), that we do not carry travel neck pillows with us, and haven’t since the first week of our 3 years of travel, because they’re rubbish. My neck pillow ( you can see it in the photo on that travel gear page), lasted […]

Altitude, Attitude and Ailments. Nepal with Kids

If I told you Nepal with kids was easy, I’d been lying. Nepal has been the most challenging place we’ve ever taken the children, and that includes India, but it’s been worth it 1 million times over. They got sick less in India and didn’t have to climb any mountains. So here for you, in […]

Kathmandu to Lukla, Flying into the World’s Most Dangerous Airport.

There are options in getting from Kathmandu to Lukla. The famous plane journey isn’t the only way but we just had to take the adventure of flying into iconic Lukla airport, so we ( I ) faced my fear of heights and small planes and bought those one-way tickets. It was a ride of a […]

Trekking Around Everest, a Dream Come True.

If you follow our Facebook page you’ll know that we’ve been trekking around Everest, with kids age 9 and 11, for the last 12 days. It’s been an incredible experience, a top highlight not only of the last 3 years of family travel, but of a lifetime of global adventures. I can’t tell you everything […]

Sri Lanka’s 2000 Year Old Sacred Tree and Getting to Anuradhapura

Why go to  Sri Lanka’ s second ancient city? It’s a long way north and getting to Anuradhapura ( for us, from Kandy) can be a challenge. For me it was all about a sacred tree. 2500 years ago, or thereabouts, Prince Siddhartha Gautama sat under the Bodhi ( Bo ) tree, and meditated. He cleansed his […]

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