Problems of Travelling With Kids


Problems of travel with kids, oh yes, there are a few. Some consider them major problems, others, tiny inconveniences massively outweighed by the benefits. We are firmly in the second group or we wouldn’t be doing this crazy non-stop travel thing. A reader asked me to write this post a long time ago, thanks Kellie, [...]

15 Top World Landmarks by World Travel Family

Bangkok Palace skyline

I’ve just checked out Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Landmarks in the World, as voted for by readers. I’ve only been to 8 of them. I’m sure it was a fair vote, but come on, seriously? The Canberra War Memorial? I’ve been, it’s very good, I’m not knocking it, but how did it get on that [...]

Where to Stay in Port Douglas

where to stay in Port Douglas

As a former long-term Port Douglas resident, I know the local hotels fairly well. I know their restaurants extremely well, after all, my husband was head chef at one of them. Readers often ask me where to stay in Port Douglas, they want recommendations for families, for budget trips, for romantic breaks, the whole cross [...]

2 Years of Blogging. Tips to Grow Your Blog

tips to grow audience

Two years ago this week I bought our name, organised hosting and set up my brand new blog over the course of a weekend. I had years of experience as a web designer, marketer, journalist and travel correspondent…Don’t be silly!   I knew nothing! I was setting out into something totally unknown, I’d had a [...]

New York Winter on a Tropical RTW

Central Park snow winter

We left home with a vague plan to backpack our way around Asia for as many years as possible, with two kids and a tight budget. Well, plans change, life happens and the universe sometimes points you in directions you never anticipated. We never expected to take a cruise, ever, let alone a bargain trans [...]

Tips For Avoiding Mosquitos


Mosquitos carry diseases that you really want to avoid. If you thought too hard about malaria, Dengue Fever, Japanese encephalitis, Ross River fever and West Nile Virus you’d probably never leave home. Well our old home was mosquito ridden, we lived in tropical Far North Queensland and Dengue fever was an almost annual visitor. Most [...]

What’s with the House Sitting and How Does it Work?

animal encounters 550

As most of you will probably know, we’ve signed a contract to rent a small flat in a stunning London location right through ’till January 2015. We need time to stop, regroup, refinance and generally get our lives in order while enjoying our favourite western city. We are in London, we’re loving it and life [...]

Living in Twickenham


Life has gone full circle and here we are living in Twickenham again, on the outskirts of London. It’s where our kids were born and where we bought our first homes before emigrating to tropical North Queensland. I have to say I’m quite happy with that, it’s a nice place to call home and within [...]

Budget Hotel London. Kids Stay Free!

Silk House hotel room

When we first arrived in London, straight off the plane, we needed somewhere to stay while we hunted for a flat of our own. We found a great little bargain in Hackney at Silk House Hotel. I’ve told so many people about this privately, it’s time I shared the love and put it in a [...]

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