Where Not to Save Money on Travel

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We’ve just completed one year of family travel on just under $100 a day. That’s 14 countries, 4 continents and 2 cruises worth of family travel with two now fairly-large kids. $100/day is a lot less than we spent living in our own home. We’re good at saving money, great at budget travel and amazing [...]

Amazingly Family Friendly Villa in Umbria


Our week-long Italy trip centered around the most amazingly family friendly villa in Umbria. I’ve actually never seen accommodation so geared up for families with children, from tots to teens. We had a week of great activities lined up but my boys ( 10 and 7), were thrilled enough just to stay at the villa. We spent a [...]

Kids Cooking Class in Italy. Making Pasta.


I’m never going to be able to eat dried pasta again after our time in Italy. Fresh, home-made pasta, produced with love from the finest ingredients is a totally wonderful eating experience. The pasta is softer, slightly spongy, and soaks up the flavours of the sauce. It’s delicious and very more-ish. A kids cooking class [...]

Truffle Hunting in Italy


As we were tucking into a sensational plate of spaghetti with fresh black truffles the other night, it was mentioned that maybe, just possibly, we could go truffle hunting in Italy. A lady knew a lady who had a truffle dog and she maybe, just possibly, would take us on a truffle hunting expedition. Umbria [...]

The Gubbio Cable Car. Riding a Bird Cage.


The Gubbio cable car was a shock to me this morning. I knew our group was planning to take a ride from the ancient town of Gubbio up Monte Ingino to the Basilica di Sant’Ubaldo. I’d imagined a sort of gondola or ski lift style conveyance. Jaws hit the deck when we saw the contraption that was [...]

10 Places to Visit in South Wales

transporter bridge creative commons

There are plenty of places to visit in South Wales, I know most of them well. I’d like to spread the word, get more visitors, particularly overseas tourists, to an area that has so much to offer. As a child in Newport, South Wales, I was more than keen on the idea of leaving, there [...]

Travel With Kids Blog, World Travel Family’s Tips


We’re a Travel With Kids Blog, One of Many. Travel with kids blog posts are thick on the ground, every family travel blogger has his or her own take on how travel with kids should be done. They’ve all got experience and they all offer advice that works for their family on how to make [...]

Dinner on Key Largo Photo Post


Let’s rewind 2 months to our last night in the Americas. Dinner on Key Largo was a treat for us, a farewell to Florida, a state we love on so many levels and the last night of our Canada to the Keys road trip before we boarded our cruise back to Europe. That one meal outlived [...]

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