Platform 9 3/4. Tourist Trap or Fun?

Platform 9 3/4 kings cross london

I’ve known for a while that Platform 9 3/4, the secret platform accessible only to wizarding folk departing for Hogwarts, really does exist in London, but it’s taken me 6 months to actually get there. Why? My elder son is as big a Harry Potter fan as you could possibly imagine, claiming to have read [...]

We’re Not a Budget Travel Blog.

We're Not a budget travel blog world travel family

  Yesterday, a potential hotel sponsor asked me “Can your readers afford us?” That’s a perfectly reasonable question, we’ve written post after post about doing things on the cheap, saving money to travel and finding great deals. I can see where she was coming from. I replied, explained our demographic and our philosophy and I’m [...]

London on the Cheap.

London on the cheap

Housing in London is pretty high up on the global price chart, nobody is arguing with that. So how on earth are we managing to live in one of the most beautiful and desirable areas, on the ouskirts of London but still on the tube line, on just one fairly-modest salary? When we applied to [...]

10 Reasons to Visit the Cutty Sark at Greenwich

Cutty Sark Greenwich London

We’ve spent 3 fabulous days down on the Thames at Greenwich. It’s a little bit of a hike for us to get there from Richmond, but it’s so worth it for the attractions, history and general ambiance of the place. There are a whole heap of free experiences, just strolling around the area is lovely [...]

The Importance of Memories.

The Importance of Memories

I asked the kids yesterday what their favorite travel memory was. Was it battling Darth Vader at Disney, Florida?  No. Was it chilling on a Thai island for 6 weeks with endless play and ice cream?  No. Was it visiting Grandma and Grandad half a world away in Wales, the land of my fathers, and mothers? No. [...]

Pie, Mash, Liquor and Eels. London!

Traditional London Food

We love British food at World Travel Family. We love most food, to be honest. We have a passion for Thai and a fixation with Indian, my husband loves food so much he’s made a career out of it. He’s a chef, busy now in a 5 star kitchen on Park Lane. Right now we’re [...]

15 Top World Landmarks You Shouldn’t Miss

Bangkok Palace skyline

I’ve just checked out Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Landmarks in the World, as voted for by readers. I’ve only been to 8 of them. I’m sure it was a fair vote, but come on, seriously? The Canberra War Memorial? I’ve been, it’s very good, I’m not knocking it, but how did it get on that [...]

2 Years of Blogging. Tips to Grow Your Blog

tips to grow audience

Two years ago this week I bought our name, organised hosting and set up my brand new blog over the course of a weekend. I had years of experience as a web designer, marketer, journalist and travel correspondent…Don’t be silly!   I knew nothing! I was setting out into something totally unknown, I’d had a [...]

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