The Secrets of Living Differently

How many years have I been writing blog posts? Don’t know? Well I’ll tell you, it’s 4. The conversation between Chef and I, the one that changed our lives, took place 4 years ago in our garden in Australia and I’ve been blogging about it from every corner of the globe since. Only I haven’t. […]

How to Save Money on Flights with Skyscanner

Of all the tools we use for finding bargains in the travel world, Skyscanner is number 1. This week we saved ourselves £100 per person, £300 total, on flights to Sri Lanka, just through using the Skyscanner tips we share here. Let’s take a look at how to use Skyscanner to find the best bargains. Skyscanner […]

Did Travel Blogging Fund Our Long Term Travel?

When we set off on this adventure in 2013 we hoped we could travel indefinitely, or at least for several years, on our savings and a few small income sources. We had a travel blog that was doing OK and we had a dream, would, could, travel blogging fund long term travel? 1 year in and […]

Finding The Money to Travel.

How did we raise the money to travel as a lifestyle choice for three years plus ? We’ve been travelling full-time for over 3 years now, without a traditional job between us and loving our new non-conventional life. Raising the money to travel was hard work initially, we weren’t rich, didn’t win the lottery and […]

Living Differently: There Are Others Like You, Travelling Families

There are hundreds if not thousands of families living differently, right now, all over the world. Families who don’t have regular jobs, steady incomes and kids in school. A lot of us travel already, some long to travel and are working towards that goal. Some travelling families are bloggers or vloggers, they’re quite famous in their […]

Living Differently, Uncertainties, Stories and Bookings

My husband (Chef) was on the phone to his sister. She asked where we were, what we were up to, where we were going next, “Well right now I’m eating breakfast in a hostel in Kuala Lumpur, but tomorrow? No idea” Yesterday our great-grand-nanna asked where we’d be next week. I said I didn’t know. “And […]

Living Differently. Owning Less, Living More

We used to own a four bedroom detached home with pool and double garage set in tropical gardens producing fruit year-round. In the garage there was an almost new 4 wheel drive and a collection of lavish camping gear. The house had air conditioning and a bed for everyone plus spares. We had lots of […]

Food in Greenwich, London. Photo Post

Hi! Just a quick one about the amazing food on offer at Greenwich Market on the east side of London. We visited Greenwich a few times last year and had a great time, but this summer we’re basing ourselves here for a few days to get to know this area inside out. We’re so lucky […]

3 Years of Travel. Thoughts

Shhhh! They’re all asleep. Wiped out like a small pride of lions after a big day on the savannah.  All 4 of us in this little apartment, 2 big beds, happy as can be. Chef has his first day off today, he can sleep in, Boo lost a tooth yesterday, he’ll wake to find 2 […]

London: Coming Home

Hi there, we’re home. I think I last posted from somewhere near Prague where we found ourselves stranded with a very hot and bothered car. We made it. We drove through to Bonn and from there straight to Calais for the ferry to Dover. That night we drove on to Twickenham and treated ourselves to […]

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