2 Years of Travel, Where Have We Been and What Now?

2 amazing years of family travel. But what next?

It’s been two years of travel now. Two years of adventure, fun, amazing times and disasters. If you haven’t been following along from the start, here’s our journey, the short version. How It Came About? Chef and I have always loved to travel, one RTW under our belts already, we dreamed of doing it again. […]

Where to Stay in Bangkok: Silom

Silom Bangkok. Eating bugs.

We keep coming back to Bangkok because we love it. Also because Bangkok is a transport hub of this part of the world. That title has shifted towards Kuala Lumpur recently with the rise of Air Asia, but Bangkok is still where you need to be for overland connections. It’s also cheaper than Kuala Lumpur, […]

Dubai. Camel Safari in The Desert.

A Camel Safari in the desert. Dubai family fun travel.

 Use this direct pinning button to bookmark this image to Pinterest ( it helps us a lot!) A Desert Safari in Dubai with Camel Riding Last night was the most fun we’ve had in a long time, and that’s saying a lot! The boys and I are in Dubai for a brief visit before catching our […]

How to Save Money on Flights with Skyscanner

Finding cheap flights with skyscanner travel blog

We all want to save money on flights, right? Of all the tools we use for finding bargains in the travel world, Skyscanner is number 1. This week we saved ourselves £100 per person, £300 total, on flights to Sri Lanka, just through getting clever with this tool. Let me walk you through a few tricks. Of […]

Wondering Where to Stay in Sri Lanka? Try Mirissa, Paradise Found.


  From now on, when people ask me where to stay in Sri Lanka, I’ll say Mirissa. I think I’ve found my Paradise, my happy place. Sri Lanka on the whole brings me enormous joy, but the little seaside village of Mirissa is, I think, as near to perfect as I’ll ever find. Right now […]

Backpack, Travel Pack or Suitcase?


To  a great extent , the choice of backpack, travel pack or suitcase is one of personal preference but it’s also a decision that should be taken based on the style of travel you prefer and the destinations you will be visiting. If you’re taking a short business trip and will be travelling by taxi […]

Bali with Kids

Gunung Agung, Bali

Visiting Bali with kids is relatively easy and there is plenty for children to enjoy on this amazing little island. I would say that Bali and Thailand are the two easiest places we have travelled in South East Asia with children because of their well established tourist infrastructure. Bali must be one of our favorite […]

Finding The Money to Travel.

How do we afford to travel

How on Earth did a family of four raise the money to travel full time for two years plus ? We did it, we’ve been travelling full time for over 2 years now, without a regular job, so this strategy works. We’re not rich, raising the money to travel was tough, we didn’t come into […]

6 Steps to Starting Your Own Blog and Making Money

Starting your Own Blog making money

First Steps In Blogging I set up this website myself.  I have no training or experience in website design or all the technical stuff that goes with it. I didn’t even do IT in school. The only extra skill I have is a basic knowledge of HTML, something I taught myself years ago from HTML […]

Low Cost Family Hotels and Apartments in London

Family apartment london kensington

 London is expensive and if, like us, you want to spend your cash on the incedible experiences the city has to offer, rather than on a place to sleep, you’ll be looking for a great deal on budget hotels, apartments or other family accommodation.   What Do We Look For When Finding a London Hotel? […]

Why You Need to Travel to North Dakota

why visit north dakota

The number of US States we’ve visited is pretty meagre by a lot of travellers’ standards, I guess that’s common for those of us based in Australia and the UK. I believe it’s something we should all try and put right! We adored our USA road trip in 2014, we discovered that the United States […]

Decisions in Romania

House Romania

I haven’t published a post in a couple of weeks now. Mostly because we’ve been busy, tearing around Romania in our vomit inducing Dacia. The car sickness has plagued Boo and I, D as always, just reads for hours in the back seat as we explore this fascinating and stunningly beautiful country. The posts on […]

Recovering From India.

Bucharest family travel

One day we were enjoying India in beautiful Kovalam, planning our next-day flight to Kathmandu and subsequent overland return to North India, the next we were landing in Heathrow, tired, displaced, confused, sick and thoroughly disorientated. It was a very weird experience, India one day, London the next. We hadn’t had enough, a month in […]

30 Reasons Kids Enjoy Travel

kids enjoy travelA

I’ve been asked more than once if my kids enjoy travel. Some readers are concerned that children could be sad being away from friends and family or that they miss pets, bikes and toys. Others feel kids need stability and routine and may find long travel days and uncertainty hard to cope with. I can […]

Kovalam, Kerala. Family Holiday Perfection

Kovalam beach thunder storm

This India family travel blog has been random, unpredictable and not entirely free from disasters, but our last stop of our 1 month in India, Kovalam, was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip. The inevitable problems we face on a trip like this don’t spoil it, they are challenges to be overcome and they make […]

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