London Aquarium. Yes Please!


If you think of visiting London you probably don’t immediately think fish, unless they are in batter, but London does have a world-class aquarium right on the banks of the iconic River Thames. London Aquarium was a favourite of ours when we lived in London with small children and yesterday, we got a chance to [...]

What to Look For in a Hotel for Your Family Holiday

Umbrian hills

What to Look for in a Hotel for Your Family Holiday Choosing a hotel for your family holiday is a very individual decision, what we look for is probably the exact opposite of half the global travelling market. Some families prefer hotels with child-friendly clubs, activities and surrounds, so parents and kids can spend some [...]

Museum of Childhood London


London has some of the best museums in the world and the completely fabulous thing about them is, they’re free. The Museum of Childhood London is perhaps a lesser known museum, it doesn’t stand up against the South Kensington giants, but it’s well worth a visit if you have time when you’re in London. The [...]

One Day in London

Camden Collage 500

Today was declared computer free day, we’ve all been wired up to the internet far too much lately. I’ve been catching up on work after our Italy trip, the kids have been blissed out on endless Minecraft and You Tube. No screens today, that was the rule. So before the boys woke up I checked [...]

Inside Cabin or Outside Cabin on a Cruise Ship?

cruise collage 550

Should you choose an inside cabin or an outside cabin on a cruise ship? I should say stateroom, they call the cabins that. The decision ultimately comes down to personal priorities and how much you’d like to pay for your cruise. These are our feelings about making that call. Both of our cruises were with [...]

Where Not to Save Money on Travel

world travel family travel blog where not to save money on travel

We’ve just completed one year of family travel on just under $100 a day. That’s 14 countries, 4 continents and 2 cruises worth of family travel with two now fairly-large kids. $100/day is a lot less than we spent living in our own home. We’re good at saving money, great at budget travel and amazing [...]

Amazingly Family Friendly Villa in Umbria


Our week-long Italy trip centered around the most amazingly family friendly villa in Umbria. I’ve actually never seen accommodation so geared up for families with children, from tots to teens. We had a week of great activities lined up but my boys ( 10 and 7), were thrilled enough just to stay at the villa. We spent a [...]

Kids Cooking Class in Italy. Making Pasta.


I’m never going to be able to eat dried pasta again after our time in Italy. Fresh, home-made pasta, produced with love from the finest ingredients is a totally wonderful eating experience. The pasta is softer, slightly spongy, and soaks up the flavours of the sauce. It’s delicious and very more-ish. A kids cooking class [...]

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