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James Long

Danang to Hoi An Best Ways

Danang to Hoi An Vietnam

The best way to get from Danang to Hoi An is by road. Most travellers will stay in Hoi An, the picture-perfect UNESCO Heritage-listed town but will arrive in Danang by air or rail. This is because Hoi An has neither a railway station nor an airport but don’t worry it isn’t far and below …

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Eating Bun Bo Hue in Hue Variation on Bun Bo Restaurant Dish

Bun Bo Hue. What is It?

Bun bo Hue originated in the beautiful ancient city of Hue in Central Vietnam. Like the more famous Pho Bo, it is a beef noodle dish but is distinctly different due to history and origins. Geographical origins and climate invariably affect flavour and ingredients found in classic Vietnamese dishes but pho bo, unlike bun bo …

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Wireless EarBuds XFYRO XS2 Review for swimming running travel

Wireless EarBuds XFYRO XS2 Review

I was lucky enough recently to try a pair of xS2 XFyro wireless earbuds. As an ultra runner, swimmer, triathlete and traveller, I’ve really put these wireless, waterproof earbuds through their paces to review for you here. The XFryro Xs2 earbuds have so many features that are, honestly, amazing. The earbuds are more high tech …

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Things to do in AoNang Krabi

Things to Do in Ao Nang

This post deals with things to do in Ao Nang and trips to take from Ao Nang, a beach area in Krabi province, Thailand. Krabi is on Southern Thailand’s west coast, approximately 800 km south of Bangkok. It’s part of the mainland, not an island and is famous for beautiful limestone formations which continue out …

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Visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The distance from downtown Dubai to Abu Dhabi is approximately 150km or just under 100 miles. The road is a sealed multi lane highway that can make getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi quick and easy. Avoid peak hour when traffic can add an hour or more to your journey. Travellers and tourists may need …

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