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The Importance of Memories.

Last Updated 22/09/2020

We are what’s called a digital nomad family. This means that our ability to generate a location independent income while homeschooling ( some call it worldschooling) our 2 children, leave us free to travel and explore the world. It’s about freedom, learning, adventures and stimulation, but it’s also about making memories for the kids and for us as a family. Memories are the bricks and mortar not just of education, but of a lifetime. This post is on family memories and making them through travel.

The Importance of Memories

We’ve been lucky enough to spend 5 full years on the road with our kids, full time. Before that they were homeschooled, so we’ve hardly missed a second of their childhood. It has honestly been the best way to live that I can possibly imagine. The kids are teens now and still happy to travel with us. Next month we’re heading to Everest Base Camp as a family, that’s the stuff that glues families together.

I asked the kids yesterday what their favorite travel memory was.

Please check and double-check all the information we give you locally as times, places, dates, and services do, as we found, change often. Restrictions and closures may apply.

Was it battling Darth Vader at Disney, Florida?  No.

Was it chilling on a Thai island for 6 weeks with endless play and ice cream?  No.

Was it visiting Grandma and Grandad half a world away in Wales, the land of my fathers, and mothers? No.

Was it holding a snake, crocodile or koala in Australia?  No.

Was it crossing the Atlantic on an amazing cruise ship, twice? No.

Was it climbing a Mayan pyramid deep in the jungles of Guatemala? No.

“It was that time in Bali, Mum, when Boo was crying because the monkey took his piece of paper and you were swinging your handbag around shouting “Get away from my baby!”.  It was really funny.”

Ah, I see.

Making Memories Family Travel

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It’s humbling to realize just how important to the boys I am, more so than Darth Vader, it would seem. That’s nice. I’m always saying that we are in the business of making memories, maybe I should try harder to give them some memories of me. Maybe we all should.

So, as we travel and live our lives, I resolve to really do as much of this family memory making as I can. The act of visiting places isn’t enough. It’s about us, how we interact with the kids, in actions and words. Memories are the sticky stuff that hold family life together, shared memories that make everyone smile. After all, I’d like them to remember me as a nice sort of Mum, not just a tour guide.

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