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Total Solar Eclipse Port Douglas, In Photos


We’ve just got back from Four Mile Beach Port Douglas, the total solar eclipse was stunning! Dragging the kids out of bed at 4am didn’t go down too well, but a Daintree ice cream and some celestial spectacularness soon perked them up.

A few thousand people on the beach. The stinger net is in the foreground, a few people have asked what a stinger net is. It’s a rectangular netted enclosure, it’s attached by ropes to fixings on the beach and anchored out at sea somehow, they can wind it in and out with the tide.

The anticipation was incredible as it got darker and cooler.

Port Douglas FM playing us some moon themed tunes from the lifeguard station


Almost there

Huge telescopes and a projection screen. These guys take it pretty seriously!

Totality and the clouds were on our side. ( best I could do with a pocket camera, sorry!)

The sun came back, today’s astronomy lesson done.   D always does cartwheels to celebrate.

Part of Photo Friday on Delicious Baby.

Today I am incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful tropical location, to see the solar eclipse from Four Mile Beach was pretty special.. I love Port Douglas today!

snorkelling on the great barrier reef from Port Douglas
Snorkeling On The Great Barrier Reef
School Sores or Impetigo, a Horrible Tropical Disease.


Monday 26th of November 2012

This is fantastic!! Love the music, the big screen, the cool glasses- what a fun way for the whole family to experience the eclipse! Your photos are gorgeous as well...

[email protected]

Monday 26th of November 2012

Thanks Becky it was a really great morning. I whinge about living in Port Douglas sometimes, but that was a very special morning. Now I'd better check out that flightless birds post as we live in the Daintree rainforest and are no strangers to cassowaries!

Danielle (Bubs on the Move)

Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Thanks for sharing these photos. I am so sorry that I missed this! We live locally but I had to be in Melbourne for my brother's wedding. I have heard from all how spectacular it was.

[email protected]

Thursday 22nd of November 2012

Oh no! Sorry you missed the eclipse, but hope you enjoyed the wedding. I'm glad you like the pics, I'm no photographer but I'm having fun mucking about. You're just down the road from us in Cairns, I've been checking you out! Thanks for commenting, comments make me happy!

Keryn @ walking on travels

Saturday 17th of November 2012

This is so cool! I was watching people's updates on Facebook as it happened. So excited to actually see pictures.

[email protected]

Saturday 17th of November 2012

Thanks Keryn. Sorry I couldn't get a better pic of the actual eclipse, I think tripods and things would be required. Now I'm off to read your post about Bern, I went there on a school trip when I was about 14 ( 30 years ago). If the pit is still the same I'd be rather disgusted. My younger brother and a couple of his friends had a terrible experience in the public washrooms there too, not nice at all.


Saturday 17th of November 2012

Moon themed tunes . . . Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd? Blue Moon by Sha-Na-Na? Moon River by Andy Williams? This is fun! Must have been an exciting day!

[email protected]

Saturday 17th of November 2012

Bad Moon Rising, The Whole of the Moon, There's a Moon in the Sky, you get the picture! Age of Aquarius was in there somewhere too.

Suzanne Sherwood

Wednesday 14th of November 2012

Wow, what fascinating photos of a memorable event! We didn't hear about it in the UK!

[email protected]

Thursday 15th of November 2012

It was on TV in the UK, one of my friends saw it. It was very cool, my second total solar eclipse, I was working in Cardiff for the first one, it was great being on Four Mile beach for this one, despite a bit of cloud cover.

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