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Boy it’s hot in Kuala Lumpur! But somehow it’s quite a pleasant hot, the sun isn’t beating down on us as it does in a Queensland summer, the sky is mostly overcast here and it’s very easy to get around the city using shady covered walkways. This post is about visiting a Kuala Lumpur roller coaster in a mall and how we found it. If you’re looking for a full post on things to do in Kuala Lumpur with Kids, it’s here.

Back Home Kuala Lumpur Kitchen
This is a seriously nice hostel!

But it’s still hot, humid hot, I guess around 34 C. It doesn’t feel like our Port Douglas summers at all, it’s different, I’m finding it easier.

So, what does one do on one's first day in Kuala Lumpur? One wakes up stupidly early because one's body clock is two hours out, and one waits for breakfast to be served at 7am, giving the kids a cuddle in bed before resorting to laptops and tablets.

No fancy breakfast, just toast, peanut butter , jam and coffee, the boys are more than happy with that. I'm trying to shift 7Kg, so I'm happy with free, unlimited coffee, all day. We'll go out for breakfast sometimes, but a peanut butter protein hit for the kids is fine by me.

Getting Around Kuala Lumpur

I'm no expert, I've only spent 24 hours here, but it seems that public transport is excellent. We took the monorail yesterday, that was great and cheap. Today we took the totally free GO-KL bus service. The buses run every five minutes on a non stop circuit around China Town, our hostel and all the big shopping malls ( plus, no doubt, other areas we are yet to discover). You just find a stop and jump on. The buses are airconditioned, comfortable, but crowded, avoid peak hour,  it was still standing room only on parts of the journey in the middle of the afternoon. People are lovely here though, ladies have given up their seats for Boo (6) to sit down, it's so kind, and constant smiles and fuss.

Today we thought we'd explore the malls, take advantage of their air-con and find this rollercoaster-in-a-shopping-mall that Kuala Lumpur is famous for.

Rollercoaster in a Shopping Mall


We had to find the Berjaya Times Square Mall, which we did, after getting lost and walking way further than we needed to. A decent map would have sorted that problem out. I should have learnt that lesson yesterday after making my children cry trying to find the hostel.

Times Square doesn't open 'till 10am, we were early, forcing me to have a long overdue Starbucks coffee while I waited, I've so missed Starbucks in Port Douglas!

At 7MYR  (under $3 AU) it was a bit pricey, but I needed reacquainting with my old friend. For the record, Australian coffee, which is basically espresso, is way too strong for me, I take my coffee black, no sugar, an Americano hits the spot. Brumbies in Port Douglas was the best substitute that I could find.

Hello old friend, I've missed you!

At 10am, after petting the splendid golden lions, we walked through the doors of the biggest shopping mall I've ever seen. No rollercoaster in site. Did we get it wrong, was this the right mall?

The rollercoaster in a shopping mall is actually not just a rollercoaster, it's an entire theme park. It's on the fifth to ninth floors, approximately, it sort of sprawls up and down the back of the building, I've never seen anything like it, not even in Vegas. The kids were blown away and a bit scared, it was all very big, noisy and fast. The kids area was probably a bit young for them, so we skipped that too.


Instead we found something better, archery!

The archery place was on the 9th floor, right next to the ten pin bowling. For 18 MYR   About $6AU, we bought 24 arrows  splitting them between the two kids, both got leather finger and arm guards, bows and personal instruction.

It was so cool we're going again!

They officially voted me best mum in the world, they've been obsessed with bows and arrows for ages.


Chores and Chilling

That's what we've been doing for the rest of the time, hanging out at the hostel, washing a few clothes, trotting up to the 7-11 for snacks and laughing hysterically together as we dodge mopeds overtaking on the pavement. Rushing home before the heavens open, showering, computers and watching the rain fall outside, the time soon passes. It's nice, simple. We're happy.

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  1. Awesome blog! We’re a family of 5 and did that Sing-KL trip last year. It was incredibly nice n memorable for the kids as I’m sure it will remain in their memory forever. Spent our last saving but never regret it. Time to work hard now for another adventure. Ur blog inspires me to make it possible. Stayed in an apt at bukit bintang area as hotel was too pricey. Indeed kl hv exc transp., cheap yummy food, rich culture melting pot. Bon voyage!

  2. Awesome, a rollercoaster in a Shopping mall, sounds like fun, we’ll probably be stopping there en route to the Philippines in a few weeks. We’ll have to check it out.

  3. Love your post, I’m glad you are having fun!
    I just read your previous post and realized you travel alone with your kids. You are a brave woman!

  4. All sounds great! That’s the good thing about travel, you never know what’s around the next corner. Boys sound like they have got straight into the trip. Give them my love and I hope D had a good birthday. love from Granny xxxx

  5. That’s a shame but thanks so much for checking. Looks like we have found something a little out of town but we just hired a car for 3 weeks to drive around Malaysia so that will make staying out of town a little easier. I hope you find something too.

    • Hi Vicki, we are loving this place Back Home Kuala Lumpur. It’s the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in, a bit pricey, but worth it. If you book 6 nights you get one free, so we’re sticking around for a while. Could you mention that you found them via my blog? Thanks. Hope to see you here!

      • Thanks Alyson. I looked but they are pretty much fully booked which is a shame for us. I guess we will have to take our chances and see what we can find around town when we arrive tonight. Thanks so much for your help, hope you enjoy KL.

  6. Wow, your blog post could not have come at a better time, we are heading to KL with our family today. I had never even heard of the rollercoaster in a mall, so we will definitely check that out.

    You mentioned how great your hostel was, do you mind sharing the name?

    Many thanks



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