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What are the best Harry Potter Experiences around the world? Harry Potter experiences can be found in theme parks in the US and Asia, filming locations in the UK, and the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tours in Europe and now Asia. We compare them to bring you the best places to go. We also tell you how to visit a few special Harry Potter places in London UK.

Harry Potter Hagrid's house Asia Japan
This Harry Potter world recreation is in Asia, at Osaka Japan Universal Studios, we give our thoughts on this Harry Potter attraction (with more photos) further down the page.

The author, Alyson Long, and her family are big Harry Potter fans. They have travelled the world seeking out as many Harry Potter experiences as possible to share with you on this page. The Long family visited some of these attractions with young children, and some with older teens. Travelling the world for Harry Potter sights took up several years and is still ongoing. This is genuine information, thanks for reading, and please share to Pinterest, it helps our mission!

Best Harry Potter Experiences in the world Pintereset photos animatronic werewold hogwarts express
Which Harry Potter Experience should you choose? Where is the real Hogwarts Express? Can you see the props, animatronics, sets, and costumes from the Harry Potter movies? Where are the best filming locations? All of these are in our post.

Are you a Potter head? You’ve read the books and watched the movies a million times, but you want more. I don’t blame you, I’d swap muggle life for the magical world of Hogwarts any day, and so would my Harry Potter-crazy kids.

The real Gringotts Bang
The real Gringott’s Bank is Australia House in London. Can anyone go in? No, but my Australian husband has been inside on official Australian business. You can look through the glass doors to see the interior as seen in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

So what can we do to get ourselves further inside the incredible world created by JK Rowling?

There are a few places around the globe where we can all get more Harry Potter experiences, hop on your broomstick, and let’s go have some fun!

There is no “Harry Potter World” as such, but England, Asia, and the USA have Harry Potter attractions and theme parks to explore.

Harry Potter Experiences around the world travel family blog

Please be sure to check that your chosen Harry Potter attraction is fully open for the time of your visit. Openings and closures, plus new features, happen all the time.

The Best Harry Potter Attractions Worldwide

We consider the Warner Bros Studio Tour in England to be the best Harry Potter attraction in the world. We have visited several times and nothing else compares to the magic you will experience here. It’s a childhood must-do, that’s also great for adults.

But there are more tours, filming locations, parks and exhibitions, read about those in our post.

The Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour, London

Location: Watford, near London, UK.

Diagon Alley from Warner Bros Studio Tours. Harry Potter Experiences Around the World. World Travel Family blog

This is “Harry Potter World” in England. Although the whole country is dotted with filming locations and places of interest to Harry Potter fans, this is the big Harry Potter attraction in the UK.

The Warner Bros Studio Tours is not a theme park, but more a collection of sets, props and items from the Harry Potter movies.

Do you want to walk down Diagon Alley, climb aboard the Night Bus and take a lesson in wand technique? Then you need to visit Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter Experience.

This Harry Potter attraction is off-the-scale-fabulous and is something that will stay with the kids and me, always.

The link above will take you to our post about our visit, we have loads of great photos.

Alternatively, book your own tickets below. We found that a family ticket offered us a much better price than individual tickets

You can get to the Warner Bros Studios in your own vehicle, or hop on a bus tour from central London. Various tours to this Harry Potter experience will make your day so much easier to organise, with transfers from central London.

You also should reserve your ticket in advance for your particular time slot. Buy a ticket to the Harry Potter Experience at Warner Bros Studios, with transport here.

Book a family ticket with transfers from London here. The Warner Bros Harry Potter Experience is not cheap, but it is very much worth it and you should do it when your kids are old enough to have read the books, young enough to still feel the magic.

That said, this is a fantastic day out for adults and older teens too. We use this online booking company ourselves and find them very reliable and the pricing to be excellent.

Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

Location: Near Osaka, Japan

One area of Universal Studios Japan, based in Osaka, towards the southern end of Japan, is Harry Potter-themed.

Harry Potter Hogsmeade Aesthetic theming in Japan
Hogsmeade is beautifully portrayed in Osaka Japan, this is The Three Broomsticks.

We visited Japan Universal recently to check it out for you. At opening time in the park, we headed straight for the Harry Potter area to ride one of only two Harry Potter-themed rides in the park, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

This is a CGI-generated ride with some movement, it is not a rollercoaster. It’s a great ride, my teen and I thoroughly enjoyed it along the points of interest along the queuing area. As we waited we snaked our way up through Hogwarts, from the dungeons to the classrooms, common room and Dumbledore’s office.

For me this was the best ride in the park.

Theming and aesthetic like this must be good, as even at 8 am there was a 55-minute queue for this ride. The decor and Harry Poter vibe keep those wait times less painful.

As the day progressed we saw the wait time grow to over 2 hours, even close to 3 hours. This line is all undercover so it should be OK in summer heat or rain.

The other Harry Potter-themed ride here, Flight of the Hippogryph, is a small rollercoaster very similar to one at Universal Singapore in the Jurassic Park area. There is great theming along the queue line here too, including the recreation of Hagred’s Hut, the photo is at the top of the page.

There is very little shade or cover along this queue line.

Also in this area, you will find Harry Potter-themed shops for The Hogsmeade Experience, where you can buy sweets, wands, uniforms and more, plus stalls selling butter beer and pies. The queues were way too long for us to indulge. Right next door visitors may dine at The Three Broomsticks with Potter-themed dishes, again, the lines were too long for us.

The theming is beautiful, from the Christmas tree forests to the snowy rooftops, but this is still a small area of a large theme park, it’s great, but not nearly as good as the Warner Bros Studio Tour near London.

The Harry Potter Stage Play in London

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre London
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a stage play, in two parts, in London’s West End

The Cursed Child is a two part Harry Potter stage play in London’s West End.

We have not been. Why? It is incredibly expensive. For our family of four the cost was in the thousands to see both plays, also, there was limited availability.

But I took a photo of the theatre for you, maybe one day we’ll go.

Harry Potter at London Zoo

If you’re visiting London with kids, you must take them to London Zoo. An added bonus of visiting one of the greatest zoos in the world, is this Harry Potter filming location, hidden away in the reptile house.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter learns that he can talk to snakes for the first time. This Burmese python enclosure was where it was filmed back in 2001. London Zoo holds so much history within its heritage-listed walls!

The Harry Potter Statue in London

Harry potter statue in London Harry on broomstick
This Harry Potter statue is in Leicester Square, London

There is a fairly new statue of Harry Potter in Leicester Square London. It’s near the big M&Ms store there. If you’re exploring London you’re bound to visit Leicester Square, take a look! The young wizard is flying on his broomstick in Central London.

Universal Studios Orlando

Location: Orlando, Florida

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando is now at two distinct sites or lands.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure has Hogsmeade and Hogwart’s Castle, while Universal Studios Florida hosts Diagon Alley.

Visitors can catch the Hogwart’s Express to transport them between the two theme parks in true wizard style. To visit both attractions on the same day you need a Park to Park ticket, seasonal pass, or an annual pass.

The new magical creatures ride, where you can fly in a motorbike and sidecar, joining Hagrid, is a thrill ride like no other!

The Three Broomsticks Tavern is a good spot for a Potter-themed meal at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, at Universal Studios Florida guests can dine at The Leaky Cauldron.

You can investigate Universal Studios Park to Park tickets for whole family here.

At Universal Orlando you can create a Harry Potter themed vacation based around the theme parks. You could do the same in the UK, but your vacation would most likely involve visiting multiple movie filming sets, visiting the Warner Bros Studios, Platform 9 3/4 in London, and taking the real Hogwarts Express in Scotland.

Harry Potter Movie Locations Bus Tour, UK

Location: Central London, pick up Temple Tube Station.

harry potter sites in London. Harry Potter experiences around the World from World Travel Family

The boys and I have taken this tour and it was great, loaded with trivia and behind-the-scenes information about the movies and the city we love.

Locations in London which you can visit include Gringott’s Bank, Platform 9 3/4, Death Eaters’ Bridge, and The Leaky Cauldron. You can find our post with more information about this comfortable and informative bus tour here. Or book one of these London-based Harry Potter bus tours here.

These bus tours are suitable for most ages and are a great way to see parts of London that many tourist, and locals, may miss. The tours are around 3 hours long and are very affordable. Use the link above.

Harry Potter Walking Tour, London

Location: Central London

There are plenty of options for visiting London locations from the movies on foot. This website gives you dates, times, prices, and routes.

A walking tour should be about half the price of a bus tour, but some of the sites the bus can take you too are too far to see on foot in a short guided tour.

Alternatively, you can buy a book with information as to where you can find these Harry Potter sites in London, and explore them in your own time. Look here. These books are also available for Oxford and the North of England.

Harry Potter Themed Hotel Rooms, UK

Location: Victoria, Central London.

Georgian House Hotel Wizarding Chambers. Harry Potter Experiences Around the World from World Travel Family.

The Georgian House Hotel has recently opened its Wizarding Chambers, themed Harry Potter rooms from which to take a day tour to Warner Bros studios. What could be more magical? You can check rates and book the Georgian House Hotel here. You will need to select a Wizard Chamber or Family Wizard Chamber, for between 4 and 6 guests, Hogwarts dormitory style. This hotel has quite a variety of rooms for couples and families and is well located near Hyde Park and close to Victoria Station.

Photo credit, with thanks Georgian House Hotel, see link above. Georgian House Hotel is not part of the official Warner Bros tour.

Hogwarts Express, Scotland

Location: Scotland

Hogwarts Express Big Fat Travel Adventure

Glenfinnan Viaduct is where you’ll find the stunning scenery young wizards enjoy from the Hogwarts Express. It’s even possible to take a steam train ride over the viaduct on the famous Jacobite. Glencoe also gives you a good vantage point for Potteresque scenery.

We have taken this train ride, we thought it was rather expensive. We took the train in one direction only and had a car waiting to pick us up at the termination point. This was cheaper than booking a return train ride.

The scenery is undoubtedly beautiful, with the popularity of Outlander, as well as Harry Potter, Scotland and the highlands should be seeing a tourist boom.

You will need to reserve your seats in advance, they sell out. We booked months in advance for a special birthday treat. You can book a train tour, including the Jacobite, from Edinburgh here.

Viaduct Photo Credit, Andrew and Amy of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure who rode the Hogwarts Express and share their experience on their blog.

Platform 9 3/4, London

Location: Kings Cross Station, Central  London

Platform 9 and three quarters harry potter mug. Harry Potter Experiences Around the World.
This is the only place, of all the Harry Potter experiences around the world, to buy 9 3/4 branded merchandise.

This is the only place in the world where you can buy official 9 3/4 branded merchandise and have your photo taken running through the station wall to catch your Hogwarts-bound train.

Platform 9 and three quarters is totally free to visit and take your own photo, or you can buy a professionally taken image for under $20.

You can find out more by clicking through to our post Platform 9 3/4 Fun or Tourist Trap.

Harry Potter Shops in London

Quite a few Harry Potter shops have opened across London in recent years. You’ll find them on Oxford Street, near Leicester Square, and scattered around the city. The best Harry Potter shop is at Platform 9 and 3/4.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Location: Somewhere in the world.

This touring exhibition is doing the rounds of the globe. At the time of writing (November 2023) Harry Potter The Exhibition was in New York, Macau China and Barcelona Spain, for more information check the exhibition website.

This Harry Potter exhibition is no longer in Paris, Vienna, Atlanta or Philadelphia, but it has toured these locations.

Harry Potter Theme Parks in Europe

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is to be found in some Universal Studios theme parks, not all. At the time of writing there was no Universal Studios with a Harry Potter area in Europe. Harry Potter areas of theme parks can be found in Japan and the United States. Universal Studios in Singapore did not have a Harry Potter area at the time we visited. There is talk of a Universal Studios park opening in France. Universal Studios did have part ownership of a theme park near Barcelona in Spain but according to this source, they are no longer involved.

More Harry Potter Content From World Travel Family

The team at World Travel Family have made a point of visiting as many Harry Pottrr sites as possible around the world. To see all of our Harry Potter content, go to this tab.

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  1. In Edinburgh Scotland you can do a magical free tour and walk the streets JK Rowling walked that inspired the creation of Harry Potter. You will see the headstone of Tom Riddle and other characters, the school JK Rowling’s daughter attended that was the idea for Hogwarts, locations that JK Rowling wrote the books and Victoria Street, the road JK Rowling was walking along when inspired to create Diagon Alley. JK Rowling still lives in Edinburgh and has done multiple events, showing her love for the city. The city’s Old Town feels like being on a movie set. It’s a must for Potter fans!

  2. Our family has been traveling the world for the last 8 months. Near the beginning of this trip we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour outside of London. Despite seeing amazing things in 20-some-odd countries, when people ask them about their favorite part of our journey our girls still say “The Harry Potter Tour!” 🙂


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