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It’s time to introduce you to yet another amazing part of Australia and one you may never have heard of. I’m sure you’ll want to visit Lord Howe Island.

Lord Howe is a stunner, a paradise for beach and nature lovers, isolated and relatively untouched by tourism.

Lord Howe Island is a rocky volcanic crescent lying in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. To find it, travel 600Km due east of Port Macquarie in New South Wales

The main island is small, occupying an area of just over 14 square Km. A picture-perfect sandy lagoon takes up most of the west coast, while to the east a series of rocky islets, isles, and rocks jut raggedly from the sea.

The Lord Howe Island Group is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of global natural significance because of its almost virgin forest and unique flora and fauna.

The surrounding waters comprise the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

To protect the fragile environment tourism is limited, no more than 800 people are allowed onto the islands at any one time

Why Visit Lord Howe Island?


Clifftops and palm forests are laced with walking trails through Permanent Park Preserves. The Mount Gower Climb is a challenging day hike for serious walkers.


Calm lagoon waters are perfect for novice and junior snorkelers to get a glimpse of coral reefs close to the shore. Bring your own gear or borrow from local hire shops.

Bird Watching

Lord Howe Island is Australia’s finest bird watching destination, deservedly so, as it is home to 14 distinct seabird species, nesting here in astonishing numbers. Varying locations and seasons offer different ornithological opportunities.

Scuba Diving

Balls Pyramid is a well-known global dive site ( and the terrestrial portion is home to the world’s rarest insect), but Lord Howe Island offers dozens more.  The under-water terrain of trenches and drop offs, diverse marine life and incredibly clear waters make Lord Howe a scuba diver’s dream.

The Lord Howe Island group has the most southerly marine coral reef in the world set in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.

Staying and Dining, Accommodation on Lord Howe Island.

Visitors’ accommodation on Lord Howe Island includes luxury lodges, apartments and villas. 

There are no camping facilities on the island and remote or bush-camping is not permitted to protect the delicate environment.

Beautiful and luxurious Lord Howe Island accommodation offers fine dining, relaxing spas, great service and stunning waterfront locations.

Pinetrees Lodge is one of the oldest family businesses in the country and winner of Australia’s Best Affordable Resort 2014.

Getting There

Fly from Brisbane or Sydney in around two hours.

So were you paying attention? Lets find out how much you know about Lord Howe Island. Pinetrees kindly sponsored this post and gave us the quiz below. Need more information on travel to and around Australia? You need our Australia Travel Blog..

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